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  • On 15 Nov 2014 in My favorite Captain Dimbulb post, Bellingham Bill said:

    marcus says

    We are in a strange aftermath of the financial crisis that occurred in 2008. The main thing that would be different now if McCain had been elected, is there would have been WAY more stimulus spending in the form of war spending

    Not just war spending, but all spending.

    The budget bullshit of 2010-2011 was a tactic to shut down Obama's presidency, basically cut off his balls wrt ability to spend more.

    And it worked!

    Real per-capita .gov spending

    Note the pattern here -- flat for Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

    NOT flat for the Republican presidents.

    We are such an underinformed nation of children.

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in Next Phase in Currency Wars: Yen Plunge Followed by Deflation Shockwave, Bellingham Bill said:

    The yen went down to 145 in the late 90s . . . from the ~90 peak in '95.

    A weakening currency is good news for Japan, more money stays at home.

    Plus to get this weakening currency they're printing yen, which is like free money, man, money they can convert into USD to buy whatever the hell they want.

    Such a deal, free money giving them a more competitive currency.

    The only negative is higher import costs, especially since their nuclear reactor fleet is still offlined.

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in Looks like the tea party is done, Bellingham Bill said:

    edvard2 says

    which happened in and around the 70's with the creation of the campaign from the GOP to single out folks on social services.

    GOP also got attached to the 30-40% of the country that are single-issue voters willing to vote against their economic interest if it means fewer babies are killed in the womb and/or minorities get less access to government programs and/or gun rights are expanded or at least aren't further infringed and/or organized Christianity's pride of place in our community is respected and protected by government.

    This base made them competitive again, at least in off-cycle elections when the youth vote can't be arsed to vote.

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in Looks like the tea party is done, Bellingham Bill said:

    The GOP has already destroyed this country by what they did and allowed to happen 1995-2006.

    blue is Gini, red is total debt / GDP ratio, right axis

    They already retook the House in 2010, essentially detaching Obama from any policy levers that required new budget allocations, basically everything.

    This election just cements their blocking position, as it extends to judicial appointments and treaty ratifications.

    But our national prospect was FUBAR 6 years ago and nothing has changed that.

    To unfuck things is not something the American people are going to be able to agree to, not without things getting a LOT worse for more people than they are now.

    1932-33 style worse.

  • On 13 Nov 2014 in Wtf is wrong with Americans ?, Bellingham Bill said:

    College is run by the debil.

    Christians lose their faith when they go to secular colleges.

    It must be destroyed, along with public education in general, since it is a liberal institution.

    Actually, come to think of it, if you've ever played a game of Illuminati you've seen this sort of dynamic before.

    GOP destroys Liberal Colleges with assistance of UFOs + 22 Megabucks

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