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If the deranged left surprisingly wins, there is at least one thing to look forward to in the ensuing new caliphate: No woman, no drive.

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HydroCabron says

I bow before Eastern Europeans.

If only the U.S. could have the high GDP per capita, civil rights and excellent infrastructure of these Eastern Europeans.

Never to late to learn from them.

That's not an adequate comparison. Many Eastern European countries were subjugated to many years of communism and many wars have been fought in their backyards, destroying a lot of infrastructure. Since then those countries embracing capitalism and nationalism have made enormous economic strides - these are the facts. It is only logical for them not to let it go to waste again. They're doing the right thing.

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@Patrick - worked. Thanks!

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Very questionable, but even if true still much better than getting stoned, hung, decapitated, drowned or frozen to death inside a meat freezer. That eye will heal, but you don't spring back from a gruesome apostate death.

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When you edit an initial thread post (e.g to tag it), the title sometimes disappears (and has to be re-entered) - likely whenever quotation marks are in the title.

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iwog says

What mainstream media source blames Puerto Rico on politics?

Link it.

If you just hit that search link it should be clear that pensions and politics have something to do with its insolvency problem (wsj, forbes etc.):

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Blurtman says

I went to PR last year for the first time. Lots of history, good restaurants and good beaches. The people are not very wealthy, but they seem pretty cool.

Like Greece. The "ordinary" people never are the problem except for that they elect self-serving corrupt government politicians promising them free shit and then fail to prosecute them in a revolt when it comes crumbling down.

iwog says

You're speaking from ignorance as usual so stop bleeding stupidity into the thread.

LOL that's rich. So when just the alt media reports something they are conspiracy nuts and cultists but even when the mainstream media and the alt media actually agree on something you know it better. We should abandon all other news sources and opinions because you seem to know it all. I mean saying that pension promises and corruptions had nothing to do with PR bankruptcy is like saying the Fed has no effect on the economy and does not cause any dislocations whatsoever. You can't seriously believe that.

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iwog says

zzyzzx says

Bloated public salaries and pensions. High cost of doing business when compared to other islands in the area due to costly federal government regulations.

That isn't what happened.

Yes it is. The corrupt government had this coming for a while and did nothing, this has even been all over the media for years. Similar to Chicago. Until government officials are put on trial for way overspending their available budgets on pension "promises" and mis-allocating/embezzling funds, nothing will change. Well, and then there's that 19 trillion debt elephant in the room..

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Sounds like the Fed. The wheels are coming off. Tax those savers!

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tr6 says

iwog says

fed cultist is like a disease of the mind.

Yes, it's not the Fed. So you are giving Greenspan 0% responsibility for the current income inequality? It was all Reagan, right?

It's funny. I don't own any gold but quite a few could see that gold was bouncing off against its lows and looking for a comeback, esp. in the highly manipulated paper market. You don't need to be a gold bug for that. The Fed played their hands well since most leaders are spineless cronies and can't steer their country towards a better future with a strong currency because it would require immediate sacrifices for the better long-term, so they take the easy way out and follow the Feds debasement policy, and that indeed puts the US to an advantage compared to many others. But eventually math catches up with every game and gold has performed rather well overall from its $250 lows to it's $1700 highs. Sure the market zoomed higher, but the beauty of PMs are they can go up with and against the market as a store of value. As for failed predictions, the main prediction that failed was that the Fed would raise rates to any meaningful level which it hasn't though it has been overdue for 2 years now. It also has not unwound its balance sheet and the chances of any significant rate increase this year are slim, esp. if the market turns red. But yeah, the Fed got nothing to do with it. That is more delusional than a hypercharged gold bug.

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Gold closing in on $1300 as guessed on weakening dollar. The wheels are coming of the Fed fiat printing soapbox. Nothing to see here!

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FortWayne says

Trump should name Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul as VP... it would be game over for Hillary and Cruz.

Or Milo Yannopolous.

