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CL says

Oh yeah. Any indication that JAVA is on the decline or fallen out of favor? Any downward pressure on wages?

Thanks gang.

Java 8 adoption has been super strong (lots of functional goodies), while it has given way to node.js for a while now, node.js is mostly used for fast prototyping or businesses that don't need to scale dramatically while being fast. The large-scale cloud back-ends are mostly written in Java (or Scala) and that will not change (a duck-typed language like js is no good for reliability and debugging in large code-bases). In fact node.js and Java are very complimentary. I see Java (and it's evil twin .NET) ruling the market for the foreseeable future while the language itself becomes less important over time, the frameworks, event-systems and micro-service architectures are what counts, and most of them can be programmed against in most major languages. There is no downward pressure on wages wrt languages, salary is (should be) determined mostly language-agnostic (while it is obviously a plus if you are ployglot).

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They have engaged in ridiculous censorship akin to the likes of the usual suspect social justice wankers. You can get banned just because somebody reports that you disagree with their opinion. They will likely stay around for a while (no big tweeting competitors have emerged yet) but have a hard time staying relevant.

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120K-400K, the higher the more other languages (polyglot) you can or are willing to program in, if you can master functional and procedural programming, the more full-stack you are, the more you have worked with latest technologies and contributed to OSS and the more you know about operational and administration concerns (hardware, clusters etc.).

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finehoe says

What difference does it make if it's paid down or not?

There goes the half-wit. attaboy!

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thunderlips11 says

Most primitive groups practiced some form of circumcision. These days, it eliminates penile cancer almost entirely, and reduces UTIs greatly in infants and boys, and greatly reduces the chance of catching and spreading HPV and AIDS by double digit percentages per sex act.

This has never been validated beyond very few small studies (if you observe something that rarely happens you cannot count much on the results unless you have a really large sample size, plus there are so many other factors wrt to culture and lifestyle of those circumsized vs those who are not). The UTIs may be a fair point since kids aren't clean enough from the beginning and have to learn it, but it's like shooting out cannons into sparrows. It simply is additional skin mass, so theoretically there is an increased risk of getting that additional mass to grow or infected, but by the same token then you could cut off your limbs or breasts preemptively. It largely depends on how large the foreskin is, some really have so much that it may make sense to cut some off, some have not much and it would be a waste of time. money and unnecessary trauma. The point really is that this should be up to the individual itself and not for the parents to decide when in doubt and no medical condition is present. That being said, it is likely not worth outlawing it, though some countries have. Chalk it up to cultural/religious traditions ;)

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1. Trump (it is a necessity to break PC before cultural marxism gets a too strong stranglehold on this country)
2. Rand Paul (civil liberties will be championed which are in direct opposition to PC and cultural marxism).
Mostly neutral towards Sanders (good ideas, but too socialist for me)

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New Renter says

I like this part especially:

Anita Sarkeesian, a survivor of cyber violence

By that definition 99.327% of Patnetters are "survivors". Hell, I'm shocked IWOG is still alive and quacking.

Jeez, talk about diluting the value of a word...

That protection doesn't apply to men, which are 99,327% of the patnet population - so there are no survivors of cyber violence here.

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At some point you have to make a decision from which side the bigger danger is lurking and take a stand, even if it does not agree with many other of your political views. While cuckservative Republicans certainly aren't better, your are digging your own grave by hating everything on the right, incl. conservative, old-school liberals. And by hating the economics team that you don't like, though economics is very fuzzy per se anyways (not the math behind, but people's perception, optimism and even random inventions can influence the economy quite a lot). You do have a son, and while you may have an exit plan (some foreign country) it is possible/likely that this sick wave will continue to suck in more and more countries and there is no safe harbor anymore. And even if you make out fine in your exile, is it fair to your fellow men and sons of others to vote for a party that promotes exactly this perverse ideology that you are so against and which is far more pervasive in disrupting people's civil liberties and social, sexual and career development than any particular economic or 'right-wing' policy. Think about it without making up your mind immediately.

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tatupu70 says

The problems with the US system of medicine and banking is that the government is too weak--it is controlled by industry. It is too much free market--not too little.

