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  • On 22 Dec 2012 in How to Open Foreign Bank Account, HousingWatcher said:

    So bob, what country do you have money in, and what interest rate are you getting?

  • On 15 Apr 2012 in Mr Patrick Goes To Washington, HousingWatcher said:

    Patrick says

    This is me in front of the Federal Reserve today. I wanted to get closer, but the guys with submachine guns would not allow that.

    You should have told them you were with Goldman Sachs. They would have let your right in and given you coffee.

  • On 15 Feb 2012 in For Republican supporters out there... Which candidate do you support?, HousingWatcher said:

    I hope the lunch your eating right now meets federal nutritional guidelines cloud. Because you don't want to make the govternment angry, now do you???

  • On 8 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    shrek is right. It is wrong that Obama is forcing Catholic institutions to cover birth control. Look at the text of hs executive order. The audacity of that mani!

    1) Maternal and infant health are greatly improved when women have access to contraceptive supplies to prevent unintended pregnancies;

    (2) Because many Americans hope to complete their families with two or three children, many women spend the majority of their reproductive lives trying to prevent pregnancy;

    (3) Research has shown that 49 percent of all large group insurance plans do not routinely provide coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices. While virtually all health care plans cover prescription drugs generally, the absence of prescription contraceptive coverage is largely responsible for the fact that women spend 68 percent more in out-of-pocket expenses for health care than men; and

    (4) Requiring insurance coverage for prescription drugs and devices for contraception is in the public interest in improving the health of mothers, children, and families and in providing for health insurance coverage which is fairer and more equitable.

    (c) EVERY HEALTH BENEFIT POLICY THAT IS DELIVERED, ISSUED, EXECUTED, OR RENEWED IN THIS STATE or approved for issuance or renewal in this state by the Commissioner on or after July 1, 1999, WHICH PROVIDES COVERAGE FOR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ON AN OUTPATIENT BASIS SHALL PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR ANY PRESCRIBED DRUG OR DEVICE APPROVED BY THE UNITED STATES FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION FOR USE AS A CONTRACEPTIVE. This Code section shall not apply to limited benefit policies described in paragraph (4) of subsection (e) of Code Section 33-30-12. Likewise, nothing contained in this Code section shall be construed to require any insurance company to provide coverage for abortion.


    Hold on, I posted the wrong text. The above text is a statute currently on the books in the extremely liberal state of GEORGIA. My bad.

  • On 7 Feb 2012 in I'll just leave this here... "The privatization trap", HousingWatcher said:

    The Annenberg project was founded by Ambassador Annenberg.. Ronald Reagan's former ambassador to England. Funny how shrek is ignorant of those little facts.

  • On 6 Feb 2012 in I'll just leave this here... "The privatization trap", HousingWatcher said:

    Privatiation is just a way for politicans to award their cronies and bust unions. Every time i read an article about privatization, it usually includes the words "prosecutors allege"

  • On 6 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    If anyone likes the moon colony, then I am sure they will have absolutely no problem paying a special "Moon Colony Surtax" After all, soemone has to pay for the moon colony.

  • On 6 Feb 2012 in More Voter Fraud! We Need Tougher Votter Integrity Laws ASAP, HousingWatcher said:

    Mail order pharmacies don't require photo ID.

    And in related news, the convicted felon Republican Sec. of State is now accusing Mitcha Daniels, the GOP governor of Indiana and current GOP savior of the same crime.

    And it is interesting to point out that the Sec. of State was able to commit voter fraud even though Indiana requires voters to present ID. So requiring ID does nothing to stop voter fraud. It is just voter suppression.

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in Why does Romney sound like an idiot?, HousingWatcher said:

    rootvg says

    Romney was smart enough to get through his JD/MBA at Harvard.

    MBA programs are a complete joke. Most classes are nothing more than glorified undergraudate business courses.

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    No shrek, it is actually you who will lose the war since Obama is going to kick Mitt "I don't care about poor people" Romney's a$$.

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in My bold prediction for this decade, HousingWatcher said:

    There does come a point in which people who think home prices are going to keep declining become just as delusional as those who thought home prices would keep appreciating.

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in Birthers are embarrassing the GOP in Georgia, HousingWatcher said:

    shrekgrinch says

    Not if you don't believe in those who tell you it was real (the media and government).

    Tin Foil Hat Alert!

