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  • On 3 Dec 2014 in What a No Vote on Save Our Swiss Gold Means, The Professor said:

    Graybox says

    The pro money will probably let you play in the $16.5-$20 however my thought anything above that now is going to get a ice bucket pour over.

    The "pro money" plays with paper. The physical metal stackers, including China and Russia, will eventually end the paper game when it becomes obvious that the "paper price" of silver has no basis in reality.

    The current spot price of silver is around $16.50. You have to pay an extra dollar per oz. to buy large generic bars of silver. American Silver Eagles sell for over $20.

    The paper price went to $14.50 but nobody was buying real silver in the middle of the night on Sunday. I don't know why the prices fluctuate so much in over night trading but I know they are not selling real silver.

    Real silver is precious. Paper is worth what it is printed on.

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in Silver Under $15!, The Professor said:

    Graybox says

    lol Now you know that one is BS.

    I have a BS! I have learned in life that it is all BS, but you have to believe in your own BS.

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in More AI scare talk, The Professor said:

    marcus says

    The people with limited understanding of the potential for real AI like to assure us that no computer program will step outside of it's instructions. I do not believe these people fully comprehend what true AI means.

    Real artificial intelligence? Oxymoron.

    There is no doubt a hive of "smart" drones can be programmed to end human lives, but they wont have "real" intelligence.

    Real intelligence starts with DNA.

  • On 2 Dec 2014 in Silver Under $15!, The Professor said:

    Graybox says

    The Professor says

    I doubt the dollar can hold on for another century.

    So what?... That don't effect me or you.... You couldn't think of anything else, nothing relevant what so ever?

    And you are the Professor

    Should I use a period or question mark after professor?

    You seem to be new here. If you find the professors bad jokes unfunny you just hit that little "dislike" button in the upper right corner.

    We don't use personal attack here on patnet. We argue over ideas.

    I wouldn't put a time frame I could be held accountable to for when silver will become the "golden boy".

    "The market can stay irrational..."

  • On 2 Dec 2014 in In a Reversal, U.S. Debt Rises and Gold Price Falls, The Professor said:

    smaulgld says

    silver's turn to spike again

    Silver was traditionally treated as gold. It was precious. Man accumulated a lot of silver and gold over the millennia. Silver was used in coins, jewelry, artwork, and utensils. It, like gold, was recycled and reused. It, like gold, could be found on the earths surface, there for the picking.

    Man has been accumulating silver and gold for millennia.

    Most of the accumulated gold is still there but new gold is getting harder to mine and process. Silver is also getting more difficult to mine and process.

    The difference is that the accumulated silver has been consumed in the last few centuries. From photography to water filters, electronics, and the new antiperspirant fabrics, silver is being turned into forms that are, currently, not cost effective to recover.

    Gold gets treasured in bars, coins, and jewelry. Silver gets consumed and thrown in the garbage.

    Silver is not going to go "extinct" but will get more and more expensive to mine and recycle.

    Silver is a bargain right now!

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