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If Bernie Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination, then most of his supporters will probably support the Democratic nominee, but many might vote Green in the states where the Green Party is on the ballot (22 as of the beginning of this year, maybe around 40 by the time of the election if they keep trying) or Libertarian (all 50 states), and a significant number will probably vote for Donald Trump.

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P N Dr Lo R says

Defended 9/11 Terrorists

Wow that got my attention, so I followed the links. They don't quite support the headline though:

"Sadiq Khan, name partner of Christian Khan, was a ‘consultant’ on the defence team of Zacharias Moussaoui and the only practising Muslim on the team, but he was not actually allowed to see Moussaoui when he went to the US in the role of consultant."

It's a pity when people exaggerate because it undermines the credibility of more serious concerns about Khan.

The Economist has coverage here:

"A capital decision
Sadiq Khan will be London’s new mayor
THE official declaration has not yet taken place, but already it is arithmetically certain that Sadiq Khan has won London’s election and will be the capital’s new mayor. With over 90% of ballots counted he leads Zac Goldsmith, his Tory rival, by 44% to 35%. The decisiveness of his victory is easy enough to understand. London is a Labour city; in Britain, as across northern Europe, the centre-left vote has held up better in metropolitan areas than elsewhere.
Mr Khan had, for example, appeared on platforms with Suliman Gani, a radical imam. Yet as a prominent British Muslim, a civil liberties lawyer and a big figure in London politics (Mr Goldsmith, too, had appeared alongside Mr Gani), it is only natural that Mr Khan should have crossed paths with such characters. Dark Tory warnings about his sympathies looked paranoid when set against his broadly liberal record: the MP for Tooting had supported gay marriage (for which he received death threats), fought to keep a local pub open and had condemned recent incidents of anti-Semitism in Labour with a vigour conspicuously unmatched by its leadership."

OK, so he may have personally a good record at the present time, when London does not yet have enough Muslims to impose Sharia, but he believes in a religion that commands the imposition of Sharia when that becomes possible there. London has more than 10% Muslims, so if we assume that most Muslims voted for Khan, then that implies most non-Muslims voted against him. The non-Muslims have good reason to feel concerned: installing Muslims in charge of the police can build the foundation for what happened to Hans Litten and what is currently happening in Bangladesh, where groups of Muslim vigilantes ("Sharia patrols") murder blasphemers and are never prosecuted. London endured a year of Sharia patrols, which the police did little about until they provoked a backlash of Christian patrols. The London Sharia patrols didn't murder anyone there as far as I know, but they advocate a doctrine that commands them to murder people, and one of their alumni is reportedly the "New Jihadi John" chopping off Britons' heads on video. Now the Mayor believes in that doctrine also.

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thunderlips11 says

Bernie in both Michigan and Indiana, for example.

It took me a while to track down links and then I saw you're right on both:

Indiana, 90% chance for Clinton

Michigan, 99% chance for Clinton

Sanders won both. Online betting sites project Clinton has around a 95% chance at the nomination, but that leaves around 5% for Sanders.

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just_passing_through says

I've had morphine

If you had a choice between morphine and OxyContin, which would you choose, and why?

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Dan8267 says

So that's how PatNet violated the Amazon Partner terms of service.

A small price to pay for that and countless others that I can't help but love even though I don't dare Like.

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just_passing_through says

removing these from the market

That isn't how things work in this country. FDA bans the generic competition, and DEA enforces the ban brutally, so the brand manufacturers that finance the politicians can keep collecting even more money. Your comments don't mention whether you tried morphine, though of course you wouldn't legally be allowed to try it in this country without permission from someone who may be paid to sell you OxyContin instead. I understand people are doing their best within the existing structure, but respectfully, you might want to read about Stockholm Syndrome.

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dublin hillz says

from the spectrum of american politics, he is

right about some things but wrong about Islam. Like too many on the "left," he draws the wrong lesson from the Nazis, forgetting why so many Muslims supported the Nazis. I love Bernie, but he and others who embrace Islam remind me of Ernst Roehm, whom the Nazis used and then killed, while those who speak accurately about Islam remind me of Hans Litten. Embracing Islam may be the "progress" some people are looking for, but it is not the progress most of us should be looking for.

It isn't paranoia if they are really out to get you. If they say expressly that they are personally commanded to kill you and your family and your friends, then you should not want them getting anywhere near you. London is in the process of electing most likely a Muslim mayor, even as surveys show that between 20% and 40% of British Muslims want Sharia, which commands the death penalty for blasphemers, unbelievers, apostates, and anybody gay, and demands the violent subjugation of Christians (including the Queen) and Jews. I wish Bernie would denounce Islam instead of embracing it.

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thunderlips11 says

[London] elected a mayor today who called Moderate Muslims "Uncle Toms."

Wow again.

I love London, but this report reminds me of a cautionary example, Hans Litten.

