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Mr Happygoluckofus says

Cry me a river Dan, you sit around and feel sorry for my slave trading ancesors will ya?

Sorry, no. I pity those fools. Whatever wealth they gained from the evil of slavery, they have paid several times over in terms of lost economic opportunity and the ongoing costs of the ramifications of slavery. Today, you personally continue to pay the costs of slavery through welfare, police, prisons, emergency room care, etc. And you will continue to pay those costs until you fix the problem your slaver ancestor scum created. And until you do fix those problems and stop glorifying those ancestors and their despicable culture, you deserved to be judged just like them.

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socal2 says

You keep going on about the past, but ignore the present.

Actually, I did mention the flying of the KKK / Confederate navy jack as well as the systemic poverty caused by bigotry. Do you want me to go on with pages of evidence showing the effects of modern discrimination?

Oh, and honey, the past affects the presence. It is the responsibility of the American South to fix the problems it created. That is the price of for forgiveness. If you want us to forget the American South was ever evil, it has to fix the persistent problems it caused and stop causing problems.

socal2 says

I contend it is because the South became less racist and more prosperous as they became more Republican.

The south didn't become Republican. The Republican Party became the south.

socal2 says

"After nearly 100 years, Great Migration begins reversal"

Two words: air conditioning. Remove that and everyone who moved south over the past 60 years will move back north.

bob2356 says

No the problem of racism isn't orders of magnitude greater in the south than the north.

Because people in Boston often fly the Confederate navy jack and is the headquarters of the KKK?

And let's talk about voting. Voter Suppression: How Bad? (Pretty Bad)

The last large-scale push to curb voting access was more than a century ago, after Reconstruction. Until now.

or the first time in decades, voters in nearly half the country will find it harder to cast a ballot in the upcoming elections. Voters in 22 states will face tougher rules than in the last midterms. In 15 states, 2014 is slated to be the first major election with new voting restrictions in place.

These changes are the product of a concerted push to restrict voting by legislative majorities that swept into office in 2010. They represent a sharp reversal for a country whose historical trajectory has been to expand voting rights and make the process more convenient and accessible.

What Explains This Sudden Shift?

Partisanship plays a key role. Of the 22 states with new restrictions, 18 passed them through entirely Republican-controlled bodies. A study by social scientists Keith Bentele and Erin O’Brien of the University of Massachusetts Boston found that restrictions were more likely to pass “as the proportion of Republicans in the legislature increased or when a Republican governor was elected.” After Republicans took over state houses and governorships in 2010, voting restrictions typically followed party lines.

Race has been a significant factor. In 2008, voter participation among African Americans and certain other groups surged. Then came backlash. The more a state saw increases in minority and low-income voter turnout, the more likely it was to push laws cutting back on voting rights, according to the University of Massachusetts study. The Brennan Center for Justice likewise found that of the 11 states with the highest African American turnout in 2008, seven passed laws making it harder to vote. Of the 12 states with the largest Hispanic population growth in the 2010 Census, nine have new restrictions in place. And of the 15 states that used to be monitored closely under the Voting Rights Act because of a history of racial discrimination in elections, nine passed new restrictions.

Some laws are especially egregious in targeting how minorities vote. The push to shut down Sunday early voting in states where African American churches organized successful “Souls to the Polls” drives is a glaring example. Laws restricting voter registration drives are another such tactic. African Americans and Latinos register through drives at twice the rate of white citizens, and in recent years, civic groups have used drives to help close the racial registration gap—as they have for veterans, young people, and other less registered populations. Instead of embracing these efforts, Florida and several other states passed laws that make it difficult—and, before a court stepped in, impossible—for groups to help voters register. The result was a significant drop in registrations.

Don't give me any bullshit that the voter ID laws and bills served any intended purpose other than preventing blacks and other minorities from voting. As soon as the Supreme Court relaxed the Voting Rights Act, that very afternoon, southern states starting passing voter suppression laws. Shit like that has no equivalency in the northern states. To say so is a lie.