Complete bullshit. If people were allowed to import any drugs into the US you would not have drug monopolies. If banks were allowed to perish after making poor investment choices you would not have the TBTFs paying themselves million dollar bonuses each year for raping the taxpayer, government-sanctioned. If people were free to vote to curb immigration, most countries in Europe would have militias guarding the border now, similar to Hungarian border municipalities, btw. the only country who currently takes the goal of a prospering EU seriously. The EU government is very similar to the US federal government, and equally toxic. Not all states or European countries have (had) laws that everybody agrees with, but that's the point of smaller governments, and it gives choice and competition. What you have now is a political oligarchy who rapes the middle class at the expense of the very wealthy and the poor, and that is why you have phenomenons like Trump become so popular, because the big-government career politicians do not represent the people anymore at all.

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The best thing about this is that they were escorted out because they were asking questions. Tells you everything you need to know about how far the feminist movement has degenerated.

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The Rebel's Lauren Southern was ejected from the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles today after asking tough questions to radical feminists and left-wing activists, who claim the west is in the grip of a "Rape Culture" and a male-dominated "Patriarchy."

Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor for Breitbart News, was also ejected from the event.

Police were called to the Slut Walk at approximately 1pm PT, where they were instructed by event organisers to escort Southern and Yiannopoulos from Pershing Square, LA, where the event was being held.

As event organisers were negotiating with Southern and Yiannopoulos, their pair's placards were grabbed and torn up by furious Slut Walk activists. One placard, held by Southern, was salvaged.

Event organisers had been alerted to the presence of Southern after an activist for Planned Parenthood began warning other Slut Walkers that a broadcaster from The Rebel was asking questions.

(Evidently, organizers were familiar with Southern's previous "Slut Walk" viral video for The Rebel. The June 2015 video depicting Southern's experiences at a Vancouver Slut Walk made international news and has received over 850,000 views to date.)

Shortly afterwards, an organiser for the LA Slut Walk informed Southern and Yiannopoulos that without a special press permit, they had to turn off their recording equipment or be removed.

When asked if they could film on a personal phone, as many other ticketed attendees were doing, they were also denied.

Southern and Yiannopoulos then unfurled protest signs reading "Regret is not rape" and "Rape Culture and Harry Potter -- both fantasy."

They were then set upon by angered Slut Walk activists who attempted to physically seize both signs.

Southern, Yiannopoulos and their crews were then escorted from the Slut Walk by L.A police.

In the end, Slut Walk activists, who claim to campaign against "heteronormative patriarchy", had succeeded in ejecting a female politician and a gay journalist from a political event.

Footage of the event will be uploaded on Monday.

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Call it KKKrazy says

mell says

Fights are immediately broken up by helicopter-parents/teachers,

Obviously, what schools need is more violence and conflict amongst students, especially the unsupervised kind. Only free market school violence leads to the production of true alpha children. Supervised violence leads to mal-development of children and results in gun ownership and gun wealth inequality later in life. It's an axiom of education that unregulated school violence is the best way produce a population devoid of sheeple children. Don't bother with graphs trying to disprove this. It's an a priori truth.

It has been often tried to portray the shooters as oversexed Rambo's, esp. by the usual politically correct suspects. If you look at them the picture is the exact opposite. I am not saying that some kids with healthy testosterone levels, athletic build and trained in rough sports do not occasionally abuse their power and beat up another or start a bar fight, but you never see these types becoming organized mass shooters. The point is, sometimes it feels good to establish dominance with your natural resources and sometimes it sucks to be on the receiving end. In 80%+ of the fights though usually both sides have equal responsibility and it is good for the weaker one to learn that they cannot count on an external bystander to enforce a life they deem fair (fairness is usually biased in kids/teens eyes) at any point in time. Roughness in kindergarden/school is healthy, as is learning the negotiation and avoidance principle. The majority of the kids are bullied at some point in life (whether you're short, have crooked teeth, are girly or whatever the insults are), but the important lesson is to establish your own path of resolution and overcome adverse situation, not have your parents and Dr. Phil start a bs anti-bullying campaign and have the government interfere at all stages in life. The kids who learn to resolve and overcome these obstacles themselves end up being more successful and those who get mommied all their childhood will suddenly hit a brick wall where nobody owes them shit, nothing is handed to them and people treat them unfairly and their parents can'd do anything about it. Add in some good, stinging rejection from the opposite sex (esp. teens can be harsh), some SSRIs to "treat" those "problems" and you will get yourself a good shooter profile. Look how natural alphas are being treated in society these days, they are attacked by the social justice wanker and politically correct brigade at every turn. Back in the days they were presidents, movie stars and alpha gentlemen and even scientists, respected and often celebrated members of society. These days all it takes is wearing the wrong shirt - even if you landed a rover on a fucking different planet - and you're ostracized. This country needs more alpha men, not less to be saved. Start by letting them fight in the sandbox.

