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  • On 20 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    New Renter says

    After all how much CPU speed is needed to work a spreadsheet or download porn?

    The alligator grows to the size of the tank. There is always demand for cheaper, faster computers with more storage space and faster network connectivity. The server market alone guarantees this. However, contrary to the religion of capitalism, demand does not generate supply.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    New Renter says

    But is that a limitation of the technology or a shift in priorities?

    It's a physical limitation of nature. The shift in priorities is the result, not the cause, of this limitation.

    As mankind approaches the limits of any given technology, markets will look for the next big thing. Eventually, and it may still take hundreds of years, there won't be any more technological breakthroughs. The next big thing will have to be an application of technology rather than a new technology.

    I think the fundamental premise of the singularity -- why it was called the singularity in the first place -- that technology has no limits and will soon accelerate to infinity is wrong.

    In a way, this concept is the manifestation of our society taking STEM workers for granted. Not only is the fruit of our labor "magic", but now even the process by which we create is magic. Our society should really respect the work of STEM much more than it does.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Should I Invest a Few Grand in Silver? (iWog's Advice Welcomed), Dan8267 said:

    Robber Baron Elite Scum says

    Should I Invest a Few Grand in Silver?

    I found the perfect investment for you. And it's an interest that you an Apocalypse have in common. Maybe you could bond over it.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    You have to look at what's in a CPU. The strategy has changed: instead of adding processing speed - that isn't getting used - Intel decided to add graphics, and battery life, making cheap laptops possible.

    Intel didn't decide to not increase the clock speed. Intel could not because of physical limitations in
    - the frequency at which transistors can switch from on to off without failure
    - the heat generated by those transistors as they quickly toggle between on and off

    Yes, not all technologies will be on the same spot of the s-curve. I thought I made that clear when I said "Technically, a series a s-curves".

    However, every technology will follow an s-curve in terms of advancement and eventually we will reach the technological limitations imposed by the laws of nature. Technology will not advance forever. We live in a unique time in history where technology is advancing quickly. It has not been that way for most of our 200,000 years of existence, and if our descendants live another 200,000 years, most of those years will not be in periods of great technological advancement.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    If you have examples of Rush Limbaugh or any Conservative talk radio personality calling black people Watermellon eating monkeys I sure would like to see it.

    How about something equivalent.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Where's the bigotry?? That's a correct statement... Unless you have a Youtube video to prove it wrong.

    How about a Google result image?

    But hey, if you want a YouTube video that demonstrates the point...

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I have never EVER! Seen those pictures in the wilds of the Internet.

    We can look at a multitude of examples from conservative radio to Tea Party rallies to see conservative bigotry. If a button could be pushed to remove all minorities from America, about a third of Americans would push that button, and all of them would be conservatives. And that's a conservative estimate.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Watermelon and Chicken is not exclusive to black people.

    Are you really trying to make the case that conservatives holding up those pictures were not being racist idiots?

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    Ceffer says

    Liberals have the most trouble when the temptation to brand anybody who disagrees with them "stupid" intervenes, and they get into a stuttering moron tossing perpetual feedback loop and they suffer temporary guilt trip amnesia.

    Although conservatives are stupid, and I've posted scientific evidence to back this up on several other threads, that's not the real problem. The real problem is that they are selfish and do evil things like enslave, kill, and rape. They are war mongers and xenophobes and that's a damn dangerous combination in the nuclear age.

    If WW III is started, it most certainly will be started by conservatives against the objections of liberals and rationalists everywhere.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    marcus says

    Dan8267 says

    The best case scenario is that STEM is fully supported and technology follows an S-Curve like this.

    This is one theory of how it will go, and it may be correct. But some speculate that true AI is possible and that computers (with something like sentience) will be upgrading their own computer hardware and software, or at least software.

    These things aren't mutually exclusive.

    I have no problem with the idea of sentient AIs. They are inevitable, assuming mankind doesn't kill itself off before creating them.

    However, any sentient AI will have to deal with the exact same physical constraints as an organic, "natural" intelligence. Even if AIs do all the work, technological progress will still follow an s-curve.

    Technically, a series a s-curves, but overall there are physical limitations.

    For example, the Second Law of Thermodynamics puts a cap on the computational power of a processor as a function of the energy it consumes. This is why tablets and game consoles cannot keep up with PCs in terms of processing powers. PCs have larger power supplies and cooling systems.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    I'm not sure what your point is.

    Technological advancement will not approach infinity. Rather, it will follow an S-curve asymptotically approaching theoretical limits.

    We've already seen this happen in CPU speeds. CPUs haven't gotten faster in 10 years even though they used to double every 18 months.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I read your list, which was discredited by your racist pictorial.

    You mean the pictures that conservatives held up opposing Obama because he's black?

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Yeah, it was a lie.... he forgot to add Marcus to that list...

