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  • On 26 Dec 2014 in You can't always get what you want., CaptainShuddup said:

    Why are you people so damned angry at God?

    I don't get it, my father was an Atheist and the only one I ever really even knew until it became popular to be a Jesus hating Liberal.

    My Dad despised organized religion, only because of the people behind it. He used to tell a story about a popular television evangelist, who he said he was having a drink with in a bar, back when he was still unknown, in the 50's. He said he tried to get my Dad to join his traveling revival tent. He said it was a lucrative racket.

    My Dad didn't really have a problem with God per say, just the folks who claimed they had a direct hotline to the man up stairs and for a weekly fee he can get you closer to the big man.

    My dad used to quote Voltaire, "If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him" he believed that with all of his heart.

    You guys are on a whole other level.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in You can't always get what you want., CaptainShuddup said:

    In modern-day Texas, however, residents are now statutorily permitted to use the greeting of their choice without fear of legal reprisal: "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah" or "Happy holidays".

    State Rep. Dwayne Bohac helped last year to pass what is now known as the Merry Christmas law. He and the Texas Legislature wanted to ensure students could exchange traditional holiday greetings and display Christmas trees, menorahs and Nativity scenes at school, as long as more than one religion and a secular symbol are included.

    Constitutionally, this protective legislation is not really required, and teachers can wish holiday greetings without fear of liability. On the other hand, this law may allay any fears state employees have about exercising their rights to merrymake on government property.
    Texas passed a holiday observance law a year ago.

    It feels like this sort of thing didn't happen 30 years ago.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in Well done China., CaptainShuddup said:

    There's porn then there's unhealthy and indecent content.
    The way I look at it, if they bust these scumbags. Then we can get back to enjoying porn.

    Unless you're enjoying the "incest" and "bestiality" and "forced" genres.

    It's probably more to do with propaganda but somebody has really sucked the fun out of online porn. You click on Asian porn or what ever normal genre you may appreciate. Then the titles suggest that huge black guy and the pasty white Asian girl are father and daughter. It's like they try to frame 80% of the vids as some indecent content. Though I know it's not as I've seen many of the ones several times with other more appropriate titles.

    If China want to round these scumbags up before they actually do make these videos to fit the titles, I say Bravo.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in You can't always get what you want., CaptainShuddup said:

    Bitching about Christmas is so 2001.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in Blacks suffer disproportionately from chronic conditions, CaptainShuddup said:

    The easy chair by the Television set is the best place on earth to sit for 28 days while you wait for your goverment check(s).

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in You will not take this movie from my cold dead hands., CaptainShuddup said:

    I paid YouTube the $5.99 to rent the movie, just to set the precedence.
    Though I have no plans on seeing the movie before the time runs out.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in Officials order Ohio man to take down zombie Nativity scene, CaptainShuddup said:

    When did the Democrats get petty and retarded?

    You guys used to stand for something, and your battles you chose really meant something.

    If your knickers are in a twist over this story, then your Liberal enlightenment training has been complete. Please report to the nearest raw sewage processing plant to begin your career.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in Thanks, Santa! Gas prices still falling, CaptainShuddup said:

    Santa was not an OPEC member.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in Motley Fool report on 3-D printing, CaptainShuddup said:

    paper rain coat dispensers.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in Officials order Ohio man to take down zombie Nativity scene, CaptainShuddup said:

    elliemae says

    Obviously the township had a sick up its collective ass and they found a way to force the guy to take it down.

    After Christmas.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in Raise the state tobacco tax, CaptainShuddup said:

    tovarichpeter says

    and dedicate that additional revenue also to health care and research.

    Sure we will, sure we will. Get right on it, they'll have two teams working in shifts.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in GMO is guud for you., CaptainShuddup said:

    Half the world starves to death, or half of the world a blithering idiot...

    (doing the scale balance with my hands)

    Tough call!

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in Officials order Ohio man to take down zombie Nativity scene, CaptainShuddup said:

    They ordered him to take down a wooden structure of 1X6's shoddily strewn together without a permit. From the video I saw of it, it is even set up with in inches of the street. He has until tomorrow to comply. If it was solely about him sullying the good name of our Lord and Savior on this Christmas morn, then you think they would have ordered him to do it in time for it to have been gone by today at least.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in The Magic Of Christmas 60 Years Ago, CaptainShuddup said:

    That was the way it was in my house growing up as well. Then I married a Peruvian.

    Now it's all about Christmas eve or Nochebuena, the dinner the night the family get together, culminating to midnight when the presents are open, and is over by 1:00am.

  • On 25 Dec 2014 in Santa Claus Shot Down Over The Ukraine, CaptainShuddup said:

    I'm tellin ya, those damned jellied trotters, i shouldn't have paid anyone a single dime until the second day.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in 'Blinded by desire for high life', Hui jailed 7 years; Kwok to five years, CaptainShuddup said:

    Peter P says

    Why would anyone care?

    To show the occupy Hong Kong folks that the government is fighting corruption and those kids are just a bunch of distracting well intentioned kids who just got in the way of commerce.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Sony releases "Interview" online. Watch now., CaptainShuddup said:

    You know if there never was any hullabaloo over this movie, it probably would have came and went in the movie rotation, then made the DVD/BlueRay circulation then hit the premium cable, and end up in the Netflix library. And still be one of those cheesy stupid movies I never saw, and skip over in the Netflix library day after day.

    HOW EVER!!!

    I like this and it sets a great precedence. I've been sick of theaters for a long damn time, and ditched cable for the same money grubbing greedy reasons. Seeing how I'm a big fan of streaming internet programing upending big Cable, I also like the idea of movies being made in Hollywood and going straight to online Rental.

