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FortWayne says

Capitalism doesn't need saving, it needs less government intervention into it.

Yeah, that worked well for the global economic melt down we had.

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What you just missed was the amount of demand.

The demand was so great it shut down the servers.

Hmmm, having a high demand for a service sounds pretty good.

The other thing you are missing is that Congress is to this very day attempting to shut down Health Care in this country.

The Republican Party hates America so much they want us all dead from lack of Health Care, unless you're rich of course, and can afford a Bull Shit Cadillac Health Care Insurance system with the cash to pay for incidentals.

Why do you hate America?

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CaptainShuddup says

He didn't have to endorse nor sign this shitty piece of legislation, and everything he initially said was an out right lie in the reality of what we ended up with.

Well, yeah, we got stuck with Romneycare.

That's why it all looks so different from what Obama was originally proposing.

This was Republican drafted legislation, voted on, and reaffirmed repeatedly even with the Tea Party militants baying at the moon since being elected by a small minority of Americans.

So we are being held economic hostages because the Republican Party is so dysfunctional it won't stand behind it's own legislation.

Help me out with that very simple concept. Republicans crafted the legislation, voted it into law, but were over run by Tea Party fanatics who have no better plan than to attack Republican legislation.

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Funny video featuring a puppet of the Jihadist movement.

You can't take anything this guy has to say seriously. It's pure propaganda.

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Bellingham Bill says

it's a government takeover of the health industry, limiting people's freedoms.

Actually the ObamaCare legislation gives us more freedom to choose Health Care coverage.

I think the point of this thread got lost. It is a very bad move to tie the debt ceiling to a repeal of ObamaCare.

Let me say again ObamaCare is RomneyCare, and for the Republicans to have fits over legislation they proposed, they passed, and has been reaffirmed so many ways is ridiculous.

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Taxation is a cost of doing business, and if Californians don't like the taxes they go across the border to Arizona, and buy a little crap shack to set up shop.

California attracts investments globally. It has a big port system, and is very friendly to immigration.

People think Mexican when they think immigration, but I'll bet there are more Asians without green cards.

It is a comedy piece, and yes they are kicking debt down the road, but they do have a life style.

The biggest point is that while conservatives talk about what won't work, others make things happen.

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The word is DEFLATION. I don't know why everyone shies away from that word deflation.

We don't need to have inflation or grow the GDP. The stock market can drop to 12000 no problem. Mortgage rates can rise to 6%, no problem.

The Fed can stop at any time because they have already dumped in so much cash.

We can have deflation. It's time

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smaulgld says

I don't understand the connection.

The Tea Party became empowered, and elected into office based on the ObamaCare legislation.

Yes, the Republicans saw the legislation through as a gift to the Insurance Industry. The Tea Party saw it as a new form of deficit spending, and higher taxation.

The question still, is why there isn't more focus on the Fed from the same group of Tea Party militants.

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smaulgld says

As was McCain

McCain was a hail Mary who didn't stand a chance. The Republicans felt they didn't stand a chance.

Romney was always a contender, but my point was that it is his RomneyCare legislation the Republicans are now fighting, because of the Tea party.

The real question is why the Tea party isn't attacking the Fed.

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smaulgld says

health care single payer

That is what Obama proposed.

This is a long debate that makes no difference right now. The debt ceiling is today's problem which is compounding problems for the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney was a mistake to put up as a candidate for President. He outlined his Health Care program which anyone who wanted to see was ObamaCare.

It created another problem for Republicans.

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Quigley says

Like it or not, man is the dominant predator.

Well then they can hunt without weapons.

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smaulgld says

You mean the Cadillac coverage that Congress gets

Exactly, what was proposed is that we all have access to the same system Congress has.

It was said that the cost would be prohibitive. Well, the costs are going up anyway, so why didn't we have access to that choice?

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smaulgld says

Actually no one won.

Well, yes we did win, I mean the People of the United States.

We have been held hostage by a broken Health Care System that only caters to the Cadillac coverage, and those who can afford to pay the full freight of Health care.

Most people don't realize how screwed up our system is, and I don't really want to get into that.

The point is we have needed Health Care Reform since Nixon, and it took this long to get anything, but something is better than nothing.

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smaulgld says

They will use any excuse to print dollars

Sorry, but there is an end game.

In my opinion you are focused too much on our current economy, not the past, not the trends, or the future, but just the crappy state of affairs we have now.

There are Trillions of dollars in our economic system globally. No one has to supply more dollars, the dollars we have need to go to work.

As long as the Fed prints there is no reason to put capital to work on long term projects. Why would anyone tie up cash when there is more coming every month?

There is an end game, and it will come with the elections of 2014, and 2016.

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smaulgld says

All reps against and the dems won?

The Democrats didn't win, they took what they could get.

You may recall Obama wanted the vote on his legislation before the summer break, but the Republicans delayed, and we had the rise of the Tea Party. When Congress got back in session that was the bill, the Romney Care Bill, that the Republicans proposed, and the Democrats voted for.

It was a complete farce, but some reform is better than none.

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No one knows what this recovery means, all they know is that things are better than they were.

I think Bernanke was smart enough to see the debt ceiling debate as another threat to crashing the economy.

We can't keep going on the way things are, but a crash of our economy at this point would be devastating.

The Democrats have set a series of election year battles in motion. They want control of Congress again. My feeling is there is a cure for our economy, and that if the Democrats can present it well we can get some movement in Congress to get us back on track.

"A 21-hour talkathon by Ted Cruz whipped up the GOP's tea party wing even as it complicated efforts by House GOP leaders to assemble rank-and-file support for a temporary spending measure."

I think antics like this work against the Republicans. Most conservatives, myself included, see this as grand standing over legislation the Republicans presented as an alternative to the Obama Plan of a single payer Public Health Option to Health Care, and Health Care Insurance.

The Republicans rammed this ObamaCare/RomneyCare BS through Congress, and now they want to get rid of it.

The Tea Party gave the Republicans the House, but I pretty much see that as turning over the House to a bunch of militants.

It just doesn't look good, and I think Bernanke was smart to delay past this fiasco.

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You'll notice mortgage applications are rising now that rates are moving lower.

This was a part of the scheme to get past the debt ceiling debate, and in a way set things up for the 2014 elections.

My feeling is that the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot, a couple of times, and the Democrats just want to keep this recovery party going until the election where they hope to take control of Congress.

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Real men hunt men.

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Wealth disparity is generational.

There was a study done in the 1970s to compare Asian immigrates wealth to African American wealth.

What they found is that Asian's think generationally, and have loyalty to vendors of the same community. When a dollar goes into the Asian community it circulates within the community.

In the African American community the dollars generally leave the community, and go to outside community enterprises.

The second part was that wealth was accumulated in the Asian Community for the benefit of the Children's wealth. Living conditions may be hard all over, but in the Asian Community there is much more tendency to double up with parents, children, and grand children all in one house while every one works.

These are deep rooted cultural issues that are slowly working out.

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Well, there is no discussion with three years of Real Estate hind sight.

Everything you are asserting is wrong, and misdirected.

You didn't address anything in my comment, but I will pull out a tid bit you keep missing.

Some sellers just want to sell. It's called diminishing returns, and obsolescence.

That differs from some stock that the individual has no control over.

Bob, if you have nothing to say, just move on.

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