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Ironman says

Are you willing to pay $12 for Happy Meal for your kids so some teenager can get a "living wage" of $15/hr.?

Hamburger prices at McDonald's will rise more like 10 CENTS (not 10 dollars) as a result of an increase in minimum wage to $15 (link to study). American teenagers will keep their jobs. Take a look at In-N-Out which pays more, it is all English speaking young people. The filthy illegals who don't speak English are the ones who will lose their job. And yes, I am willing to pay 10 extra cents to be served by clean people who speak English.

This could be the best thing ever for McDonald's. It forces the incompetent management into doing something they should have done a long time ago to improve service and increase business.

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This is why I support the $15/hr minimum wage. Kiosks will replace illegals. Illegals currently here will need to move somewhere else for a low paying job. No low paying jobs means less incentive for illegals to come here in the first place and less need for border control. Those that can land a $15/hr job and stay will be the pick of the litter and will probably speak English. It all means less Mexican flags, mariachi music, gangbangers, 20 people crammed into a house and their broken down cars, etc. ruining the neighborhood.

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SnapChat is in LA, just sayin'...

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Fucking deer are walking the streets in my neighborhood in broad daylight, chowing down on everyone's garden, and spreading Lyme disease. Friggin' annoying. The balance is way out of whack, this is why we can hunt deer and not mountain lions.

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ISIS got bored with slicing off heads, so now they are turning to drowning, burning alive, etc. What will be the gruesome culmination of this? I'm not creative enough to know.

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That's what happens when you have few limits to immigration, you get a bunch of foreigners with allegiance to their home country living here. This results in the government being paranoid about its residents, and rightfully so.

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This is a move so the Snapchat CEO can cash out before the bubble bursts on throwaway tech that a teen in their basement could whip up in a week. Good for him that he will make millions, or even billions, on a chat app of meager value. I just feel sorry for all the suckers who buy stock in this ridiculous company.

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Uber adds cars to our roads. It was estimated that Uber has added 15 THOUSAND cars to the steets of SF. A driver needs to drop someone off, wait around, drive around, and drive to the next customer, and so on. A normal driver drives from point A to point B and parks. Uber and their ilk are INCREASING the strain on road infrastructure and emitting more carbon into our atmosphere. For these reasons, they need to be taxed to cover the associated costs. Maintaining roads and the air isn't free. Why should they hoard billions in profit while the public pays for the infrastructure and quality of life they destroy?

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I have a pretty nice machine, Haswell 4790K i7 4GHz, GTX 970, 16 GB vengeance RAM, two 500gb SSDs, etc. all working great as a dual boot Hackintosh (for around $1.5k), so you don't have to compromise much, but venturing into the cutting edge will be tough. The GTX 970 is crazy powerful, it laughs at anything I throw at it.

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I just built a Hackintosh. Apple doesn't build any computers with high end graphics cards (even the MacPro's are more geared towards stability over performance) so I went for it. It turned out to be kinda tricky, you have to tinker a lot, buy the right hardware, and so on. There are problems with Apple services like authenticating with iCloud, iMessage, and such. The one remaining problem I have, which I think can't be resolved, is that I can't play DRM movies in iTunes (movie rentals, etc.). Strange because I can play them in Windows, so I guess Apple has stronger DRM when running in OS X. I'm still trying to get that to work though.

Anyway, I can dual boot, so I'm no worse off than having a plain old Windows box, other than being a little restricted when buying hardware.

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Politicians no longer serve the people, so they need emotionally charged issues like gay marriage or abortion to distract

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Love the pic in that post. It is always a bunch of illegals holding up signs in Spanish, demanding more free shit, as if they aren't already milking the system dry.

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We can thank fucktard Bush and the Republican-supported corporate oligopoly for this. Remember the economic implosion of 2007-2008? Obama wasn't in office yet. Why anyone would support a party that wants to make everyone poor except corporate executives still baffles me. Is it the false hope they spread that one day, maybe you too will be one of the elite and benefit from their policies?

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The answer is to punish parents in some way for raising delinquents. This will help Hispanics as well, who tend to pop out 10 kids and let them roam wild and join gangs.

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I am totally on board with increasing capital gains, but he should make the limit higher than $500k/yr and should make the limit related to cost of living in an area.

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Half of Los Angeles is also Hispanic. Coincidence? No. Hispanics tend to crowd many adults into one house or apartment.

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Everyone knows the rich are getting richer at the expense of everyone else. Yet the Republicans, the biggest panderers to the rich, just took control of Congress. America is fucked (unless you're rich).

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It is easier for a politician, either Democratic or Republican, to cajole 1 rich guy swimming in disposable income for donations than 100 middle class folks who increasingly have trouble covering their bills. This is why the trend will continue no matter who is elected, unless laws change to remove the incentive to cater to the rich. Politicians will continue to distract from this by grandstanding about abortion and gay marriage, things that affect people's day to day life much less than the massive income gap and disappearing middle class.

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Government pensions should either be eliminated or given to all citizens. What makes government workers so special that they deserve a pension and others do not? It used to be they would get crap pay in return for sweet benefits, but now their salaries are comparable.

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No, they should micro trade stocks and TRULY contribute to the economy.

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