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  • On 18 Sep 2014 in Office bullying plague is widespread in U.S., CaptainShuddup said:

    This article is clearly written by some young shit that still lives at home and is on Mommy and Daddy's insurance. The Author is so full of shit, it didn't even sign it. This Asshole has never had a real part time job.

    You can't even look straight at a coworker without them going to HR and you getting written up, you can get fired for asking someone to stop disturbing you. Because he complained about your rudeness before you could complain about his motor mouth to HR.

    The Job has become a place for a lot of petty petty shit. But it's the company, the management and HR doing all of the bullying. It's the new management style, while the expect their employees to behave as corporate eunuchs.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in The Scream crowned Miss America, CaptainShuddup said:

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, CaptainShuddup said:

    The Cheap Liberal rhetoric of Elections past is going to sink them this time around.

    They'll need more than "the war on Women", "Global Warming" and bitching about the 1% while they them selves(anyone who's anyone in Liberal politics) bask in the opulence, while sucking off of the 1% busoms.

    Their idea of Hope and Change is Choke and Chains.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Kim Jong Un Guides Tactical Rocket Test Fire, CaptainShuddup said:

    Tyranny aside, he's like the World's biggest DORK.

    I'm glad to see he's updated his command console display from that 14 inch CRT in previous photos of him at the helm of the national can of whupass.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood, CaptainShuddup said:

    I've got one in my on my patio next to the water fountain.
    It's where I go for my ME time.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Joan Rivers' MD takes Selfie During Procedure, CaptainShuddup said:

    Or gas bagging her and that's how she died.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in This Is Why Occupy Is Greater Than the Tea Party, CaptainShuddup said:

    Temporary solution for a limited precious few, for a long term problem that face far too many.

    This is the problem with this generation, instead of trying to figure out ways to stop the rent seeking, they just keep coming up with new creative ways to pay it.

    I didn't donate anything to them, but if I had, would have expected more for my investment, out of an organization that painted them selves out to be David against Goliath.
    Where's the politically viable minds out of OWS, where's the Lobby presence in Washington, where's there watchdog voice in Washington?

    Instead they are always doing social media stunts to get more likes and attention, rather than doing anything that would ever usher in any meaningful change.

    Love them or hate them, the Tea Party came out swinging and had viable political out spoken leaders from the get go. They don't engage in social media stunts.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Elizabeth Warren and Suzie Orman say student debt is crushing the economy, CaptainShuddup said:

    Tuition should commensurate with average salaries.

    That is the single thing that the government could do to regulate or fix this issue.

    No tax subsidies, no tax breaks, no low interest.

    Just an honest matrix of the career path that coincides with the degree they intend to major in. Based on the average salary, then the cost of tuition and the loan should be factored that the student can pay off the loan with in Ten years, while factoring in their other budgeted expenses. Rent, fuel and food ect, Based on the average salary.

    It could kill two birds with one stone, it could be used an index for cost of living increases, as well as solve the students indenturing the rest of their adult lives to servitude to pay back a loan that they can't bankrupt out of.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in The CPI Came in Negative- Will Yellen Freak Out?, CaptainShuddup said:

    Didn't Yellin try to rape an African housekeeper in Manhattan a few years back?

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in CDC study, Americans bellies expanding at rapid rate, CaptainShuddup said:

    Well we need to find what ever these people are eating and commoditize the fuck out of it. Obviously there is some food out there cheap and abundant, and I WONT HAVE IT!!! How dare they eat and be happy on OUR watch!!! Who in the FUCK do these goddamn people think they are? Eating and living with out proper marathon training!

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Joan Rivers' MD takes Selfie During Procedure, CaptainShuddup said:

    While I think Selfies are stupid and anyone taking a selfie just to be a part of some smaller greater popular movement. Is the dumbest thing I can thing of.

    I have a problem with this guy doing that on a social level, he's a fucking putz in my opinion. However I don't see any crime being committed here. Though the details of how the selfie was taken and the other subjects in the photo, could change my mind on that. Just because he was a douche doing the same douchie stupid shit that every Tom Dick and Hussein is doing, doesn't mean that he's not allowed to do it, while operating on Joan Rivers. Unless his pause to take the selfie, somehow contributed to her croaking.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in And we are supposed to accept these people according to Obama..., CaptainShuddup said:

    I think that the 2008 ballot box sucked all of the critical thinking brain cells out of them.

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in Health care in U.S. still for the rich or lucky, CaptainShuddup said:

    Lucky being the indigent.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Expensive engagement rings are a scam, CaptainShuddup said:

    I have heard that Diamonds are so ubundant that if every diamond that has been mined, and not yet sold. Was put on the market, diamonds would be as common as any other semi precious stone. $5 to $25 a karat.

