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  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Oh No, Now Corn is Causing Climate Change, You Have To Stop Eating Popcorn, CaptainShuddup said:

    This just in, we're living our selves to death.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Yup, CaptainShuddup said:

    Ted Cruz got a kick out of it.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in "Eagle Cam": Aerial View of London via Video Camera Attached to an Eagle, CaptainShuddup said:

    And those damned wind turbines turned out to be nothing more than poultry puree shooters. There's not one damn bird 100 miles of the solar generators in the desert. The steam coming from the vents lure them to their death.

    and indigestion we wouldn't have to be eating GMO crops if we were still using DDT.

    The point is, man was put on this earth to eat stuff. We can't even try NOT to eat stuff with out killing other things. Like a picture on the wall that just wont right. Move it a little this way, and there goes a whole ecosystem, move it a little back this way, we're breeding a single food supply source, that has the capability of catching a virus that could kill us all. With double jeopardy, kill them off then we starve, let the virus mutate and spread to humans we would cut our population to just 20% or less. The right bug gets loose.

    We have to kill and eat as many animals as we can or risk being killed by a mutated bovine-swine-avian super polystrand.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, CaptainShuddup said:

    If Barbie were a black kids doll it wouldn't be an issue.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Liberals smarter, or more evolved ? Or both ?, CaptainShuddup said:

    Miike says

    what a stupid thread...

    ...this dimbulb of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in US House of Bumbling Lickspittles Says: Fuck You Science!, CaptainShuddup said:

    Robert Sproul says

    "A bill passed through the US House of Representatives is designed to prevent qualified, independent scientists from advising the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They will be replaced with industry affiliated choices, who may or may not have relevant scientific expertise, but whose paychecks benefit from telling the EPA what their employers want to hear."

    Wait! What are the options?

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Republicans Huff and Puff Over Obama's Executive Order, CaptainShuddup said:

    smaulgld says

    Yep Dems do the same- lie about the "affordable" health care act to win support and votes, when they were really lining the insurance companies' pockets in order to create an unworkable expensive plan that requires you to input personal data into an insecure government data base that cost a billion dollars to create so you can get less coverage for more money.

    What's sad is aside from talking about it on Patnet, nobody even knows who Gruber is, or that he has 7 movies highlighting the best parts of Obamacare.

    I have talked to several people and none of them have even heard about the scandal. In fact nobody I've asked has heard about it.

    This is a PACs are good, because I guarantee you that people will have heard about him before the 2016 election season is over.

    FWIW, I was quoting Gruber before I even knew who he was.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Hope, Change & transparency. My big ol' butt!, CaptainShuddup said:

    The Professor says

    As long as we try to fight the system by standing behind one party or the other we will continue to be strangled by the beast.

    The GOP is a decent base line of Right stupidity. It's easier and morally acceptable to correct over reaching Right policy. When you try to correct bad extreme Left policy, there's a whole toxic adhesive of crap that ensnares the effort and hinders the right thing to do. With what is more popular on the Twitter verse, tinged with a hint of racism overtones and festooned with political correctness and being on the right side of History. Regardless how fucked up those looney Left wing policies are.

    I think America does better when we bring far right back to Center, once it's veered into the Fruityville all hope is lost like a Benghazi movie review.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Republicans Huff and Puff Over Obama's Executive Order, CaptainShuddup said:

    smaulgld says

    That is what they should do but won't because they haven't done in the past and Obama would just veto it

    I think the GOP are starting to embrace the furiners. They like them more than the left from Fruityville running amok on America.

    The GOP can sit back and keep letting the Democrats misguide the Latino vote, or they step up and find a place for Latino brand of conservatism in the new GOP. Because one thing is for certain, the Latino community are no where near as Liberal as they found Obama's future of hope to be.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Republicans Huff and Puff Over Obama's Executive Order, CaptainShuddup said:

    Unlike you clowns who live in a Liberal fantasy world light years away from the people who's life your ponderance effects. I'm in the thick of it.

    The Latinos are NOT impressed with this big do nothing action of Obama.

    I think if the GOP can come together after the first of the year, and handle and immigration bill as smoothly as they their campaigns that even saw several black and latino's elected to office. Which at this point, the Democrats would do wise to NOT underestimate their enemy.

    I think the GOP hatred of Obama at this point, is greater than Gonzalez and Perez getting a full immigration pardon.
    At this point, I could see the GOP actually crafting a tangible immigration reform bill, that makes Obama's empty suit proposition he crapped forth, seem like just that. A steaming toilet bowl of shit.

    They would embrace Horhey(George) and Umberto just to send this guy to hell down the sewer of a failed presidency.

    Be Careful what you ask for, you just might get it. If the republicans can placate the Latinos and become their champion after Obama's miserable half assed effort yet Again, at doing anything. Then they'll become the undisputed party of the American hispanics.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Hope, Change & transparency. My big ol' butt!, CaptainShuddup said:

    You can be owned, I still believe in the election system if you don't let the Democrats dictate the terms.
    Lead, be owned or get the fuck out of the way.
    Listening to you whining defeatists about these matters for the last 7 years, it's obvious what you guys are.

