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  • On 27 Aug 2014 in Food Stamp Enrollments Top 45 Million 3 Years In a Row, SoftShell said:

    This is damning evidence...

    zzyzzx says

    It's all Obama's fault!!!

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in NSA shares billions of records with other Govt agencies., SoftShell said:

    anything that can be entered into a database can be mined by any program with libraries designed to read into that database.

    there are no sacred secure digital libraries, there are only honest and corrupt programmers.

    99.9% of the worlds population knows nothing about database programming, much less machine level access. they stupidly store their personal information into their machines thinking it is secure.

    The largest software companies of the world are at the mercy of those employees that write the code for their products.

    The worst case scenario for private data protection has come to pass. Millions of people worldwide rely on russian virus and firewall protection worldwide to secure their data. this software is updated automatically via internet as needed. with a press of a digital button, russia could have access to every computer in the world that runs it's products, and all the databases/passwords/private data that is stored on them. the stupid doped up gender confused populace will know nothing about this until the damage has been done.

    The only way to protect private data is to store it on a non-connected device. No wifi/bluetooth/3g4gWTFg etc..allowed.

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in What matters more to housing: Price or rates?, SoftShell said:

    This is damning evidence....

    Obio99 says

    Your 0% number is accurate, but your statistic is incorrect: It is the chances of real estate maintaining its value at anywhere remotely close to these levels in an era of rising interest rates and dying owners that is exactly 0%

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in When Someone Does You Wrong..Don't Start Plotting Revenge, SoftShell said:

    that may or may not be, but I like the odds of 250,000,000 righties denying yolk privileges to 25 lefties...

    New Renter says

    Nah, the right leaning ones just kept swimmng in circles but strict adherance to dogma kept them from doing anything else.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Half of Gen Xers still underwater, SoftShell said:

    This bodes well for the 2030 olympics!

    tovarichpeter says

    Half of Gen Xers still underwater

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