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  • On 17 Jul 2014 in Malaysian jet carrying 295 ppl crashes in Ukraine-near Russian border, epitaph said:

    Wow, this is bad.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in and up it goes.., epitaph said:

    Seasonally adjusted my dick is 12". When they revise these number in a month, like they almost always do, the market will look much less rosy.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in FL refuses to release man proven innocent from death row, epitaph said:

    Hopefully he wins a civil suit after he's released.

  • On 12 Jul 2014 in Should we allow deadbeats to buy homes again to stimulate housing?, epitaph said:

    Blurtman says

    C'mon, you slaves, businesses walk away from loans all the time and continue to obtain new loans. Tishman Speyer is an infamous deadbeat RE developer who continues to obtain new financing. For that matter, jP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, GE Capital, all of the investment banks that were bankrupt received new money from us taxpayers. I understand that those who hate slaves who escape slavery the most are those who accept their lot as slaves. But please tell my why it is OK for businesses to walk away from debt, worse, to market fraudulent products, and yet continue to receive loans, but when the little guy does it, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    There is nothing real about money. It can be created out of thin air for the well connected. You slaves actually have to work for it, and instead of killing bankers, you are bitching about runaway slaves. Pathetic.

    Hall of fame post right there.

  • On 12 Jul 2014 in Where Do You Peasants Bank? Credit Unions? Hahaha, epitaph said:

    I bank at Ally, but was considering a move to county federal cu. I used to bank at ING, but jumped ship when capital one bought them out expecting it to all turn to shit. 8 years ago ING was amazing then interest rates kept falling. ING had the best website interface, but Ally has better customer service. I also have an account at BofA, which of course sucks but they are much better than Chase. Fuck Chase.

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