The American South, conservatism, racism, and the post-Southern-Strategy Republican party are all the same thing. You don't get to argue that it's a wash because racism exists elsewhere. Racism is the central part of conservative culture. That's why conservatives are always so pissed off. They know America is no longer a WASP dominated country. They speak of liberals with content because to them liberal is code for non-WASPs.

A liberal is someone who believes in equality under law and government of the people, by the people, for the people. Anyone who despises that, as demonstrated on this thread, is an asshole.

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bob2356 says

There are plenty of places in the northeast and midwest that could give advanced level being a racist lessons to anyone in the south.

Already addressed.

No one has said otherwise. But the problem of racism is orders of magnitude greater in the south than in the north. To deny this is simply a lie. There was antisemitism in England during WWII, but so say that it was the same as that in Nazi Germany and so it's a wash is a ridiculous equivalency.

You do not get over the evils of the past by denying that they existed or that they were minor, on par with other minor slights.

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marcus says

This is one of the more ridiculous things I've ever heard you say. The only correct part is that there are plenty of white racists in the south. But it's not because they are defensive about slavery.

No, you are completely wrong on that. Have you ever taken the U.S. citizenship test? I have, for shits and giggles. The test says that the cause of the Civil War was "economic differences" and not "human rights". Yep, slavery is an economic difference despite all evidence to the contrary.

The south still calls the Civil War, the War of Northern Aggression.

The south whitewashes slavery whenever it can.

The Confederate navy jack is still flown over municipalities and courthouses in the south, and it is flown ONLY because the KKK adopted it as a symbol that they were still fighting the Civil War. Before the KKK adopted this flag, no one flew the Confederate navy jack or even any of the three real flags of the Confederacy.

marcus says

Actually there are plenty of racists in the north too btw

No one has said otherwise. But the problem of racism is orders of magnitude greater in the south than in the north. To deny this is simply a lie. There was antisemitism in England during WWII, but so say that it was the same as that in Nazi Germany and so it's a wash is a ridiculous equivalency.

Many southern whites are history revisionists because...

But many whites cannot stomach the fact that Epps is their ancestor or that they financially benefited from his actions. Epps cannot be the norm for whites. He must be the exception. To that extent, many whites refuse to admit that major U.S. corporations, banks, and universities made their fortunes off slavery. They cannot come to terms with the fact that whites have gotten a 400-year head start and are now trying to dismantle some of the only policies in place to level the playing field. For if they admitted these realities, guilt would surely follow.

For many whites, denial then turns to anger.

And because of this, they must deny the history slavery...

We are a nation based on about 246 years of slavery, more than half of our history. The extreme oppressiveness of U.S. slavery is thus not taken seriously by many white Americans. Not surprisingly perhaps, brochures circulated by some southern state governments still provide a distorted view of U.S. history. One South Carolina brochure provided to visitors at the state’s travel centers has a two-page history of the state from the 1500s to the present, with not a single mention of slaves or slavery there. Yet, slavery was central to the state’s economy for a very long period of time.

Today, Texas is whitewashing slavery in history books, and this matters to everyone because Texas largely decides what schoolbooks your children will read regardless of what state they are in.

And there are other attempts to revise history as well.

The effort to revise the history of the Civil War to favor the South in popular memory began the moment that America's bloodiest war had come to an end. Former Confederate leaders, preachers and ideologues, determined to shake off the notion that they had fought to defend a society based on human servitude, launched a campaign to bury the real cause of the war that has not ended to this day.

The purpose of this myth of the Lost Cause, in the words of scholar Alan T. Nolan, was to rewrite history "to hide the Southerners' tragic and self-destructive mistake" by fostering "a heroic image of secession and the war so that Confederates would have salvaged at least their honor from the all-encompassing defeat."

Men such as Alexander Stephens, the rebel vice president who once famously described white supremacy as the "cornerstone" of the Confederacy, rushed out popular histories that claimed that the war had not been about slavery at all.

Now comes the latest effort in that tradition, a $56-million, 216-minute blockbuster film called "Gods and Generals." Funded by Ted Turner Pictures and directed, written and produced by Ronald Maxwell, who made the successful Civil War film "Gettysburg," this 2003 "prequel" has neo-Confederates salivating.

