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  • On 28 Mar 2014 in Some Thoughts On The Best Way To Die, yup1 said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    Tossing aside the M134 after the last of the 25 million rounds of belted ammo is exhausted and throwing myself with nothing but a commandeered scimitar into the barking throng of starving cannibal neonazis to fight to the last, plowing through the hoard, laughing at the howls of agony and the ring of steel bouncing off of bone!

    You need more ammo.....

  • On 11 Mar 2014 in Real estate agents caught on camera having sex in for-sale house, yup1 said:

    Richard Weiner, haha!

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in User guide to Austrian economics, yup1 said:

    control point says

    My guess is Koch industries would have been sitting pretty in a financial system collapse. It would explain why they are so pissed about the bailouts.

    Oil hit $40/barrel. Koch would have been crushed. That is the whole point, if you do nothing when does it stop?

    Lehman collapses
    Ok we do nothing......
    Reserve Primary fund breaks the buck due to Lehman collapse
    Ok we do nothing......
    Just pick your poison because if we continue to do nothing it gets way way worse.

    Remember the fed backstopped EVERYTHING
    Bank accounts 250k, money market funds, hell they even backstopped commercial paper so GE could stay in business.

    We are in a credit based world if we get rid of credit, prices and wages drop to cash values. 1.2 Trillion in printed US dollars on the planet. You do the math.

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    indigenous says

    Group think is demonstrated here where the usual suspects don't have an original thought just a regurgitating of memes

    You are regurgitating Ayn Rand how the hell is that original?

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    indigenous says

    The group think was the agreement that there should be slavery. BTW there have been more white slaves than black slaves. The group agreement was also that there should be a civil war engineered by Lincoln. BTW he did not care about ending slavery at all.

    The individual brought us abolition not the group. BTW slavery was ended in the world without war.

    You are delusional. History based on your fantasy of reality is well fantasy.

    I thought the blue pill was a matrix reference. I did not think that you actually are actively taking blue pills. Get your dose adjusted........

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    errc says

    yup1 says

    Red pill = soup lines

    In your fantasy world where the financial system would have been left to collapse under its own weight, how on earth do you figure that there would have been and soup, or lines for that matter?

    Without berkshire hathaway and WFC there to take their vig on their markers of wealth, how would anyone figure out how to make soup? How would people have figured out how to form lines?

    You just won dumbest comment of the day /golfclap

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    indigenous says

    Absolutely, this is a fallacy that is put forth to further the dystopian ideals, this only benefits the cronys. But you have been drinking this ubiquitous beverage for so long that you cannot consider any other possibility.

    In your fantasy world things would be better. Continue taking the Red pill. Continue living in fantasy land that you have made up in your head. It won't change the fact that we took the blue pill.

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    indigenous says

    yup1 says

    Red pill = soup lines

    We have soup lines now, 99 week unemployment, food stamps for over half the population, section 8 housing, 10 million on permanent disability, how many million gave up looking for work, WIC, etc etc

    This is All Blue Pill

    Yes we do but somehow you think doing nothing would have been a better choice and things would be better right now......Really?

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    Why would someone argue that we should have gone into another Greater Depression? How is this a good choice? You are a fool if you believe it is a good choice.

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    Red pill = soup lines

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in User guide to Austrian economics, yup1 said:

    indigenous says

    Bullshit. Read this thread. Or remain in complete ignorance

    I read it. We do not know how things would have gone with no intervention. You have your theory, and I have my theory. I believe that you are completely wrong.

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in Of the stupidity of keynesian policies..., yup1 said:

    spydah_hh says

    If the government had not bailed out the banks, yeah sure the economy would of been in shambles but by now we've would of recovered and hopefully had some reforms where the government was limited.

    These companies would have failed. Citi, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Hathaway , General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, Alcoa, US Steel, and with that the rest of the economy would have gone down in flames.

    And you have your panties in a bunch over some bailouts when you would have been standing in a soup line with the rest of America.

    I think at that point your ideas of what we would or should have done would be much different.

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in User guide to Austrian economics, yup1 said:

    errc says

    What exactly do you fear would have happened had the govt not bailed out all the bad actors?

    Complete financial collapse. All large financial institutions failing. Banks, Insurance companies, Health care providers, 10's of millions more unemployed.

    And that would have all happened in the first week..........

