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  • On 21 Jan 2015 in "State of Union is strong" Obama, wave9x said:

    I am totally on board with increasing capital gains, but he should make the limit higher than $500k/yr and should make the limit related to cost of living in an area.

  • On 8 Nov 2014 in Half LA adults doubling up in housing, wave9x said:

    Half of Los Angeles is also Hispanic. Coincidence? No. Hispanics tend to crowd many adults into one house or apartment.

  • On 6 Nov 2014 in Income declines for most households in U.S., wave9x said:

    Everyone knows the rich are getting richer at the expense of everyone else. Yet the Republicans, the biggest panderers to the rich, just took control of Congress. America is fucked (unless you're rich).

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, wave9x said:

    It is easier for a politician, either Democratic or Republican, to cajole 1 rich guy swimming in disposable income for donations than 100 middle class folks who increasingly have trouble covering their bills. This is why the trend will continue no matter who is elected, unless laws change to remove the incentive to cater to the rich. Politicians will continue to distract from this by grandstanding about abortion and gay marriage, things that affect people's day to day life much less than the massive income gap and disappearing middle class.

  • On 22 Sep 2014 in Trying to retire with a mortgage, wave9x said:

    Government pensions should either be eliminated or given to all citizens. What makes government workers so special that they deserve a pension and others do not? It used to be they would get crap pay in return for sweet benefits, but now their salaries are comparable.

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in Unaffordable housing leads to "Elderly migrant workers", wave9x said:

    No, they should micro trade stocks and TRULY contribute to the economy.

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in U.S. is so over homeownership, wave9x said:

    Correction to your title: "U.S. is so over owner-occupied homeownership". Unless it is government run housing, someone will own the property, generally corporations and the wealthy. To me, this is not a good thing no matter how you try to spin it.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in San Mateo will study rent control, wave9x said:

    BTW, the rent control proposal was shot down by the San Mateo city council shortly after it was presented. I'm sure it will rear it's ugly head again and in other cities.

  • On 13 Aug 2014 in San Mateo will study rent control, wave9x said:

    Interestingly, this San Mateo study is spearheaded by the immigrant community there, who are getting priced out of the more ghetto areas by gentrification. Why the hell would San Mateo want to stop gentrification of these areas? Do they really want higher crime, higher welfare costs, worse schools, and lower property values (with less tax revenue)?

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in SFBA is model for humanity, wave9x said:

    Were you smoking weed when you posted this?

  • On 27 Jul 2014 in And I'm out of here..., wave9x said:

    Types like homeboy make it impossible to discuss racial issues. If you bring up facts like blacks and hispanics commit more crime, African and Latin countries are mostly third world, and so on, they storm off like babies having a tantrum. We are just supposed to drink the KoolAid that race has nothing to do with anything.

  • On 27 Jul 2014 in Oakland is number one!, wave9x said:

    Chinese buy in Oakland to become slumlords or to bet on the housing bubble, not to live there. API scores are way too low in Oakland for Chinese, we are talking schools scoring mostly 1/10. Property values will plummet next downturn as a result, as happened last time.

  • On 27 Jul 2014 in Violent Crime Rises And Falls With Black Population, wave9x said:

    John Bailo, it is quite easy for you, living in your all white fortress, to spout on about the wonders of black neighborhoods, as you have no worry of having to experience living in one. If you were living in East Oakland, you would be singing a different tune.

  • On 26 Jul 2014 in Live in Oakland and get free sideshow entertainment, wave9x said:

    bg says

    I posted something about Oakland side-shows a few months ago. I would not live in a community where this happens. There were a few people who were pro-Oakland and not fans of the post.

    Yes, the Oakland shills (like Carolyn C) are quite vocal online, desperately trying to boost their property values so they can unload and get the hell out. The SF forum on is actually moderated by an Oakland shill and you are not allowed to post anything negative about Oakland on that forum or you will be banned. I see they are starting to infect this site too, perhaps emboldened, but fortunately Patrick allows rebuttal.

  • On 25 Jul 2014 in Gay is an unhealthy lifestyle., wave9x said:

    In response to the article posted...

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in More than $100,000 increase. Are you kidding me ??, wave9x said:

    leo9 says

    It's valid point and it's true only if economy in general is doing well and people have jobs.

    It is pretty unlikely to have stagflation. In the 70's, it was a unique combination of events that caused it (oil embargo combined with the fall of the gold standard). If the economy remains sluggish, rates probably won't go up much.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in More than $100,000 increase. Are you kidding me ??, wave9x said:

    Rates usually go up during periods of high inflation. Under high inflation, houses become a more attractive place to put money as property has intrinsic value that rises with inflation. Also, high rates discourage those locked into a low fixed rate mortgage from selling.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in NYC apartment building to have seperate door for the poor, wave9x said:

    Carolyn C says

    What about the kids that have to go to and from school through the alley. What kind of danger will the kids be exposed. Just so a couple of self absorbed pigs can feel elevated. Discusting!

    Oh god, playing the "poor innocent children" card. If a woman is poor, gets knocked up, and has a baby, that is her problem. It doesn't give her the right to a penthouse suite in Trump Tower.

  • On 5 Jul 2014 in Stocks soar, and most Americans just don't care, wave9x said:

    Why should people care about the stock market? Stock prices are based on little more than computerized micro-trades and/or irrational speculation. Implement a rule where you must hold a stock for one day before selling and maybe the market will return to being a reflection of fundamentals a bit more. This will never happen, of course, because the criminals on Wall St. who own the politicians would no longer be able to manipulate the market for their gain as easily.

  • On 2 Jul 2014 in Zoning puts many into poverty, wave9x said:

    What a dumb article. "Economic segregation"? LOL. What will the author of this want next, free Ferraris for the poor?

  • On 8 Jun 2014 in Oakland City's uptown area leads nation in real estate recovery, wave9x said:

    Buying in Oakland is a risky proposition - values plummeted there much more during the downturn than other parts of the Bay Area, so expect a repeat next time around. Not to mention you have to put up with the crime, terrible schools, lack of police, etc, etc.

  • On 6 Jun 2014 in Is it absolutely worst time to buy a primary home?, wave9x said:

    From an owner-occupier point of view, I think the answer depends on where you think rents are headed. As it stands, the insane prices are matched by insane rents (at least on the SF Peninsula). The cost of renting and the cost of buying are pretty evenly matched at the moment.

    I was renting a 2 bedroom place 2 years ago for $1700/mo. Now it is going for $3500/mo., more than double. The price to rent it has gone up more than the price to buy it in the past few years, thus it is actually a better deal to buy it now than before. However, if rents plummet then you lose if you buy.

  • On 6 Jun 2014 in Silicon Valley's last affordable housing threatened, wave9x said:

    Summary of the video - it is much better for EPA to be a gang-infested ghetto than to have techies move in and gentrify the place. And why did they interview a black person, is it to play into the big bad whities oppressing the blacks theme that has been shoved down our throats for the past decades? EPA is 70% Mexican, mostly illegals, perhaps that is a less sympathetic angle.

  • On 4 Jun 2014 in Real estate a 'crappy investment', wave9x said:

    It depends on the cost of renting. This guy is a retard.

  • On 21 May 2014 in Many too afraid to sell, wave9x said:

    I'd like to sell and take a huge profit on the house I bought 2 years ago, except that rents are just as insane as house prices at the moment. Nicer 1 bedrooms are going for almost as much as my mortgage. I'd need to move to the exurbs for it to pay off, which I don't want to do.

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