You do not get over the evils of the past by denying that they existed or that they were minor, on par with other minor slights. The American South is a culture of vileness and evil. If modern southerns want the respect of the rest of the world and forgiveness for their past, they must admit their sins and change their culture. Otherwise, they deserve to be judged on the past actions of their culture. We forgave Germany because it changed. The American South still clings to that vile culture.

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Ceffer says

Dan8267 says

The lasers are on the Earth. That's why the mirrors are needed.

As stated, lasers on the earth can be reflected and detected from the moon without mirrors. It has been done many times.

And yet, this is not how it's done.

University of Maryland physics professor Carroll Alley was the project's principal investigator during the Apollo years, and he follows its progress today. "Using these mirrors," explains Alley, "we can 'ping' the moon with laser pulses and measure the Earth-moon distance very precisely. This is a wonderful way to learn about the moon's orbit and to test theories of gravity."

Here's how it works: A laser pulse shoots out of a telescope on Earth, crosses the Earth-moon divide, and hits the array. Because the mirrors are "corner-cube reflectors," they send the pulse straight back where it came from. "It's like hitting a ball into the corner of a squash court," explains Alley. Back on Earth, telescopes intercept the returning pulse--"usually just a single photon," he marvels.

Targeting the mirrors and catching their faint reflections is a challenge, but astronomers have been doing it for 35 years.

But hey, I'm sure you're more of an expert than all those astronomers who actually do the work of measuring the distance to the moon. What do they know? If they say it's difficult reading the laser beam is damn difficult even with the mirrors designed to reflect the laser straight back to where it came, then it must be much easier to just hit the lunar dirt and then read the reflection.

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dodgerfanjohn says

Proof? Or is that just your biased assumption?

Do you need proof that men want to have more one-night stands than women? Some things are just plain obvious.

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Ceffer says

You don't need mirrors to reflect detectable lasers from the

The lasers are on the Earth. That's why the mirrors are needed.

Ceffer says

You also don't need astronauts to send mirrors to the moon.

No, you could use robots. And given that the Apollo missions spanned from 1963-1972, that would be even more impressive.

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dodgerfanjohn says

most white people in the U.S. Are descended from people who immigrated here post civil war

And most white people aren't racist assholes. The white people who are racist assholes are pretty much sons of the Confederacy. They can't admit their ancestors were evil, so they have to continue being racist to justify the actions of their ancestors. It's really sad.

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FortWayne says

The problem isn't me Nancy, I lynch no one.

But I'm pretty sure some close relatives of yours did. And I'm pretty sure some of your ancestors were slave owners and the ones that weren't were enforcing segregation, denying black businesses loans, preventing the hiring of blacks, and generally causing the very systemic poverty that generates violent crime today. So yes, you and your family are the cause of the problem.

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socal2 says

You mean fix it like the Liberals have fixed Detroit and Chicago?

Honey, you still don't know what a liberal is, do you?

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thunderlips11 says

Proof the Moon Landings are Real

Anyone you have to prove the moon landings were real to is an idiot not worth convincing.

Besides, the Apollo astronauts left mirrors on the moon that you can shine a laser at and detect the reflection. These are used to measure the distance to the moon with great accuracy.

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HEY YOU says

"By the time your poor order for 100 shares is actually “filled” what happens? You pay a fraction of a cent more. Regulators don’t care because they view it as “petty crime” but it happens millions of times per day so it adds up."

The solution to this bullshit is 100% capital gains tax on all assets held less than a month.

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Blurtman says

I have heard that meme many times. It certainly does not apply to HSBC. Knowingly misrepresenting the risk of securities you sell is a crime, BTW

True. I was talking about currency debasement in particular, not security trading crimes.

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FortWayne says

Liberals and real race issues.

Honey, if your ancestors hadn't kidnapped and enslaved Africans and if YOU and your ancestors didn't engage in unethical practices from lynchings to segregation to systematic impoverishing of African Americans, then the very problem your bitching and moaning about, violent crimes of black youths, would not exist. YOU are to blame.