    Tons of diamonds a year are used in various saw blades and drill bits every year. Those stones jewelry value is destroyed to zero, in the process.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Less than 5% of those you think are interested, actually give a shit., CaptainShuddup said:

    Jesus! No wonder it flopped, the only publicity the Production(is Amateurduction a word?) even got was the Republican and Right leaning web and news sites blowing their stack about it.

    Even the Liberals were ashamed of this crappy pissduction. Not one single word even as the Actors were on stage dying a horrible stage death to an empty house. The play got bupkis promotion or help from the Left leaning and Democrat news sites. Just an outright pissing away of tax payers dollars.

    All in the name of Science OF COURSE!!!

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in The young are leaving religion behind, CaptainShuddup said:

    tovarichpeter says

    The young are leaving religion behind

    ...and they are no longer prosperous.

    Coincidence!? I think NOT!

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Expensive engagement rings are a scam, CaptainShuddup said:

    My wife bought us matching wedding bands with the date inscribed on the inside. Then informed me of the appointment at the JP, I had to get my BC from the state of Georgia so I could renew my License in Florida so we could get the marriage license. Did it online and had it Fed-Ex'd the next day. That was 95, I thought the internet was 20 times more useful than today with only 14.4 baud rate dialup.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Expensive engagement rings are a scam, CaptainShuddup said:

    And replace college professors with gassy grand parents and you see just how stupid Liberal education is. WHO comes up with this crap?

    Oh Huff-n-puff-Post.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in We've All Been There: Florida man chokes wife over lack of fried chicken, CaptainShuddup said:

    I bet you she fried some damn chicken before bailing him out.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Obama makes speech regarding Ebola outbreak, is there something to this?, CaptainShuddup said:

    The scary thing here is, the world effort to solve it. Is sending delegates from all corners of the earth to deal with it. When these people get sick they then fly back home. Then there's air travel its self. Provided Ebola stays isolated in the African region where it is, then it wont be problem.

    But in this modern times, that's almost impossible.
    The only reason I can think of to send in the Army, is to destroy villages where people are sick but refuse to cooperate with treatment and revealing the people they have had contact with. People are scared of the health workers and their orders, so they are fleeing to other uninfected villages.

    I think the tide is about to turn, now that the US Army is getting involved. I don't think we'll ever hear any facts or details from here on out, about how they are dealing with it to get it under control.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Chiropractors cannot cure diabetes (or anything else), CaptainShuddup said:

    They are shysters if they don't work or charge a lot.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in They tell me it's "Greek Yogurt" ..., CaptainShuddup said:

    Have you tried Mexican Creme'?

    I discovered that stuff last year, and was using it as a substitute for thick cream, or sour cream or even a creamer.

    I was enjoying it until that tread a few months back where I decreed all of the nasty stuff that's in ice creme sandwiches.

    I then looked at the ingreedients in the MexCreme and saw it's the same crap in there that's in all of the salad dressings. It was basically salad dressing with out any flavoring in it.

    Now I'm on a Coco nut creme/butter kick.

    Man that stuff if mana from the beach.

    I eat it in chunks(Cold in the fridge, then cut pieces off) like Cheese
    Let it get room temperature, and it's a great toast spread.
    I use it to make rice
    I use it in steel cut Oats
    I use it on that white scab that wont go away on my elbow.

    Mix some in water and it makes coconut milk that can be used in anyway milk is used. You can also whip it and make a whip creme out of it.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Chiropractors cannot cure diabetes (or anything else), CaptainShuddup said:

    They'll do a lot more alleviate the symptoms of the various "Crazy Lady" diseases. All a Doctor will do is give them Ambien and write them a prescription to go to Physical therapy. Which your insurance will tell you is out of network and only covers 30% of in network phys therapy. Which will make you feel even worse when you get a bill for $500 for the initial consultation(Which they don't do anything) and a few $300 charges for the technicians and any other employees of the pain management center that you may have had polite casual conversation with.

    The Chiropractor is only a $35 in and out charge, then follow that up with a $75 deep tissue massage, and the ole gal was feeling as good as new.

    When my wife stopped going to the Doctor who was only more than happy to reinforce her pain by calling it fibromyalgia, which only freaked her out and made her feel even worse.
    She started feeling better and getting on with her life. Sometimes the human body just feels like crap and needs a professional set of hands to work them over. Every culture has some extreme form of massage or another.

    As for what it takes to be a chiropractor, I can easily imagine that a large portion of them, must be useless quacks, that only do it because it's a job, and have no knack or aptitude for it. Then there's others that really know their stuff. They never EVER cost anywhere near as much as what you'll have to pay into. To get treated in our incompetent greedy, profit maximized healtscare system.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in 10 Worst States To Be a Woman, CaptainShuddup said:

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Robert Reich: Harvard business school is ruining America, CaptainShuddup said:

    That and along with Liberal arts.

    It's a double barrel stupid, if the thunder don't get you then the lightening will.

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