    Feel free to provide a specific reference of so-called bigotry. Here, I'll give you an example of what I mean.

    Call it Crazy says

    Strategist says

    There is no magic wand to instantly change anything. I don't blame Obama, I blame his supporters who believe in black magic.

    It's HALF black magic... He's a mulatto...

    Call it Crazy says

    marcus says

    AS a voting block white men are more likely to be right wing idiots than boomers are.

    Because they have to use their intelligence to make up for all the black idiots that vote Democrat.

    OK, it was too hard to pick just one.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    Speaking of vile conservationism....

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Dan and SBH are the biggest purveyors of bigotry and hate on this whole site.

    Another lie. And ironically, CaptainShuddup posted that in response to my reply that he didn't even read -- look at the timestamps, he didn't have time to read my post.

    You know, captain, I could just as easily accuse you of supporting ISIS. The reason that I don't is that I don't need to lie to make my opposition look bad because the ground I'm defending is good and the ground you're defending is vile and evil.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Dan8267 said:

    Things Liberals Say (Allegedly)

    - I'm a liberal because I'm open-minded. I hate conservatives.

    Being open-minded and hating are not mutually exclusive. Hate is the appropriate response to evil and morally despicable behavior. Hate is nature's way of discouraging evil by denying it the benefits of cooperation. You are supposed to hate the Nazis and thus are unlikely to work with them. For the same reasons, anyone with a moral backbone would hate conservatives. After all, conservatives in this country have done all of the following:
    1. Committed genocide multiple times.
    2. Slaughtered children.
    3. Enslaved millions of persons and raped young girls who were enslaved.
    4. Practice violent segregation of the races.
    5. Lynched African Americans for a hundred years after slavery was abolished at the hands of northern liberals.
    6. Murdered gays with no remorse.
    7. Constantly advocate the mass murder of foreigners in unjust wars because foreign life is worthless to them.
    8. Constantly advocate the imprisonment and execution of innocent persons simply because they are "associated" with criminals and that association can be as loose as simply living in a high crime neighborhood.
    9. Tried to have MLK arrested, not for any crime, but because he was spearheading the civil rights movement.

    So yes, there is plenty of damn good reason to hate conservatives. If conservatives don't want to be hated so much, they should stop behaving so hatefully.

    Now if you want to talk about false outrage and true hate-speech, look no further than conservative radio and Fox News.

    - Check out my new sweater, it's eco-friendly (said in a gay accent)

    I have never heard a liberal say that and it's irrelevant to liberalism. This idiot is equating an arbitrary subculture with liberalism when the two have nothing to do with each other.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with being gay or openly gay. Nor is it a requirement that a gay person be a liberal even though conservatives would burn that gay person at the stake if they could.

    - I have an electric car.

    Encouraging the transition from fossil fuels to electricity is a good thing not only for the environment but also for the economy, national security, and our troops. Every time someone hinders this effort he is placing our troops back in danger by making them fight pointless wars over oil.

    - That is racist.

    There are numerous examples of conservatives being racist.

    I could go on for hours and hours with examples, but I think I've made my point.

    Conservatives falsely think that they can convince others that accusations against them of being racist can be dismissed if they just complain about how often they are called racist. Well, it doesn't work that way. The boy who cried wolf wasn't believed because he's cries were false, whereas accusations against conservative's racist actions are not. One only has to look at the voter suppression laws to see how racist conservatives still behave.

    - The rich should pay their fair share.

    Romney paid 14% effective tax rate in 2011 on $13.7 million of income while he produced no wealth at all. Meanwhile, hard-working and wealth-producing Americans in the middle class pay twice that effective tax rate.

    - No human is illegal.

    This is a valid response to the marketing term "illegal alien" that conservatives use to sow hatred of immigrants who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas. Conservatives attempted to morph the illegality of an action with the illegality of a person. Thus, this response is accurate.

    In any case, the arguments over immigration have nothing to do with legality or documentation but rather with quotas. Conservatives aren't against illegal immigration; they are against immigration itself. It would be trivial to make all illegal immigration legal, but that's not the issue.

    - The stimulus should have been even bigger.

    Once again conservatives are clueless about what liberalism is. Liberalism is a social philosophy, not an economic one. I'm the most liberal person on PatNet and probably the most liberal person you'll ever talk with in your life, and I was not for the "stimulus" package or the bank bailout. The problem with stimulus packages is who gets them and who gets screwed. The stimulus should have been directed at the people who did not engage in reckless real estate purchases during the bubble.

    - If Abraham Lincoln was alive today he'd totally be a Democrat.

    1. Liberals don't speak with a California surfer accent.
    2. Yes, Lincoln would be a Democrat today, so would ALL Republicans prior to 1950 and Eisenhower as well.

