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iwog says

Trump is clearly too stupid to have any usable comprehension of any issues surrounding political ideology.

Intelligence is very hard to gauge and does not always translate into a "good" political reign. Helmut Kohl was considered one oft he "dumbest" chancellors in German history by many, he also had many scandals, but he was the only one with the foresight of the once in a lifetime opportunity of re-uniting a divided country and him acting so swiftly (while the intellectuals kept talking about the risks of a patriotic Germany and debating the modus operandi of a possible reunion to great lengths) was probably his biggest achievement, making up for all the other mistakes and scandals.

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Logan Mohtashami says

If it wasn't for Harry Dent, Peter Schiff would have has the worst 8 years of predictions of any one in planet earth.

Between Gold 5,000, inflation sky rockets, Oil 200 call in 2013 and now the Great Recession by November ...

I know Peter does this only to maintain his base who could never listen to him if he actually spoke on what is really going on, but Peter has had a terrible 8 years and his returns in the past 3 years have been negative if I remember right.

Oddly enough for a man who said Gold would reach 5,000 in 2013 he wasn't heavily invested in that trade ;-)

There's a big difference between the right timing in trading and economic understanding. He has never gone BK and overall done OK, sure he hasn't had good years since 2008, but that may be changing, so for a long-term horizon the jury is out. Also, if you're right only once (Scion capital, Taleb) then that is all you need. In 2007 I saw no Logan warning of the housing/financial crisis, but maybe you were up there with Peter and had the CNBC muppets laugh in your face - if so, kudos. I maintain that he had good foresight wrt the 2008 crisis and then simply thought he was more powerful than the Fed, a big mistake. He has also been a perma-bear although he keeps investing in stocks around the world as well, incl. US stocks, just with a bigger focus on PM. Nobody is always right, Buffet would have gone BK without the Fed/gov intervention in 2008. And the gold-bears have also been calling for golds demise for a while now and that stubborn gold just does not budge. Now Gold 5k is a completely different topic.

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Blurtman says

iwog says

Nope, no Nazis here. From their facebook:

You are correct. The illustration is from a story authored by an affiliated group that includes comments like "Jewish vermin" and "Jews also mastered the art of the “cure”

It is certainly an anti-Jewish piece. I stand corrected.

curious2 says

mell says

I'm too lazy to read through their site

TLDR. You posted a misleading OP headline, and I thought you were mistaken, but now I see you are actually trying deliberately to mislead people. That puts your other comments in context. Try not to invoke Bernie in this though, because he has devoted much of his life to opposing the crap that you are trying to promote.

Yeah, sounds pretty anti-jewish (anti-semitic is not a good term since Arabs are semites too). Btw. Trump (who is considered right-wing) firmly stands with Israel, a good reference is his speech this year at AIPAC, so he's sort of an anti-nazi and a good example for my explanation above (no matter what one might think of him overall).

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curious2 says

You can see the dynamic and how it can fool stupid people. 1) claim "your families are being attacked", then 2) assert a "defense" that is actually an attack on other people who never did you any harm. It's like the Muslims saying they have to "defend" Islam by killing cartoonists and other blasphemers. The Nazis and KKK have used exactly the same rhetoric, to lethal effect.

I'm too lazy to read through their site, where do they claim an attack is necessary? If the proposed solution is massively reduced immigration, that that is pretty much what every country will do at some point when the prevailing ethnicities and traditions get threatened (I'm sure the native Indians would have loved to stop the white man if they could, it's human nature). Try immigrating into most Asian countries and see how "warmly" you're welcome. The Nazis fought a war of expansion to actively eliminate races/cultures world-wide, that is quite different than restricting activity to your current homeland. But I'm sure there are similarities and that's because the Nazis were essentially a left-wing worker's party. Today's antifa, SJWs, the progressive left and yesterdays Nazis share a lot in common, like the shrill alarmist tone you can also see on the worker's party leaflets. The current main distinction is that the progressive left - by marching through the institutions and integrating with the political system - has become too wealthy and complacent to feel threatened by immigration, but when the time of extreme economic hardship comes and the free shit train has stopped, they will be the first to defect to radical patriotic leftist worker's parties such as these. The original American conservative is too much of an individualist, freedom-loving gun-nutter to voluntarily organize in such large groups and give up their way of life, hence mass-conformist movements on the right usually fail and fade quickly. Just take a look at the Republican party.