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    Some realtors are actually good. When I used a realtor when I was a buyer, I saw this really gorgeous house that was more like a museum than a house. It had a hand carved stair case imported from India, walls with slate, and every bedroom had a bathroom. My realtor told me not to buy it because the area was not so great. So I took her advice and decided not to buy the house. I am so grateful I did not buy it because today, the property taxes on that house are $30,000 a year, which would hae totally wiped me out if I bought that house.

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    Why are you attacking capitalism? Mitt Romney made it clear that attacking Wall St. is the equivalent of attacking capitalism and free enterprise. So stop attacking capitalism you commies!

  • On 2 Feb 2012 in Obama's New Plan To Cheat Renters and Homebuyers, HousingWatcher said:

    bgamall4 says

    As house prices fall, new buyers will have less of thier money tied up paying for a place to live.

    Actually, the exact opposite has happened. Despite falling in price, housing is LESS affordable today to most people than during the bubble. How is that possible? Simple: Because incomes have fallen more than home prices have.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in Obama's New Plan To Cheat Renters and Homebuyers, HousingWatcher said:

    bgamall4 says

    You read about how private equity is set to invade the housing market.

    So Mitt Romney is going to take over the housing market? So now we know why he said that the govt. should not stop foreclosures. He and hi cronies want to buy up all the foreclosures for pennies on the dollar.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in Will the bubble ever burst in NYC, DC, or SF??, HousingWatcher said:

    The property tax rate in NYC is not 6%. Where are you getting these crazy numbers from? Most people in Manhattan don't actually pay property taxes directly since co-ops are assessed as one property as opposed to each apartment being assessed individually. So instead of each apartment paying $4,000 a year in taxes, for instance, the entire building will pay $2 or $3 million a year in taxes.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in Population dumbing down through fluoridated tapwater, HousingWatcher said:

    I'm not sure whether I buy into this flouride conspiracy stuff. I am still waiting to hear from the birthers and truthers before I make a final decision.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in Will the bubble ever burst in NYC, DC, or SF??, HousingWatcher said:

    Prices in NYC are able to rise significantly because of all the foreign buyers. Plus you have Wall St. people with an endless supply of money who only pay 15% in federal income taxes.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in Will the bubble ever burst in NYC, DC, or SF??, HousingWatcher said:

    Patrick says

    The Case-Shiller Inex is very accurate

    Not really. The problem with Case Shiller is that it includes a very borad area. For instance, the NYC Case Shiller index includes not just NYC, but also Long Island, NJ, Connecticut, upstate, and even one county in Pennsylvania. It's absurd and you cannot possibly take it seriously when it includes such a huge area.

  • On 1 Feb 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    Dan8267 says

    I'm just asking you to explain why you feel good about him as president

    I feel good with Obama as president because I know that all the raicst hillibillies in America have to live under a black president. It's sweet revenge considering not too long ago they were spraying blacks with water hoses and burnurning corsses in black neighborhoods.

  • On 30 Jan 2012 in Will the bubble ever burst in NYC, DC, or SF??, HousingWatcher said:

    If Manhattan real estate is going to take a beating, I guess nobody got the memo. A penthouse at 15 Central Park West just sold for $88 million. And the penthouse at One57 is currently listed for $110 million. Yes, that is $110 million.

    Enjoy the view from your 5th floor walkup though.

  • On 30 Jan 2012 in Will the bubble ever burst in NYC, DC, or SF??, HousingWatcher said:

    Realtors Are Corrupt says

    NYC is just entering it's price correction phase. Look at the massive REO inventory in the 4 outer boroughs and you'll get an idea what Manhattan will look like over the coming years.

    Yes, because as we all know there is absolutely no difference between the warzone of Bed Stuy and Columbus Circle.

  • On 30 Jan 2012 in , HousingWatcher said:

    Cloud says

    Do you really believe Bill's first reaction would be "let's increase our prices!" (ie taxes)

    Companies increase their prices all the time. On what planet do you live on?

  • On 29 Jan 2012 in WHO IS YOUR CANDIDATE ?, HousingWatcher said:

    Candidates most like me:

    1. Obama
    2. Huntsman
    3. Gingrich

    I don't know how Gingrich got in the list because I disagree with him on 99% of issues. The guy is literally saying he will balance the budget and cut spending while simutaneously proposing spending billions of dollars on a moon colony.

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