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lostand confused says

Is this a joke from the Onion?? I don't like Obozo-but the title is Black House?? Tell me it is a joke.

It is.

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Strategist says

So all those coffins at the funerals will be empty. We can dig one up just to be sure.

You can dig them up, you're the resident atheist and thus have no problems with the desecration ;) Let us know what you find!

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Ironman says

mell says

That and rampant feminism / political correctness creating the largest amount of hopeless oppressed white beta/omega males on SSRIs lacking a strong father figure (If you are a dad it is more important than ever to be in the life of your son as much as you can and teach him an alpha attitude and some roughness).


In the case of this shooter, parents were divorced back in 2006 and little Christopher was still a mama's boy at 26 years old, living with mommy and mommy fought all his battles for him with the neighbors, since he was too big of a pussy.

Sad, this country needs serious help. Go visit a preschool or playground these days and you cannot distinguish boys from girls. Fights are immediately broken up by helicopter-parents/teachers, and when it's time to pick up them up, 80% of them flat out disobey their parent's order to pack up and come home. While it is normal for girls, but esp. boys to test their limits, the father's reactions are utter beta/omega helplessness (and those few who may have an impulse to discipline their kid are probably afraid to be castigated by the mom), so the boys grow up not prepared at all for real life (clashing with authority and people who owe them jack shit). Back in the days it would just haven taken one roar of the dad to get the kids to line up nicely. You point a miniature toy gun at somebody and make a machine gun noise and you get suspended, you put a ticking clock inside a briefcase and bring that to school during sensitive times and you become the new minority hero of politics and social media ;)

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Thanks! Forgot about that one, great stuff. And that - next to old-school hard work and workouts - is what boys need (to be able) to do without some politically correct cunt pissing on their leg. It's part of developing manhood, develop your inner jerkboy. Then you will be loved by the ladies and not end up as a lonely depressed mass shooter.

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Ironman says

Probably because the US is number one in SSRI usage.

That and rampant feminism / political correctness creating the largest amount of hopeless oppressed white beta/omega males on SSRIs lacking a strong father figure (If you are a dad it is more important than ever to be in the life of your son as much as you can and teach him an alpha attitude and some roughness). Look at the prez and you have all you need to know. Go light up the white house again in rainbow colors, will ya?

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Waiting for the obligatory Terrance and Philip video..

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Lucky bastard - that's like discovering Plutonium by accident!

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Tenpoundbass says

Hillary is dring down i10 with her spit wet finger out of the window trying to gauge the potlical winds to determine what her policy will be.

Sanders Policy plan is a foot note in Lenin's manafesto.

That was funny. And true. HC is a total opportunist. Taxes are sky high for the upper middle class and "upper" class which are really middle class here in CA.

Ironman says

At least Hillary has proposed an AWESOME plan!!

Hillary’s inconceivably stupid capital-gains tax scheme

The worst sectors of the worst recovery since World War II are business investment in new plants and equipment and new business start-ups. These are the biggest job creators, and their slump is a key reason for the sub-par labor recovery, with low participation rates and high involuntary part-time workers.

So if investment is the problem, what does Hillary Clinton go out and do? She proposes jacking up the tax on investment. It's almost inconceivably stupid.

This woman is dangerous, I hope she will get defeated. Kudlow is right, this is the stupidest plan somebody could ever come up with. If you want to tackle HFT, impose a fee/tax on speed-trading or even day-trading, but don't conjure up some communist scheme where you have to hold every asset 3+ years to avoid higher taxation so that people that don't make 300K / hour are getting taxed to the hilt for their skill and double-taxed for their risk-taking in supporting new investments, there will be no upward mobility left once you hit upper middle class. What a load of bull..

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