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Logan Mohtashami says

Watch that 10 year... the fact that after the Bretexit ;-) vote happened and it didn't even close under 1.56% impressive.

3 days of selling? Wed or Tuesday, get some margin calls, but we shall see escalation here even last the week.

There will be no significant rate hikes in the future, they are already more than late and the markets know this. As Schiff pointed out, just what the doctor ordered for the Fed, now they can use this "calamity" to hold off further. ZIRP is here to stay, hence are low rates. The damage for the US will likely be limited, but unless there is a more than stellar recovery you can forget about interest rates going over 1% for a long time to come.

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Great statement by Trump regarding Brexit. A Trump presidency would be a great complement to this decision. Good riddance, Cameron, good riddance.

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MMR says

wog says

We're going to get an interest rate crisis very soon regardless of fed policy because practical interest rates can't go below zero.

What effect would that have on housing prices ?

I don't think this has to stop soon, it really depends on the market conditions/economy and the global rates. If the economy doesn't tank, this can go on for a while. The Fed has been actively distorting prices to the upside by suppressing rates and other central banks have followed or have been doing it already. Pretty much anything expensive that can be or needs to be financed via monthly payments is overpriced now. And the more people that buy in on lengthy financing plans the worse the crash in prices will be when they cannot finance it anymore. At least the cash buyers don't have that problem and provide some stability. The more the ratio tilts towards borrowers and lengthy (30 yr+) mortgages, the more significant will be the following downturn.

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Also the comparison with the dumb/retarded kid in school is not adequate. These kids can opt for a different future, a whole different culture than the toxic one they keep perpetrating from generation to generation with the "help" of the effete white leftists who keep victimizing them and deny any responsibility on their part, it's a self fulfilling prophecy. The odds may be not that great for them, but a whole lot better than for that dumb kid, which cannot choose to become smart, so pointing out that it's dumb doesn't accomplish anything. It is totally possible that that woman actually meant well and spoke out of a mix of frustration and compassion and hoped that maybe some people will listen and make different choices going forward. If you're not allowed to speak frankly and in a direct manner about a problem you can't fix it. Worse, those that want to are getting discouraged because they may pay dearly for their good intentions. Better to say nothing, close your eyes, keep your job and move into a white, effete, leftist neighborhood. Problem solved. Not.

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Honestly I don't know whether to admire or pity the efforts many on this site put in to try and bring a thought into the regressive leftoid brain. Gun control is a dandy topic to talk about, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the recent events and the increase in terror-killings. It's like you are in bizarro world or in a bad movie. I used to think the far-religious right was pretty stupid but they cannot compete in stupidity to the amorphous zombified conformist virtue-signaling mass the left has become. You have to have had several lobotomies if after the clearly MOTIVATED and PLANNED attacks in the US and world-wide in recent years you insist on talking about gun control, evil republicans or right-wing 'demagogues' like Trump. For some obscure reasons, the recent shooting immediately leads to a rant about Trump, Mexicanophobia, Christian bigotry and white guilt for many leftoids. At this point I believe Hitler could come back and start gassing gays and cripples, and as long as he would also be the enemy of the straight white Republican male the leftoids would cheer him on to glorious victory. I have seen more challenging and open-minded questioning of ones own beliefs amongst (ex) westboro-baptists than in anyone on the regressive left and I think at this point every Amish has a higher chance of becoming an iphone addict than any regressive leftist ever making a direct link between violence and terror and the actual terrorists.

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Patrick says

maybe i can vote for that kid one day. he's the most rational and articulate one in that video.

Totally agreed, I will likely be leaving Facebook for good soon and never log into anyways, but I am wondering if it's worth sharing it just to reach a few. However I doubt that even one hardcore regressive leftist will even think about changing their mind. And that is what's making me sad, people watching this should clearly know and understand that the kids are right and have the better arguments (and this is not about winning for your political side).

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Nice, will likely stop by around noonish after my martial arts class.

