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  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Go ahead & defend GMO & the accompanying poisons., CaptainShuddup said:

    Well if they are dumping the stuff on the crops then what in the fuck do we need GMOs for? That's supposed to be the whole purpose of GMO crops we poison our selves directly with out polluting the environment, and killing wild life.

  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Barbie (suprise) Isn't a Computer Engineer After All., CaptainShuddup said:

    If Barbie were real, I'm pretty sure she would twerk her way to riches not work.

    Malarkey Cyrus is probably the closest thing to a real Barbie.

  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Projected holiday spending up slightly from 2013, CaptainShuddup said:

    They are hopping that's the case.
    The media has spent the last 6 years laughing at people for believing in Jesus. Now they want us to run out on Thanksgiving day, rather than praying to Jesus and thanking him for a bountiful feast, they want us to go out shopping for his birthday.

    You should hear CNN over there going on and on about Thanksgiving this year, they must have used the word "Family" at least a dozen times in half as few stories over the last week. It's sickening, like going on a double date with Richard Simmons and listening to him go on about what a chick magnet he is.

    It's none of Media's business what we do on the holidays, I think most people are afraid of being shamed for something they didn't know as wrong to talk to the media about their holiday plans. They might end up working or something, or in some Liberal jail guilty of violating some social media law.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Oh No, Now Corn is Causing Climate Change, You Have To Stop Eating Popcorn, CaptainShuddup said:

    This just in, we're living our selves to death.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Yup, CaptainShuddup said:

    Ted Cruz got a kick out of it.

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