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  • On 28 May 2014 in Hate Speech IS Free Speech, curious2 said:

    Patrick says

    various countries including england have already fined and jailed people for holocaust denial:

    That article refers to the story of David Irving, but it is incorrect to suggest that England fined or jailed him for Holocaust denial. Austria and Germany prohibit denying the Holocaust, and Irving went to Austria to deliver paid speeches denying the Holocaust, for which he was convicted and sentenced in Austria. IIRC he also committed perjury in connection with some unrelated border control issues. In any event, although he happens to be English, he wasn't punished by England. You can deny the Holocaust in most places around the world, but the places that were actually devastated by it react a bit like yelling fire in a crowded cinema. If you want to suggest to the Austrians and Germans that they should permit Holocaust denial, including in paid speeches raising money for fraudulent organizations, that's up to you, but they might disagree.

    Patrick says

    in every culture on earth without exception, men strongly preferred young and beautiful women,

    Without the name of the professor I can't read further but I do recall from art history that male artists' ideas of female beauty have changed quite a bit over the centuries. The emaciated teenage "heroin chic" and anorexic looks of recent years differ dramatically from the curvaceous ideals of the Renaissance-Rococo eras, for example. I haven't been to Japan, but I am curious why they think women look better with their faces covered in bat feces.

  • On 28 May 2014 in Hate Speech IS Free Speech, curious2 said:

    Patrick says

    In America, our new unofficial Koran is that the following characteristics in minorities confer legally superiority to the rest of us and may not even be disparaged except under threat of being fired, fined, or even jailed

    Patrick, whatever may have upset you, the actual article is about college campuses, and for example the bit about being jailed seems really paranoid. America needs the ACLU and I've donated too but the ACLU isn't even alleging anything like the Koran or jail. On college campuses, the ACLU has taken a principled stand in favor of free speech, while administrations have also sought a principled balance between speech and inclusion. The ACLU may be entirely right in its position, but the argument doesn't benefit from sensational exaggeration about Koran beheadings or incarceration.

    The reason the issue occurs on college campuses is because they have multiple roles. Nearly half the students are teens away from their parents for the first time, so the school has a quasi parental role. The school is also trying to attract customers (like a shopping mall), and manage employees (like a private business), and cultivate a brand image that will help graduates find jobs. If "College A" has a reputation as a civilized leafy campus where people learn about great ideas, develop a strong intellectual work ethic, and go out to become good citizens, and "College B" is a place where people burn crosses on the lawn and shout at each other all the time, College A will probably have certain advantages that most colleges want to achieve. The ACLU position is probably correct but the ACLU does not demonize the college administrations, and sensationalizing the issue does not help.

  • On 28 May 2014 in Smartphones start getting Infrared - at long last, curious2 said:

    More than a hundred smartphone models now have at least some infrared capability, though some can only send but not receive.

    The smartphone press seem to confuse sensors (which receive) with emitters (which send), and the emitters are often called "blasters" in the same dramatic language that they use to sensationalize other features (e.g. cameras are now called "shooters", presumably to grab the reader's attention). I presume the phone for AF would have both a shooter and a blaster.

    Among current and announced phones with IR capability, the best may be the LG G3 (reportedly with removable battery), or the HTC One M8 (battery is built in). Amazon will reportedly announce a phone next month, features TBD.

  • On 27 May 2014 in Hospital chain allegedly admitted patients fraudulently to make more $$$, curious2 said:

    "Plano’s Baylor hospital faces hard questions after claims against former neurosurgeon"

    It will be interesting to see how this story plays in Texas, where Karl Rove and GW Bush surfed to power on "tort reform." California has it too. It certainly has not reduced costs; to the contrary, the effect is to align the financial incentives all one way: do more billable procedures, without regard to risks. Thanks to malpractice insurance with community rating, the most unscrupulous operators offload their costs onto more careful practitioners, who cannot compete and are driven out of business.

  • On 27 May 2014 in Question regarding law of calling a house owner directly, curious2 said:

    This Realtor(tm) sounds like a case for Su Wan. She'll know what to do.

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