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The GOP maybe offering not only will they continue to finance his campaign, but will pay him a stipend to stay on through Super Tuesday.

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My brother tried to lay the unstatesmen like trip on me last night about Trump.

I had to remind him what a pussified world we live into day.
My Dad used to tell stories about every President administration from FDR to LBJ. These guys didn't sugar coat anything, and calling someone a Son of a Bitch or lying Bastard, was just part of normal political vernacular. My Dad would tell stories over and over laugh like hell at the punch line. It wasn't in the mainstream news. But those that were interested, would hear about the saucy back room language if they were really into following politics. There was two versions, the one on TV and the one that happened. These guys didn't mince words when the cameras were off. And they weren't afraid of hurting people's feelings.

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He probably saw someone playing words with friends and blew his top.

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TRENTON, N.J., Feb. 10 (UPI) — After failing to secure a single delegate in the New Hampshire Republican primary, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to suspend his presidential campaign Wednesday.

Christie could announce his departure from the presidential race as soon as Wednesday afternoon after he meets with advisors, an anonymous source familiar with the plans told ABC News.

“We bet the ranch on New Hampshire, and no one ever anticipated the Trump phenomenon,” the source said. “He’s a realist.”

The Washington Times confirmed the news.

Christie leaves the race less than 24 hours after the New Hampshire primary. After his disappointing sixth-place finish, he told supporters he was returning to New Jersey to “take a deep breath” and reassess his chances for the White House. He also canceled his upcoming campaign events in South Carolina, despite an earlier pledge to stay in the race regardless of results in New Hampshire.

Although he got a few good jabs in against
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
, R-Fla., in the last Republican debate, Christie won 7.4 percent of the vote in New Hampshire.

With an even worse showing in Iowa — he came in 10th place with 1.8 percent of the vote — the New Jersey governor would have headed to the South with not a single delegate in hand.

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This has been the most honest political seasons probably in my lifetime, even though the behind the scenes skullduggery has never been greater.
Every election the last 50 years or more, has just been one long running Political Pageant/Popularity contest.

For the first time in my life, the naughty bits are not ruling the topic of debate. Well some thought that was the topic, but now they are no longer in this discussion.
There's going to be ton of great political literature from textbooks to political thriller novels about this race.
Though I'm sure the reoccurring theme in those works will be the almost Hitchcockian inconvenience that has haunted Hillary like a depends diaper that just wont flush down a debate toilet during the break.
Murphy has thoroughly abused this Woman for the last few years.
And Bush has been the lazy no good for nothing family Cat, that just thought for sure he had this election in the bag. Only for the family to bring a fat cute orange tabby and put Bush outside to catch mice and the cute orange tabby in the soft comfy pet cozy by the fireplace.

These two have been like heavy weight prize fighting champions that are in their 70's and haven't fought a fight since they were in their 30's, stepping into the ring.

I'm having a ball, this is far more entertaining than anything they are doing in Hollywood.

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Life is what happens when you're waiting for it to happen.

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Well Christie is out now, I wonder where his 6% of votes will convert.

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Last night we saw the result of all of the Republican Super PACs the RNC and the GOP that has been supporting all of these light weight candidates. That in typical normal unmanipulated political seasons.
Most of the Republican field would have dropped out by now. It costs at least 10 million a week to run a national presidential campaign at the start the state's primary season. Usually by now, this late in the game, the field would have dwindled down to just the top 4 at most. Those other guys are being supported and they will continue to be supported until they can reach a brokered convention. So that the same few people who have been making all of decisions that has been killing this country. Ends up in a private backroom in the wee hours of the morning only to pull Bush out of their Ass, and screw the American people again.

If we ever have campaign reform. Rules on the party organization needs to change. Their only rol should be they are the secrataries for the American people who run and participate in the race. They don't get to pick favorites, they shouldn't be able to donate to candidates in the field to to unseat the top poling party candidate. Candidates shouldn't be allowed to be supported by other candidate's PACs.

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Perhaps that's Hillary's... well the Liberal's problem. They are never for the American people. They've always got to pick a vulnerable victim to manipulate.

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I smell a 🐀

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Hillary invited them today to move to Florida and she personally guaranteed that they would not be carded at the voting booth.

