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  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Mark today as a holiday in fruityville, curious2 said:

    David9 says

    Interesting, both sides are complaining about the same thing, having a different belief structure being imposed/forced upon them....

    Not really.

    From your link: "One of the cases involved Aziz Latif, a former Chick-fil-A restaurant manager in Houston, who sued the company in 2002 because he was fired a day after refusing to participate in a group prayer to Jesus Christ at a company training program. Latif is a Muslim. The suit was settled, but the terms were not disclosed, Forbes reported." So, Aziz fits your description, i.e. Aziz is complaining about the imposition of a different belief structure, and we don't even know if that happened because the case was never litigated.

    But, nobody in America is forcing anyone to become Muslim, or gay, or to replace their own belief structure. The fat Captain has his paranoid fantasies about headlocks and tooth picks because he refuses to understand the equal protection of the laws. Perhaps, being fat, he might worry that his immigrant wife will leave him for another woman if Florida recognizes same-sex marriage. I haven't seen any evidence of that happening in states that have had marriage equality for years, but paranoia is by definition irrational. So, when he sees a family losing a patriarch, all the self-proclaimed Captain can say is that imaginary enemies must be celebrating somewhere, though he can't even find where.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Penn Jillette: Why Tolerance Is Condescending, curious2 said:

    prodigy says

    They can charge 400% less.... which case, the sellers would be paying customers $4 for every $1 of merchandise. Please, if you see any business operating this way online or within a reasonable distance from me, let me know. If it's anything other than toxic waste, I don't much care what they're selling, if they're going to pay me 4x the price just to take it off their hands. It would probably be a self-fulfilling "going out of business sale," or one of those website glitches. I have occasionally seen coupon/rebate deals where the final price ends up less than zero, i.e. more than 100% less than the retail price, but it's very rare.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Why Are Republicans Suddenly Leaning Left?, curious2 said:

    CL says

    Unless you are claiming Romney's primary vote totals were larger than his GE totals?

    CL, really, that question cannot possibly follow, even rhetorically, from what I said. I read your OP question as a serious question, possibly a mistake on my part, and answered literally. I'm going to have a cup of tea and wish you a nice day.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Why Are Republicans Suddenly Leaning Left?, curious2 said:

    CL says

    I'd say the primary voter is almost always a subset of the general.

    Yes, although we have seen at least one recent exception: 2012. President Obama became the first president ever to win re-election with fewer votes than he got the first time. How? The most likely explanation is that many Christian fundamentalist primary voters who turned out to oppose the cult member (who privately called their religions "abominations," in addition to his more famous remarks about 47% of voters being totally dependent on government), stayed home rather than vote for him in the general election. (Meanwhile, many independents who had voted for Obama in 2008, decided not to vote for him again because of Obamacare.)

    CL says

    The problem for the Right is that the electorate finds their base disgusting, whereas I don't see the same problem on the left.

    Look more carefully. Read Forthood's comments, for example, and TOB. Even zz (mis)stereotypes "Obama supporters". I laugh when certain PatNetters accuse me of failing to read other opinions, or being unable to handle other opinions, because in fact I read them all the time.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Minimum wage increase in Los Angeles (Yay or Nay?), curious2 said:

    CL says

    Conversely, if the minimum wage increase is a bad idea, then why not lower it and help the business owner make even more profit?

    The relevance of minimum wage varies depending on competition in the labor market. In a rural area with only one major employer, a minimum wage protects workers who would otherwise lack bargaining power. In an urban area with many different employers, competition for jobs and workers tends to provide price discovery indicating the value of labor, which would otherwise be replaced by automation.

    CL says

    I don't price shop.

    And yet, you opine on economics and specifically the price of labor. You divide the world falsely into "the rich" and "the poor" without even knowing where you fall on that scale. If you get hyperinflation and the price goes to $1bn and your "smart" credit card can't buy anything anymore, you'll start to see why other people do "price shop" and pay attention to the risks of inflation. I didn't answer the OP because I don't live in LA and I don't pretend to know what the minimum wage should be there, but I certainly don't imagine that it's free money like manna from heaven. If you want to feel virtuous about helping "the poor" without doing any actual intellectual work, support the fast food workers trying to organize a union; if they succeed, McD's profits might fall, and the Captain might pay more for his junk "food", but it won't do much harm, because nobody needs to eat that stuff anyway.

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