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Tenpoundbass says

That's why you shouldn't be fucking who you shouldn't be fucking these days.

Agree, but keep in mind that these are allegations that have been denied, so they need to be proven. In any case cleaning this up will not do anything with the political corruption. Recently Libby made a deal with Monsanto and they heavily sprayed whole areas with glyphosate after heavily deforesting mainly Eucalyptus trees, claiming the need to reduce fire danger although there was no clear evidence or need to do so. These parks are now toxic, esp. for animals and pets, but also somewhat for humans, esp. kids (due to their lesser height).

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On that note I am finally starting to see many price reductions in SF, but prices are still freakishly high. Let's see what the June report will bring, May had so few sales again that the median sales price keeps being fairly distorted.

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Oakland is highly corrupt, but it has benefited so much out of sheer necessity for businesses and people that moved there because they cannot afford SF prices. It's still a shithole, moreso than ever though it has nice nature trails and hikes and beautiful green neighborhoods. If you live close enough to MacArthur you can hear gunshots all night. I don't envy the cops that work there as they have one of the toughest jobs trying their best, I am not surprised that there are problems. The real problem is Libby who is far more corrupt than the PD but can't do anything wrong since she's a womyn as long as she blames macho culture but the cops will be used as fall guys. When a city has been going to shit and in doubt, always focus on racist tweets. That will solve the issues for sure.

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Congrats, Goran. Well done.

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YesYNot says

I'm not stating that people should be convicted without evidence. I'm just stating that a woman should be able to get drunk in public wearing provocative clothing without lowering the punishment for raping her.

I agree with you here. However the evidence needs to be clear, i.e. there need to be conscious minds on both sides involved and the female side needs to clearly indicate no and the male side needs to violently force himself onto her. When these circumstances are present per evidence, then the sentencing should absolutely be the same. You can drink quite some without impairing your judgement and action wrt sex, just don't drink yourself into a half-coma. When there is significant impairment on either, esp. the woman's side, or worse on both and there is no clear perpetrator, then the evidence should mostly be the SART kit and other witnesses only and it should be sentenced differently (lesser) than violent rape. The case here is extremely muddied, so the sentence may be justified.

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Police "cannot guarantee" safety.

The regressive left attacks chick-fil-a and they respond by helping out, nice. I maintain my stance that Christian religion has done more good than harm overall (and you don't have to be a hardcore believer to acknowledge that). Also a good read here:

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def maybeRateHike: Option[RateHike] = { Janet.announce("rate hike soon!"); None }

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CL says

1) Iraq was one of the most heavily armed Nations per capita in the world, and that prevented neither tyranny under Saddam nor the US invasion and subsequent occupation.

2) We later gathered their guns and outlawed the buying and selling of guns in Iraq, because the gangs, thugs and ne'er-do-wells were killing citizens, and posed a danger to coalition troops. It would seem as though we didn't believe that more guns would make citizens, law enforcement or the military safer.

You also have the exact opposite as examples, heavily armed nations or states where there is no gun "problem". You can have a perfectly "safe" country where citizens are all disarmed but the government can reign in terror with its armed forces, plenty of examples of that too. I think looking at guns for the overall safety of a nation is not useful, they were not meant to keep a nation safe or safer, but to give weaker and poorer individuals the right of self-defense and - per constitution - to protect against the tyranny of government. I would say that a nation armed to the teeth is as imbalanced as a nation without guns (knifes make excellent arms too), of course one can question whether the US has already too many guns - but I don't think though that this will address the root of the issues, it would be more like addressing the symptoms (which sometimes can be necessary as well).

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iwog says

Jimmy Carter banned IRANIANS, not MUSLIMS you fucking assclown. WTF is wrong with you??

Don't trip over yourself. Practically it has the same effect if a country consists of 90%+ people of the official faith. It's a much more effective and peaceful measure than bombing a random - mostly unaffiliated - country and toppling their leader.

iwog says

LOL.....because they are the same thing right? A nation at war versus a worldwide religion?

You can ban most from select or all countries where it is the majority faith or where intelligence suggests the most incompatible action is going on. Eastern Europe has started doing this. Western European countries may follow.

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