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  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Parkinson's Disease research, curious2 said:

    Rin says

    How about using pre-existing adult stem cells, to re-generate the substantia nigra, the section of the brain damaged by Parkinson's?

    Thanks Rin for suggesting that! I had been reading about using adult stem cells, induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells, and other research into stem cell treatments. Many very smart people believe that may prove the best approach, although it does have some issues to sort out.

    One issue is delivery: to replace the dying cells in the brain would likely require delivering the cells directly into the right location inside the brain, which requires inherently costly surgery. (I suppose eventually a robot could do it, based on MRI data showing the location and a brace to hold the head in position and a small drill through the skull followed by a long syringe into the brain. That would probably take years to develop though.)

    Another is duration: nobody seems to know what kills the original dopamine producing and regulating cells, so even a successful replacement procedure might need to be repeated if the replacements fall victim to the same disease.

    A vaccine to protect the cells is probably a decade away. (Affiris completed successful Phase 1 trial of one candidate, and is beginning Phase 1 trials of another.)

    In addition, drug trials are underway to see if existing or new drugs might prevent further deterioration.

    The viral gene therapy may offer efficient delivery and protect remaining cells, although replacing lost cells may still require IPS or other stem cell methods.

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every new person, curious2 said:

    The costs are actually even higher, because the CBO counts only the federal budget cost, excluding the cost of unfunded mandates (e.g. individual, employer) and the hidden cost of raising the price of everything. The true cost can be measured by comparing total national healthcare expenditure, which CMS projected even above prior law, and more than $1T/yr higher than would likely have been achieved with a more efficient system. And, examples of more efficient systems are all around us, whether you prefer more markets or more socialism. We will continue to have the highest spending in the history of the world, in both absolute and per capita terms, and as a % of GDP, because our lemon socialist legislation was enacted to maximize spending.

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Parkinson's Disease research, curious2 said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    PDF is labeled Medicines in Development for Parkinson's Disease

    Thank you BayAreaObserver! I wish I could Like that comment 10x. The two viral gene therapies in Phase 1 trials at UCSF look especially interesting.

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Parkinson's Disease research, curious2 said:

    Back to the original topic: are there any SF Bay area companies researching a cure for Parkinson's Disease, and what experience have they had?

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Parkinson's Disease research, curious2 said:

    I have decided to preserve your comment in toto, just in case you should ever come to your senses and attempt to delete it. It provides a perfect example of your typical comments. Contrary to your patently false accusations I did not lie, and your citation-free partisan defense does not persuade. If you apologize sincerely, then I may delete it, but otherwise it stays.

    HydroCabron says

    curious2 says

    HydroCabron says

    Have a citation for this?

    It's in the linked OP article, "there is no money." But, according to the D's favorite legislation, they have an Act to cover what they claim is "affordable," even though that costs much more and often confers no benefit.

    Yeah: I can read. That's a quote of Fox saying it.

    You're a unscrupulous liar.

    You made up a quote: you chose the word "unaffordable" and implied some Democratic spokesperson uttered it. You lied.

    The Dems had a filibuster-proof majority for 72 days, thanks to Kennedy's terminal illness, Byrd's infirmity, and the drawn-out Franken-Coleman recount.

    If they had made it a top priority, they probably couldn't have done it. A significant chunk of the Democratic caucus is yellow-dog, and must answer to slavering dark-ages anti-abortion lunatics in their home districts.

    Sorry to interrupt your lies. Please continue with your delusional screeds about unaffordable care foisted on America by big pharma and a cabal of industry shills bent on sending us all to the funeral home as expensively as possible. I'm sure this new angle you're working will be as refreshing and non-repetitive as the others, you lying piece of shit.

    Gotta go. I'm reallocating the proceeds from my work here as a medical industry shill.

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