    It amazes me how conservatives try to pass off their vile past behavior from 1856 to 1960, when they were Democrats or Dixiecrats, as the behavior of their enemies, the liberals. And they think they can pull this off because the two political parties switch roles (all the politicians and constituents switched parties) when Nixon's Southern Strategy was implemented.

    Hello, African Americans always voted Republican before the Southern Strategy and always voted Democrat after it. Do you really think that the entire nation has forgotten about Nixon and his Southern Strategy? Dude, there are still people alive today who lived through it. And with the Internet, this change in the political parties is NEVER, EVER going to be forgotten.

    Every time a Republican brags about pre-1950s Republicans, he's bragging about liberals. Every time a Republican condemns a pre-1960s Southern Democrat, he's condemning conservatives.

    This is the biggest lie that conservatives tell because their history is so god-damn shameful that they want to disown it. And this goes back to why it is appropriate to hate conservatives. They are still acting in the exact same shameful ways as their ancestors did.

    If conservatives could, they would overturn Loving v. Virginia making interracial marriage illegal, they would reinstitute slavery, and they would rape 12-year-old girl slaves just like their great-great-great-grand-pappy did. Conservatives are evil because of their despicable and twisted values.

    - Bush lied, people died.

    Well, historical fact is a bitch isn't it? The indisputable fact is that Bush repeated lied to the American people and to Congress in order to wage an unjust war that directly killed over a million people, mostly civilians including children, and lead to the rise of ISIS making the world a much less safe place.

    So, no, we the rational people of the world are not going to forget about those lies and their consequences.

    Now if you want to talk about falsely accusing a person of lying about something that's not important, there's the conservative obsession over Bill Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval Office. No one died over Clinton's blow job and it was irrelevant to our nation's security or business, yet conservatives love to bring up Clinton's extramarital affair while ignoring the plethora of extramarital affairs and extramarital sexual intercourse that their own party members engage in.

    - If Martin Luther King were alive today, he'd totally be a Democrat.

    No, Martin Luther King Jr. Was Not A Republican — But Here’s What He Had To Say About Them

    Is this idiot actually trying to make the case that the Republican party has supported civil rights more than the Democratic party? Sure the Democrats suck on civil rights, but the Republicans are actively trying to destroy them.

    As the following video shows, MLK's message is antithetical to the Republican platform.

    - I'm a vegan

    Again, this moron is trying to equate Liberalism, a social philosophy that has been around for at least 250 years, with an arbitrary and irrelevant subculture that has been around for only 20 years.

    And by the way, what the fuck is wrong with vegans? If you're going for the fallacy of Guilt By Association, you have to associate your enemy with someone who is actually bad. Miranda Kerr is not evil. American 19th century slavers were.

    I'm only 36 seconds into this video and I've already written 4 pages about how wrong it is. I don't see the point in going further. This guy is a lying moron. If there is any specific quote that some dumb ass conservative thinks is a valid and good point, quote it and the time marker in the video and I'll show you why he's wrong on it.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Liberal version of social conservatism: Rapper facing prison for making album, Dan8267 said:

    mmmarvel says

    Dan8267 says

    The left is not liberal.

    Uh, yeah, whatever.

    With analysis like that, who could argue?

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Liberal version of social conservatism: Rapper facing prison for making album, Dan8267 said:

    gsr says

    Once again, remember California has direct democracy. California voters have been voting for many such laws through ballot propositions.

    The article does not state that the law was passed as a ballot proposition. In fact, the article implies otherwise as it refers to the law as "obscure". In any case, it is your responsibility to find out what the law is and who passed it before blaming liberals.

    Even if it were passed by ballot, that would not mean that liberals voted for it. The ban of gay marriage was passed by ballot.

    Not everyone in California is a liberal. In fact, I would say that there are damn few liberals in California. The left is not liberal.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in The singularity is fast approaching, Dan8267 said:

    The Singularity Hypothesis is exactly the type of flawed conclusion that results from ignoring how important intelligent, hard-working engineers are. The idea was originally that technological progress would increase at an ever accelerating rate until it starts acting hyperbolic approaching infinity at some finite future like the graph of y = 1 / (10 - x) does at 10.

    In reality, every bit of progress made in the past 200 years have been achieved by individuals working collectively or alone, but working damn hard in either case. Take that away and not only will technology no longer advance, but it will deteriorate. If no one entered STEM because the field became low paid and low status, then at first you would see no more significant progress in technology. Then existing technology would start failing at higher and higher rates until it became unusable.

    Make no mistake, the scientist, the engineer, and the mathematician are still the most important, scratch that, only important people for advancing technology. The world has seen technology erode and decay and standards of living fall for centuries after the fall of Rome. It could easily happen again.

    The best case scenario is that STEM is fully supported and technology follows an S-Curve like this.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in 1% is gutting the middle class, Dan8267 said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    Real oligarchs enjoy human sacrifices!

    The problem is they can't find any virgins.

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