    The whining reluctant constituency.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, CaptainShuddup said:

    Ruth Handler actually got the shape profile from African female figurine's it's quite common body proportions in African sculpture. Definitely not your typical classical female body form. Around the 50's there was an African inspired stylized forms. I like how she takes credit for it she came up with some stroke genius. When all she did was copied an art movement style and immortalized it in a toy.

    Barbie is not only a sexist dilemma, but also is a race enigma.
    She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and everyone says her body form is an impossible form to achieve. Had Barbie been a Nubian queen, the toy probably never would have been as popular as it became. But also people would say she represents the perfect black female body. I don't think anyone would say anything regardless of her popularity.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Republicans Admit Benghazi Fake "Scandal", CaptainShuddup said:

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Weeds cancel Stockton's 35th Christmas Lighted Boat Parade, CaptainShuddup said:

    The stuff sounds promising for Sewage processing and water decontamination. Perhaps they could be beneficial in my massive water retainment reservoir and distribution and redistribution pipeline network idear.
    Or the WRRDRPNd as I have come to call it. "Water pond"

    With growth as fast as water hyacinth engages in, you'd think there would have to be some kind of beneficial use for the stuff. The plant shows promise in sewage treatment: with its proclivity for sucking nutrients out of ponds, water hyacinth turns out to be very efficient at cleaning up organic effluents. There's also been some talk of using the plant as a source of carbon-neutral biomass energy, or as livestock feed. The plants can also remove contaminants such as hexavalent chromium from the water in which they grow, which continues to be a topic of study among environmental scientists.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Schlong-Gobbling Gay GOP Senator Hired to Manage Idaho GOP Party Books, CaptainShuddup said:

    curious2 says

    The question is, how did Democrats lose to that party.

    Everyone remembered they are the Party of NO.

    Who do you call when you don't want no more?
    The Party of NO!
    Who do you send in when you can't pay one penny more in taxes?
    The Party of NO!
    What do we want?
    When do we want it?

    In the land of the Lies, the man with magical underwear is being brutally honest.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Schlong-Gobbling Gay GOP Senator Hired to Manage Idaho GOP Party Books, CaptainShuddup said:

    Isn't he practically old enough to be Democrat?

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Poop map shows problem of homelessness, CaptainShuddup said:

    jvolstad says

    And then there is BART.

    This Bart sure sounds like a character.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in "Eagle Cam": Aerial View of London via Video Camera Attached to an Eagle, CaptainShuddup said:

    Meh as long as it's in the name of Science.

    On a slower news day, this would have been reported as an animal abuse story.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Stupidity failed, so bring on the Flattery!, CaptainShuddup said:

    Oh you so nice when I fuck you in the Ass with part time jobs and expensive healthcare, high student loans, unaffordable transportation costs, unaffordable housing costs, unaffordable food costs, just look how frugal the Menials are.

    Remember a penny taxed is a crony fed...

    Early to bed late to rise, makes a man gullible to Liberal lies...

    I'm sure Huffpo wanted to call them the Tea party generation but some assholes already took that cool name.

    Other contenders, "The Boy George" generation.
    "The It's Hope and Change and I helped!" generation.
    "The Big Fucking deal" generation

    But in the end Ben Franklin seemed like the obvious choice due to his hipster glasses and he was a horn dog like Clinton.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Americans could save a fortune this winter, if they understood their thermostats, CaptainShuddup said:

    You fuckers act like the Poor don't know how to be poor.

    Un-Fucking believable!

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Hope, Change & transparency. My big ol' butt!, CaptainShuddup said:

    So you finally realize that Obama is an asshole, but you still can't admit it with out dragging the Republicans in on your blame and outrage?

    Can't Obama just be accountable for his lies and deceit on his own accord?
    I don't recall any Republicans ever sending out adverts in the mail in either 2008 or 2012 touting the Hope, Change and Transparency that they were excited to announce, that Obama was going to usher in.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Poop map shows problem of homelessness, CaptainShuddup said:

    So let me get this straight, SF has the highest concentrate of PHD's in the world. Yet they slash funding for public toilets, then plot and map the crap they created. For apparently no other reason than to look at it and say... "No Shit!?"

    Sometimes it's not how much you know, that makes you smart. It's just knowing what to do with what little bit you may know that counts.

    Just Deploy those Social workers that I'm sure the city employs, with a pooper scooper and a bucket, and make them earn their keep.
    You shouldn't keep pets you can't clean up after them.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, CaptainShuddup said:

    curious2 says

    [Update: oops - I just realized, TenPoundAss might have been expressing his interest in the underage version. That's somewhat disturbing, though frankly all of TenPoundAss's oeuvre is disturbing.]

    ...Chya! OR??

    I could have meant that Liberals are rewriting American History with your Republicans are really just Southern Democrat bullshit.

    ...and Abraham Lincoln was really General Lee's father.


  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Netflix picks up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt from NBC, CaptainShuddup said:

    Being shown on Netfilx is not an honor, it's a where you go when your movie or show sucks.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, CaptainShuddup said:

    And Darth Vader was once a cute kid.

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