London's election results won't be known until Friday, but VoA has an article that sounds very supportive of Khan:

“When we came first, there wasn’t a mosque. We used to pray in a house, in the basement of a house,” Mohammed Lalmiah, a retired restaurant owner, told VOA after voting Thursday. Lalmiah was born a British subject in the colony that is now Pakistan before coming here 55 years ago, and he sees an ironic twist. Now, he said, he thanks God for the proliferation of mosques all over Great Britain. The British government puts their number at around 1,850.

Lalmiah said he hopes having Khan as mayor will make it easier to obtain building permits for more mosques and other institutions that serve the Muslim population.
At a nearby polling station, there was a similar sense of accomplishment and progress among Muslim voters.

“It’s a very important day not only for me, but (all) British Muslims as well.” “We want to see him win. It’s a historic day, definitely,” a voter who identified himself as a Muslim, told VOA. “We can see it’s the beginning of a new era.”
In this city whose population is now one-eighth Muslim, the growth of Muslims’ influence in government is cause for skepticism among some.
Most London voters polled ahead of Thursday’s elections cited housing and transport as the main issues. But analysts say underlying concerns about immigration and demographic change could play out in the poll, which may indicate the outcome of a June 23 referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.

Proponents of a British exit, or Brexit, cite immigration and the belief that Britain has lost control of its borders as top concerns."

London endured a year of Sharia patrols from 2013-14, until they provoked a backlash of Christian patrols. I can only hope that what is already happening in Bangladesh does not spread to London: Muslim vigilantes murdering blasphemers and never getting prosecuted.

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Wow. From your linked article:

"Officers have today released CCTV footage as they hunt for the suspect.

A Met Police spokesman said: 'On 26 December 2015 at about 12:30hrs, the 15-year-old boy boarded a Route 133 bus on Brixton Road with his 51-year-old grandmother.

'The suspect, who was already on the bus, approached the victim and produced a large kitchen knife, which she attempted to stab the victim with.

'The victim's grandmother intervened and managed to disarm the suspect, who then got off the bus and fled towards Oval.'

The suspect is described as an Asian woman, aged about 20 to 30 years.

She wore a distinctive headscarf with a kangaroo print."

Is "Asian" really the best description they could provide? Asia is huge but she doesn't look Chinese or white Russian, or anybody who could be mistaken for either of those. The perpetrator and victim appear possibly of similar ethnic bacground, so maybe he had said something blasphemous and she felt compelled to kill him as per Islam.

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dublin hillz says

I got...

hacked by bgamall?

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Heraclitusstudent says

I was being sarcastic.

On the Internet, with no social cues, sarcasm doesn't help, partly because of Poe's Law.

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dublin hillz says

Drop leaflets with....

Many Muslims are illiterate, especially the younger ones. BTW, that's part of why many Muslim countries go berserk about cartoons. Because Islam commands believers to kill blasphemers, many Muslim countries (e.g. Pakistan) mandate the death penalty for blasphemy. Even illiterate kids might see a cartoon and laugh and share it with their friends, or worse yet draw a copy. Then the kids would be guilty of blasphemy, and could be killed by either the government or vigilantes who would never be prosecuted. Reports from Iraq and Pakistan say Muslim vigilantes (aka "Sharia patrols") show up and tell you that one of your children has trespassed against Islam, and you must kill your own child or else they will kill your family for failing to uphold Islam. For that reason among others, a cartoon that even an illiterate child could copy sets off a panic and riots. Islam is an inherently violent religion that causes horrible consequences, and sadly many politicians say they "respect" it rather than refuting it.

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Feux Follets says

Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin two decades ago with a bold marketing claim:... On the strength of that promise

The REALLY bold claim was that the drug supposedly would not cause physical dependence:

"Knowing from focus groups that Purdue held with doctors that the biggest hesitancy they had about prescribing the drug was its abuse potential, some of Purdue's sales staff told doctors that the drug was hard to abuse, less addictive than other pain medications and could be stopped without patients experiencing withdrawal, according to the Justice Department.

"Purdue knew its claims were false," said U.S. Attorney John Brownlee in a written statement. "OxyContin is nothing more than … a habit-forming narcotic derived from the opium poppy.

OxyContin was heavily marketed to doctors after its introduction in 1996 and became a top seller...."

See also here:

"After hearing wrenching testimony from parents of young adults who died from overdoses involving the painkiller OxyContin, a federal judge...sentenced three top executives of the company that makes the narcotic to three years’ probation and 400 hours each of community service in drug treatment programs."

A prior thread on PatNet goes into why recent legislation mandating more people onto "essential" medical insurance has not extended life expectancy, and in fact has resulted in life expectancy flatlining for the longest period in decades. OxyContin has a major role in that mechanism. Yet, America must now devote infinite subsidies ("no lifetime caps!") to the same industry with the same incentives that have been driving these frauds, including now rehab programs with a 90% failure rate. The facts can be depressing, but the addictive bliss of partisan ignorance wears off, at least in some people.