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Leftoids have created and enabled these fugly juggernauts, and even many cuckservatives - in fear of losing their establishment dollars - are not immune to their inane drivel. This is reason enough never ever to vote Democrat/left again until further notice. I'd rather have the crazy Apostle E.F. as the next president so he can whip some holy reason into those ghastly demon mutts than any SJW-enabler like Obummer was. I need to go lift some weights after watching this. Trump/Milo 2016.


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Nice - Trump has a real shot at the White House now. Let's make America great again!

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zzyzzx says

Just got back from voting. Did my part to help make America Great Again.

Fuck yeah!

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HydroCabron says

But now that a Koch talks bad about a man whose chief qualification for office is that he openly blames immigrants and supports our right to say "nigger," the Kochs are now big-time "establishment" sell-outs.

It's almost as if racial identity and race are the top issues for Republicans and libertarians,

They are not, you and the leftoids are making this shit up. Trump never said anything about race, he just wants to stem illegal immigration and inflow of incompatible cultures (he couldn't care less about race). He never said anything against a race or a gender, but rather has outlined policies to combat the issues draining this nation financially, politically and as a society. Let's do away with political correctness, lift some weights and go back to work, restore American grit and meritocracy and make this country great again!

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Wait, we have been told by the patnet leftoid hivemind community that Koch=Republican=superbaaad! Now you're telling me the they are switching from Republican to Democrat establishment? I'm shocked, shocked Jerry. Republican=Democrat=Establishment.

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I have an account there I have never used so far. I like the idea of doing away with the commission robbery, in the age of electronic trading commissions should be in the cents, not dollar range. However I can see many people being skeptical about putting large sums into it, what if the next crisis hits and there is not enough client account separation and suddenly your money is frozen MF global style? Also I am not sure how fast/reliable their clearinghouse/broker APEX is, don't know too much about them. Schwab has become unbearable lately as they seemed to have fired all good talent and moved out of the bay area and now just have phone support to calm you down on the many outages. It's a shame they were once a leader and you can negotiate their commissions down quite a bit, but they have gone downhill as have many others. Maybe that's an in for Robin Hood.

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The market has been very strong lately and shook off many mid-day bloodbaths to just close modestly down or even up. For my positions I'd prefer if this continues through the end of the year, but as said earlier from an earnings perspective (many have been missing their goals) this market is overbought. Plus, VC money has been drying up here and I'm seeing the first reductions in house prices for sale (still insanely expensive). A weakening dollar could literally carry this market for a while, but otherwise it feels very toppy here. UE is not a good indicator anymore as many low-wage jobs have been added that don't add much to spending power and can be shed in a whim - but so far no larger layoffs yet. I stick with sideways action for 2016, but it will be interesting to see if we can blow out our all time high, maybe supported by a weakening dollar.

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Strategist says

Irrelevant. We need 1.5 million units a year, but built very little in the last 9 years. We are barely projected to build 1.2 million this year, the highest in 9 years. My friend, we need to build 2.5 million per year for many years just to catch up. As this won't happen anytime soon, we can rest assured prices will be shooting up. Higher prices is what will wake up the homebuilders.

No chance. You cannot simply go by population, fact is more and more people cannot afford the prices, so fewer buy and both renters and buyers will pile up in their apartments/houses to share the cost, or end up homeless. Also the quality of the population is important, there is plenty of land that could be built on and plenty of empty homes, just in areas so destroyed by crime and poverty that nobody wants to live there. This is coming to currently wealthy corners as well. Crime has shot up in many bay area counties after hovering around 30 yr lows for quite a while. Chicago just reported the 1000th gunshot victim this year (shortest time-frame ever). Granted this has been an epic run, but immigration (except for the wealthiest) will have to be strongly curtailed if you want to keep this standard of living. Maybe you can invest in some rock-solid wealthy enclaves that will fall last or never, but the majority of the people you are counting will never be able to afford a home by themselves and even as a couple the game has gotten super tight. Rents are probably going to do better on the long run than house prices, but landlords will face similar issues, unstable renters and those moving in one or more people illegally. Your best bet is to keep very wealthy foreigners moving into the country and gradually replacing Americans.

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