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Also there was several major important court rulings today. There were plenty of phone calls made today with a couple rich angry guys about to lose their shit.
"Look you son of a bitch, I got you elected and now your destroying every damned thing we've worked to build. Because for eight solid long years, you've held America by the scurff of their neck and their tail and has smeared their noses in Dog Shit. While promoting every thing that was wrong, and bad for America. That's not the biggest crime, the biggest crime was getting so damned full or selves you got lazy in even trying to hide your conempt for the American people and the incompetence that is rewarded and excelence is punished due to Social circumstance. "


We're going to see Washington trying to clean the house before the folks return from their out of towner, They've got 16 years of an all night kegger party to clean up.
You watch, they are going to act like everything Bernie and Trump campaiging on, are the most imporatant legislation in washington the next month or so.
We may even see Hillary sacrificed to the AG gods, they got one with McDonald's hat hair, and she's just itching to take an upity white woman down and notch or two. Then Biden will anounce he's running as an independent. It's going to be weird year with the establishment trying to steal the election from Bernie and Trump anyway they can. Even if it means trying to steal their thunder.

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These primary number are less puzzling than the Iowa caucusses were.
The math in NH says overwhelmingly that this will be the Republican's fight.
The republicans easily have enough numbers in NH to take the Democrats in the Election.
But if this were election based on loyal voters chosing their primary candidates and wont vote if they don't win. Then Bernie or Hillary will end up winning.
Both Hillary and Bernie had more numbers than Trump.
Bernie at 110,000 when I last looked.
Hillary was at like 79K
Trump had 77K and the rest of top for had between 10 to 35K well over 150K between them.
My only hope is that the Independents who don't count in Primaries anyway, aren't represented in Trump's numbers.
I think the registered GOP base would be stupid enough to just sit it out and let Trump duke it out with Sanders or Hillary.
But the bastards begged and pleaded how I had to vote for McCain and Romney even if they weren't ideal people I would personally politcally support.
I at least hope a strong inependent party with a strong voice in the media will spring from all of this. And I hope that media will be New Media and not propaganda MSM bullshit.

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Anybody catching the 180 reversal policy shift in Washington today?

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HEY YOU says

The destruction of America has been at the hands of D & R white men over my lifetime.

Glad to see you're finally admitting Obama is cracker whiter than John Kerry.

He only self identifies with Black people when they have their hands up shouting "Hands up DON'T shoot!" at a political opponents political rally.

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Oil will always make money.
Oil wont always have excess idle $100K+ jobs to justify the gravy profits.
Nor will investors always party like rock stars.

The media said Russia would fall apart they did not, they said Saudi was to collapse they have not, they said we would stop domestic production, we have not.

OIL just had to cut some jobs. But don't worry, for every one job that has been cut globally, 40,000 jobs will be created due to less price pressures High Oil places on all manufacturing, and production across the board. Companies will pay less for everything due to cheap Oil and that will convert to better products and more workers.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is helping destroy Twitter.

This wont last much longer silicone valley is pretty much self destructing.

Report: Anti-White Agenda Revealed at GitHub’s Diversity Team

I canceled my personal GitHub account yesterday, and adamantly suggested we host our own SVN repository in the tech meeting yesterday.
Which we are now provisioning a server for.

Facebook will be the Muslim Brotherhood network before this year is out. They'll be the only ones using it.

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Nuttin for nuttin, but back when I did flooring.
I used to find 10 year old deep fried specimens, still in pristine contition, behind the stove and under the frige all the time, when I would pull out the appliances to strip the floor and relay new vinyl or tile.

Deep frying food is an excelent way to preserve (the apperance) of stuff.
As long as it's fried to the point that oil has replaced most of the water content.

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The only obvious thing she has to defeat him with, Democrats are too left leaning and too PC correct to use it.

The guy is a commie, if she used her campaign rallys to give History lessons. Bernie Sanders numbers would soon tank.
But a History lesson from Hillary would be rich, wouldn't it. We're still waiting for Her History lesson at the Bengahzi and rougue email hearings.

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If they do this every single down day they'll be doing this every day.
They'll wait a week or so, before the mysterious 400 point market gain. They blew out the compressor on the 2008 Inflato Deluxe, with quad diesel motors. Now they are using bicycle pumps, it will take a while.

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