    I'm tempted just be a part of this historic event, with the hope and intent, that many more intentional releases would be to follow in the not so distant future.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Holiday Survival Tips - Avoiding Family Conflict During The Holiday Season, CaptainShuddup said:

    That's Thanksgiving, Christmas you keep your mouth shut no matter what some stupid bastard in the family says. Christmas is about friends and family being together, regardless the quality or caliber of either.

    See it aint all commercial capitalism, there's a lot of social and civility reboot involved with the ritual. That's why the worlds Asshole surplus is up through the roof. Liberals killed our reconciliation process that wiped out conflict and vendetta debt, and everyone could get along for another year.

    It used to be time of family reconcilation.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Just a little known fact, Libs deny., CaptainShuddup said:

    yodaking says

    Great question, the only way to tackle unemployment is to support pro-business policies

    It doesn't have to mean Big business policies. Nor does it mean we should "Big Business" every aspect of life from the water you drink to the air you breathe.

    I think we're saying the same thing. I'm just saying we need far more benefactors, for our economy to have rebounded as much you intend to give the false illusion that it did. What monopolies the current policy didn't create, they created new ways to necessitate new titles and roles with new appointed monopolies to service the voids, without actually creating jobs. The jobs as well as the people who didn't have one, just simply "Went away". Poof! vanished we don't even talk about them anymore. As their fresh baked self date expires our unemployment rate dropped. That's hardly anything to give any credit for as an achievement.

    The government could have wrote Goldman Sachs a trillion dollar check or wrote out many million dollar checks to thousands of Goldman Sachs wanna bees, who have to restaff, retrain, reboom and reboot the economy.

    If you give all the money to same evil bastards that caused this mess then they'll just take it and slither away to their cesspool and sit on it and let it rot. Or do something corner the Oil market and create undetectable inflation that the FED with all of their super powers will never notice.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Just a little known fact, Libs deny., CaptainShuddup said:

    yodaking says

    but that frustration doesn't change the fact that many of the bailouts were for firms that serve as the 'grease' for our economy.


    We hear that shit, but let's put it to the test.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Just a little known fact, Libs deny., CaptainShuddup said:

    yodaking says

    So you would have favored the Government have done nothing? Would the economy be in worse shape or better shape of our markets seized and credit dried up?

    Objection you're leading the witness again. You led the witness the last time and this is what we got.

    There's a million ways that could have played out and "Doing nothing" would have been the best option in retrospect for a myriad of reasons. For starters what was done was the best thing depending on how you look at it, and who you ask. For everyone that benefited marginally there are ten times that lost substantially. We have had not had middle class growth by any stretch of the imagination. And that has been the only barometer that America can be measured on.

    Just one of the thousands of arguments I could make for "Doing nothing" or at least "Something else" is as the following.

    If we didn't do anything and we allowed everyone to take their lumps like should have happened. The result would have been carnage and devastation. Like many had anyway. See I don't give a fuck about those companies who's lowest paid employees were making 150K a year.

    The houses and assets didn't go away, neither did the business needs of all of those companies. The government if they were looking for any to benefactor, then small business or at least new players should have been created by chopping up the carcasses and distributing out the divisions and departments, and assets to the highest bidder backed by federal loans. Let a new batch take a turn. At least people would have been producing. The only creative way people have been producing in this government protected industry controlled environment has been to seek rent off of those that least afford it.

    That's just one, I could think of a million ways that would have been better than watching what played out since 2007 to now that would have been better. I'm so happy OPEC is pulling the plug, you're about to see just how much Obama bailed anyone out, and just how much they benefited.
    This time next year, your going to be hobnobbing with a lot of has beens that used to think they had the world by the balls, because gas was $4.00 a gallon.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Anti-vaxers losing steam, CaptainShuddup said:

    tovarichpeter says

    public statements by a few celebrities who are neither scientists nor medical experts.

    Like only Liberals can play dress up. OK technicality but Obama isn't really a leader either.

    Gaffaw Out Proud!

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Obama sends ISIS reinforcements, CaptainShuddup said:

    This is like Obama's own personal little "The Running Man" game.

    This is what he and his golf buddies do at the 19th hole. Bet on how far, how long and how fast the bounty is collected.

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in rhesus macaques show learned human behavior, CaptainShuddup said:

    I say the monkeys living in an urban area has seen enough 911 emergencies, to notice that seemingly dead people are revived by fussing about with the carcass. The Scientists here are afraid to say that it was some instinctual behavior, but I bet it could easily be explained by learned behavior. While the monkeys attempt at CPR wasn't very polished and probably wouldn't be as effective in most cases. It does show, that they at least identify with being bipedal primates, and what would work for human must work for them.

    In other words...

    "Monkey See Monkey Do"

    and is further proof, even a Monkey could administer healthcare.
    Why is it our GDP again?

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Just a little known fact, Libs deny., CaptainShuddup said:

    yodaking says

    I believe it's pretty clear that Kenseysian capitalistic policies is what prevented the second Great Depression, and current capitalist policies what is slowly getting us out.

    If Keynesian capitalistic policies are grabbing the nearest poorest middle class sap than you by the neck and shaking every last cent from their pocket and putting a dragnet on their finances that skimmed every last red penny from the dissapeard middle class. Then I suppose you're right. But that just means a Keynesian by another name is really just a strong arm heartless thug, and can give two fucks about who lives or dies.

    Energy, Food and Healthcare bailed Wallstreet out, which is that stupid fucking thing you assholes like to do with your mouth when YOU call IT "adverting a Great Depression".

    And F-Y-Fucking-I The Great Depression was Great because it made great people at the end. This last one would be the fucking "Moron Depression", because a)Morons like you called it a "depression", b)what ever it is, we never got out of it. We weren't "pulled out" of anything. We were "Thrown Under".

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