  • On 3 Feb 2014 in Why I rent and would never buy, yup1 said:

    He is pissed that he didn't buy into the crash and now he is priced out and thinks his stupid post on FT might lower home prices in London. Good luck with that.

  • On 3 Feb 2014 in Can I do more?, yup1 said:

    EastCoastBubbleBoy says

    I follow your math, but I must be "most people", since I missed something.

    traditional 401(k). Invest $10000 pre tax. Pay taxes when money is withdrawn during retirement at who knows what rate

    Roth 401(k). Invest that same $10,000 after tax. (Keeping in mind you need to earn more than that to cover the taxes). Pay no taxes when the money is withdrawn during retirement.

    (presuming no changes to the applicable tax law between now and then)

    Seems to be I'm better off paying now rather than paying later.

    I guess you are most people.

    On the 10k example you would need to earn 15k to fund it. You are investing money after paying the highest tax rate that you will ever pay in your life during your peak earning years.

    Lets assume federal and state taxes at the margin are 33%. When you retire, if your 401k is your primary source of retirement funds you will be collecting it and paying your effective tax rate, which is much lower than your marginal rate now.

    You will have an extra 5k per year each year in your pocket which you have not accounted for in your assumptions. You are comparing apples and oranges when you assume you put the same 10k in per year. The extra 5k per year that you would be taking home after taxes would grow to 178k in the 30 years and you are failing to account for it.

  • On 2 Feb 2014 in Can I do more?, yup1 said:

    Lets do some simple Roth vs traditional 401k math.

    Assuming your are at a 33% marginal tax rate.

    Invest 10000/year pretax and you make an 8% rate of return for 30 years. In the Roth you invest the same 10000/year, after you pay taxes it is only 6700/year at 8% return.

    Traditional 401k value = $551,459
    Roth 401k value = $369,477

    Now here comes the part that most people miss. When you start to withdraw you will be being taxed at your effective tax rate not your marginal tax rate.

    Only put money in a Roth if you believe that you future effective tax rate will be higher than your current marginal tax rate.

  • On 2 Feb 2014 in Can I do more?, yup1 said:

    Roth is for the Uber wealthy to transfer undervalued securities into the Roth, so when they sell them they do not have to pay taxes on the gains. It is a Ruse. Kind of like a "blind trust"

  • On 2 Feb 2014 in Can I do more?, yup1 said:

    mell says

    A Roth is smart as taxes are likely going to be higher each year, just look at this forum and you know where this is headed. Also, if you can get your money out in time you are safe from possible capital controls or seizure of retirement funds when the next crisis hits that cannot be printed away with another quadrillion Fed bucks. Sure this may sound a bit paranoid at this point, but I think there is a decent chance that we will be seeing changes to Roths in limiting the amounts and free distribution as this is the vehicle the government has least control of. Any money that is freely available and liquid to you as soon as possible without penalties and other government strangleholds is a big plus. For example you could easily buy foreign assets/currencies or precious metals (physical) with it.

    Lets say you are correct. Do you really believe that if all that happens your Roth will be safe? Do you believe that your gold will not be confiscated? Do you believe that you will not be in Great Depression 2 with the rest of us?

    Do the math, a roth 401k is only viable if you take a small amount of money and go uber risk, Hillary Clinton 1k into 100k investment shit and you get it tax free at the end. You are not Clinton and you are not Romney, drop the Roth.....

  • On 2 Feb 2014 in Can I do more?, yup1 said:

    Why would you be doing a Roth IRA/401k. Do you have some belief that when you retire your tax rate will go up as your income declines? Go with pretax as you should. If you are saving 18k per year post tax it is costing you almost 26k in earnings. I just put 8k per year in your pocket. Use it to pay off your debt, highest rate to lowest rate.

    Cut your expenses. If you are spending 10% on utilities you are a wasteful energy hog, or you don't make much money. 2 smart phones $90, cable with internet $105, electric/gas $100, water/sewer $50, trash $30. Thats $4500 per year, those are my energy numbers in high priced California.

    If you are only making net 45k per year, get a better job. If you are netting 100k or more, cut you wasteful spending, and fire whoever told you to do a Roth.

  • On 22 Jan 2014 in I'm not the only one who understands that Trickle-down doesn't work, yup1 said:

    thunderlips11 says

    Jesus, you were dividing by trillions and billions in 3rd grade math?

    It might have been 4th grade. I am just anal about numbers. Numbers tell a story. You can't fake simple math.

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