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Someone seems to believe falsely that American hospitals deal primarily with emergencies. In reality, emergency departments account for less than 10% of hospital revenue, and since EMTALA was enacted, we are seeing the planning of new hospitals with no emergency department at all, so they can cash in on infinite elective procedures ("no lifetime caps!") without being bothered by pesky crash victims who might not even have insurance.

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Ironman says

..."If this rate is applied to all registered US hospital admissions in 2013 it translates to over 400,000 deaths a year, more than four times the IOM estimate."

Yes, I searched for that text and found it here.

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Straw Man says

Sorry, I don't follow: how exactly having a medical insurance pushes people into Rx drug addiction?

If you read the links, you'd see the connection. The Mexican transnational cartels figured it out first, and capitalized on it. Statistically, you can see the results, as insurance is a major risk factor. I'll explain the mechanism step by step.

First, as background, you should be aware that generic morphine tablets cost less than $0.10 where they can be bought legally. That gives you a baseline cost/value proposition.

Next, enter Rx Oxycontin, which sells for $2, a 2,000% markup, plus the cost of the Rx process.

If people had a free market choice between Oxycontin and morphine, both clearly labeled as addictive, then very few people would choose to pay 20x more for Oxycontin. (Brand name Bob might quibble, but he's lost his memory and his self-contradictory comments on PatNet show he can't even keep track of his own opiate and opioid history.)

The drug war and subsidized insurance combine to remove morphine from the shelf and push Oxycontin prescriptions. Drug manufacturers pay doctors, and incentivize them in other ways (e.g. mandatory continuing education), to drive prescriptions in a more lucrative direction. The linked reports include young people who had been prescribed Oxycontin for sports injuries when they were kids on CHIP, for example. When you're making a 2,000% markup, protected by government, you can share out that markup to a whole patronage network of politicians, lobbyists, salesmen, and so on, to get your product subsidized via insurance and keep your competition criminalized.

So, Oxycontin prescriptions were pushed to people with insurance, which made the Oxycontin seem "free" or at least "affordable," and many of those people were told fraudulently that Oxycontin supposedly wasn't addictive. Many got addicted. Poor people with prescriptions could sell their quality-controlled Oxycontin for cash and buy cheaper street heroin, increasing their dose. Poor people whose prescriptions had run out could buy street heroin to continue their addiction. Rich people had a choice, paying cash for somebody else's clean Oxycontin or buying heroin, which the cartels can reportedly deliver to practically any door within 20 minutes. Either way, the more people you put on insurance, the more people you can put on Oxycontin, and the more heroin addicts you end up with.

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Straw Man says

against whites.

Statistically, the drop in white life expectancy seems to result partly from the bipartisan combination of mandatory insurance and the "war on drugs," which has pushed more people onto Rx opioids including the fraudulently marketed Oxycontin, which becomes a gateway to heroin addiction. (In a deal with regulators during the W administration, Purdue executives admitted the Oxycontin fraud but avoided jail, and in exchange they caused shareholders to pay a "record" fine amounting to part of the profit the company had made selling the drug.) In the context of the "war on drugs" and fraudulently marketed Oxycontin, subsidized insurance became a major risk factor for heroin addiction, as Mexican transnational cartels figured out very quickly. Obamneycare made those insurance policies mandatory, with "no lifetime caps," including coverage for "rehab" programs that have a 90% failure rate, while continuing the drug war. Result: more spending, shorter lives. It is too early to know what killed Prince, but I suspect that opioid addiction might turn out to have been at least a contributing factor.

You can read more here. here, here, and here, among other places.

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"Medical errors are third-leading cause of death in United States
"We believe this understates the true incidence of death due to medical error because the studies cited rely on errors extractable in documented health records and include only inpatient deaths."
The study's authors cited the case of a young woman who was recovering well from transplant surgery, but then was readmitted to the hospital "for non-specific complaints that were evaluated with extensive tests, some of which were unnecessary, including a pericardiocentesis."

"She was discharged but came back to the hospital days later with intra-abdominal hemorrhage and cardiopulmonary arrest. An autopsy revealed that the needle inserted during the pericardiocentesis grazed the liver causing a pseudoaneurysm that resulted in subsequent rupture and death," the authors wrote.

"The death certificate listed the cause of death as cardiovascular," they said.
They said there are three strategies which should be deployed to reduce the numbers of deaths from medical error. "Making errors more visible when they occur so their effects can be intercepted; having remedies at hand to rescue patients; and making errors less frequent by following principles that take human limitations into account," the authors wrote."

Linked BMJ article: "Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US"

For more about this on PatNet, see my prior Post on fraudulent hospital admissions and "medical misadventures," and the "eye-popping" revenue increases that result. Also, avoid American hospitals, especially in July.

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Linked BMJ article: "Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US"

For more about this on PatNet, see my prior Post on fraudulent hospital admissions and "medical misadventure".

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The story is fake.

Also, Hillary can take a joke, and can tell jokes too. Here she is on SNL with a cast member who has been making fun of her for years:

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