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Dan8267 says

This demonstrates that Trump isn't a real conservative. Conservatives don't believe in states rights when they have enough power in the federal government to force all states to take an action like outlawing pot or gay marriage. It's only in issues they lose at the federal level that they "support" the right of states to decide.

Not necessarily. There are small-government conservatives. It may have been a populist move, but it doesn't matter, the outcome is the same, he supports the states rights to legalize it. Score for Trump on this one.

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tatupu70 says

EVERY dollar in existence has been taxed infinite times

Yeah, but not on the same person. You do understand that difference, I hope. Taxes in general are problematic and should be kept to a minimum. None of your examples has anything to do with capital gains tax.

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bob2356 says

mell says

I prefer it over capital gains, which is essentially double taxation for people who invest with money made from their income

How is capital gains double taxation? It's a tax on the capital GAINS, not on the capital.

Income is like capital gains, you put work in for both. Then you get taxed on your income and decide to invest some of that net cash, and you get taxed again on the capital gains. It is inherently unfair. It is a different situation for people or companies whose primary job is to invest and derive capital gains from it, in that case it should be taxed like income. I'm sure this can be relatively fairly regulated for those who fall "in-between".

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He never said that. This fake meme has been debunked long ago.

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neplusultra57 says

every liberal cultural achievement established in modern Supreme Court rulings. Roe v. Wade. Marriage equality

neplusultra57 says

Political correctness and being able to say "cunt" and "nigger" are so much more important.

If you take your two examples above then you are basically saying punishing people for using certain words AKA free speech is no big deal and hence totally feasible while making the act of killing an unborn child free of punishment is a great achievement. That is devoid of common sense (and empathy for the baby being killed). Even though the consequences for the baby are much more severe than for the offended and thus these two actions are completely different ballparks, if you were consistent at least you'd either support or oppose both.

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FortWayne says

Trump is breaking all the rules. Liberals invented the PC playbook and expect everyone to play by those rules, since PC bullshit is their advantage. Trump isn't seeking DNC approval, so like a real leader he changed the playbook to one that benefits America and not the establishment. Liberals are frightened of it, because PC manipulation is out the window now, and all their bullshit instantly fails.

In a way the Trump campaign is pure genius. While the right always has been using a mild form of identity politics - in the form of the Christian-religious candidate - the left has occupied the domain of identity politics firmly in the recent years, claiming their candidates are for the "small/black/gay/women/whatnot" people whereas their opponents always are "racists/misogynists" etc., Trump basically flipped the script on them. You want to play identity politics, then let's do it! And instead of trying to attack his positions, the left keeps to their PC bullshit agenda in attacking Trump with the usual memes, and it's not working that well. His campaign so far has operated almost flawlessly.

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Dan8267 says

thunderlips11 says

Tax corporations on WHERE they sell, rather than where they book their profits. That way if Toyota sells $5B of Japanese made cars in the USA, they pay $500M. Regardless of anything else. If Amazon wants to Bullshit about how they produce billions of dollars in sales from a 3-person office in the Bahamas, great - it would mean nothing. If they sold $1B worth of stuff (for example), in the USA, they'd pay $100M in tax. If they sold $500M in the UK, Uncle Sam doesn't care one way or another. They can bring it all back to the US tax free, then disburse it via a dividend or whatever.

OK, I nominate thunderlips for president.

That's like a VAT paid by the seller. Not a bad idea. Of course it may encourage buying/selling goods for less in another country and then importing it as personal belonging. Easy to do for some goods, harder for others. The transaction tax for HFTs is not a bad thing, it could be a general, very minimal tax per share, so it would hardly hurt regular/hobby traders. I prefer it over capital gains, which is essentially double taxation for people who invest with money made from their income (vs corporations/HFTs designed to invest/churn).

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Strategist says

The best way to get the economy moving is to ignite housing by making mortgages easier to get.

The problem is that when those people lose their jobs they cannot pay their mortgage. This ignition is mainly benefiting people who purchase real estate and rent it out or flip it. I think housing is inevitably due for a stagnation, many people here in the bay area can hardly afford their dwellings, no matter what job they have. If there is a recession and layoffs I expect a sharp drop, otherwise just stagnation. Current prices are not sustainable.

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Ironman says

Friday's gross domestic product reading fell below even the dimming hopes on Wall Street. The 1.2 percent growth rate in the second quarter combined with a downward revision to 0.8 percent the first three months of the year to produce an average growth rate of just 1 percent.

In total, it was far below the Wall Street forecast of 2.6 percent second-quarter growth.

The train is clearly slowing down already, but the market(s) will usually overshoot. Gold has $1400 in sight.