How about you do something to address the cause of the problem, the wealth gap and the transgenerational poverty you caused? Fix those things and violent crime will go away.

You conservatives are the cause of every problem you complain about.

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thunderlips11 says

Create Credit by fiat, and then tax it back if the system gets overheated and destroy it.

All rental income should go to the state to serve the public. This includes interest on money created out of thin air. In effect, even without changing the current banking system at all, you'd see all support for currency debase extinguished if some people couldn't profit from it.

thunderlips11 says

Or, switch to labor-based currency,

Another alternative is to simply fix the money supply to one credit. Divide that credit into small parts, say 1 trillionth of a credit or one femto-credit. If the economy needs more liquidity, simply allow for smaller units like 1 quadrillion of a credit or one atto-credit. Doing this would literally increase the money supply by a factor of one thousand without transferring diminishing people's savings or transferring wealth from one person to another. In fact, the prices on the menus at your local restaurants would not even have to change.

People who advocate increasing the money supply do so solely because they are interested in using a particular method of increasing the money supply for the purpose of transferring wealth from you to them. It is possible to increase the money supply without transferring wealth, but the advocates would strongly oppose this. Put simply, debasing the currency (inflation, quantitative easement, or whatever you call it) does not, in itself, do anything except move the decimal point in transactions.

In addition to preventing theft, the above method also allows currency to be a constant metric. This makes long-term economic analysis possible. Using CPI to adjust values is not an accurate method for comparing the values and costs of goods and services over the long run. Doing so causes some adjustments to be overdone and others underdone. And which happens for a particular good or service is driven largely by politics.

Personally, I like the idea of exchanging femtos and altos, knowing that their true value will always be a constant. I can now save and my savings can be lent out to safe, short-term loans that promote the economy. Even at 0% interest, I'm not losing purchasing power, so I'm OK if the state takes the interests from the loans for itself in exchange for guaranteeing my bank deposits. I'm OK because I know that these short-term loans are good for the economy and ultimately benefit everyone.

Even under this system, an automated and politically independent system could create temporary money, to cover withdraws in the case of over-lending. The temporary money would be automatically destroyed whenever an interest payment comes in from a loan. Furthermore, interest rates would gradually rise whenever over-lending takes place. Using this mechanism, the long-term amount of currency is a constant.

Advancements in technology and increases in production including that due to rising population, simply causes the prices of goods to asymptotically approach a minimal level, which is a good thing. Prices of new goods and services should fall rapidly as production of them ramps up and becomes more efficient. Old goods and services like milk will have steady prices, barely moving with time. Every person will be able to track prices over centuries in an accurate and precise way without any effort. Having this constant measurement of value will make financial planning simpler and easier for both individuals and nations.

Of course the banks will oppose it because it eliminates their rental income on money. But eliminating that rental income, or "tax" as a more honest term, would improve the entire economy because that tax is a drag on everyone who isn't a bank executive. Similarly, the state could eliminate the tax on electronic money imposed by the banks as flat and percentage fees on credit and debit card transactions. That would do more to improve liquidity than anything done in the current system.

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Blurtman says

The simple answer would be to jail the felons,

The real crime is that their actions aren't illegal because they wrote the laws.

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I'm sure that to someone with such a simplistic and cartoonish view of the world, anything not black and white must seem overly complex.

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Call it KKKrazy says

They presume the criminal cops are white.

I wonder what would happen if a foot soldier in ISIS became a cop in the U.S. and then committed on of these crimes. I think Strategist's head would explode because he couldn't reconcile his two religious dogmas. I'd image it would go something like this, but not as cute, ...

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Strategist says

I would agree with my weird friend Dan, who always says terrorists should be tried in a court of law.

Your ignorance never amazes me. How do you think people are sentenced to prison if not in a trial after conviction? My standards for cops, terrorists, and all other criminals are the same. Your's are not.

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thunderlips11 says

For ISIS and Free Syrian Army, before we were against them.

Did no one watch Charlie Wilson's War, or the far better PBS special on it?

The movie glorified Charlie Wilson, but he was an asshole and his actions ultimately lead to Al-Qaeda.

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