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Well it was easy to predict that the Fed will stay with ZIRP, so I am mildly bullish as well. Still waiting for a re-entry for an ultra-short REIT ETF like SRS, but they get more and more decimated by the low rates by the day. Patience is key.

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Patrick says

It's all about archetypes, not about facts. Trump is a tall, rich, white man who says whatever the fuck he wants and does not apologize.

That's a big part of it. Most non-rich white males cannot speak that candidly and cling to the hope that the PC bullshit would be partially rolled back under his administration. Also there is a lot of hope that crime will be addressed properly now that it has been spiking again after decades of decline. Take the manufacturing/TPP issues and he is appealing to the common disenfranchised plain American.

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Zika is pretty not more (if not less) dangerous than any other virus producing cold/flu symptoms out there. In fact the real danger is that it goes unnoticed because it often does not show any symptoms or only mild ones and if you're pregnant it can cause birth-defects in kids (like many other pathogens). If you're pregnant you should avoid mosquito bites in those areas and that's pretty much it. Comparing this to a real motherfucker like Ebola is retarded. You may statistically endanger yourself and many others much more by advocating spraying of insecticides.

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jazz music says

Trump didn't just land here from another planet.

There's a whole trail of wrecked lives who believed in Trump.

How do you figure that to be a 2 second sound byte?

What is wrong with you? Why do you not care?

YesYNot says

I think the appeal of Trump is two-fold. First, he is rich, and despite probably reporting a very small income on his taxes and starting with a silver spoon, being rich means success. Two, he took down all of the smug shit-bird Republicans in the primary, and people love him for that.

Why do people suspend disbelief when they listen to his promises? That's an age old question. But, I think that people are so pissed off, they are willing to throw the dice. OTOH, I think they underestimate the down side.

Making fun of Trump supporters and claiming suspend of disbelief while supporting Clinton is a self-defeating delusion. At least vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson or whoever the fuck else is running if you really care to change the status quo.

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Straw Man says

ISIS is worse than Hitler. Why? Because French can't figure out how to surrender to it. With Hitler they didn't have this problem.

The modern surrender sounds like "more love, less hate!" and "send good vibes to the victims!".

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I'm not a fan of Stephens interventionist (AKA world police) bias, but he is on point here. Good read.

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Tenpoundbass says

Just getting a good deal, we never get a good deal. The Clintons got a good deal, GW Bush got a great deal, Cheny got excelent deals, every motherfucker in Congress got a cherry sweet heart of a deal, when they bailed out the banks that were too big to fail. They knew who were going to turn a 40% profit in three months, and invested accordingly. Had you and I done that, we would have been in prison for insider trading.

Absolutely correct! Being endorsed by criminals like Pelosi who made their fortunes with insider trading is a disgrace. Or isolating Russia which we could make excellent trade deals with to favor middle-eastern oil states is completely fucked up. That's where Trump's appeal comes in, people are starting to wake up that Russia is not the enemy anymore, and hasn't been in a long while. The enemy are globalists bailing out the 1% and legalizing insider trading for themselves while gladly laundering the money of terrorists.

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curious2 says

HydroCabron says

Munich police announced the McD's shooter wasn't Allahu Snackbar.

Where did they announce that? Last I saw, he was Iranian and police had arrested an Afghan alleged accomplice. Iran is 98% Muslim and Afghanistan is 99% Muslim.

He now is supposed to have acted alone with no terror ties. Of course for the western European media this basically absolves the religion of peace from anything, shouting its main parole is not enough for them. Well now we have Ansbach. It never fucking stops. I have many friends and family over there and it is starting to worry and bother me big time.

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I'm surprised people are still considering voting for Democrat after this. You don't have to vote for Trump, but this is simply insane. While the media is continuing trying to call out the Donald on "insensitivities" that are all 100% legal and at least debatable, this DNC scandal has plenty of illegal action in it. As Karl Denninger says: "The DNC has proved to have (1) violated their charter to rig the primaries and (2) broken the law. ANY Democrat who remains is culpable." Nothing to add here.

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Sadly that doesn't even register in Europe unless it's a terrorist attack with many victims. They have become numb as they have been conditioned well by the elite to accept their "collective guilt".

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HydroCabron says

Could it be that "libertarians" show a special respect for the views of Christianist fanatics because they secretly identify with them?

No. But because right-wing or religious fanatics always have been proponents of small government. You can't put up a big government apparatschik with the religious rednecks, never worked and it will never work. That's were they identify with each other. The left however cannot have a big enough government steering every last bit of an individual's life. Racist or gendrist thoughts? Let the government help you with your thought crime. God is too much of a variable in the equation of the leftist big government system. That's the main reason for libertarians for feeling closer to the religious right.

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