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  • On 10 Aug 2014 in How to report slum lords or illegal construction., FortWayne said:

    phaster says

    But what to do if the fox is guarding the chicken coop?

    It's very unlikely that a city official will stick his neck out for some random land lord. They are not high up enough to call shots.

    That is disturbing to see that article though. I remember when they caught some property assessor taking bribes for lower assessment. Reminds me a lot of that, low level crime.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Reverse mortgages?, FortWayne said:

    Strategist says

    The brokers may be crooks, but the reverse mortgage program was designed to help seniors stay in their homes and not get scammed by hard money lenders.

    But the new scammers who are hard money lenders are the guys handing out reverse mortgages. They just take advantage of the seniors these days. It gets pretty interesting if you bring up surviving spouse benefits into it.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in The myth of Equal Opportunity, FortWayne said:

    tovarichpeter says

    But a study published in June suggests that the things that really make the difference between prison and college, success and failure, sometimes even life and death are money and family.

    That's NPR for you. And they needed a study to tell us that having a lot of money makes it easier to succeed?

    Something tells me it's more of an agenda thing, than a real study.

  • On 9 Aug 2014 in A typo my Ass, FortWayne said:

    I think the biggest question that no one in Obama care is asking, where the hell does $1M sound reasonable charge for such a procedure?

    Where can I get on that kind of deal where government will pay me 1M to change tires a few times.

  • On 9 Aug 2014 in Reverse mortgages?, FortWayne said:

    Strategist says

    It is a government program to help seniors. Why scam?

    Government isn't making money off it, individual brokers do. In our neighborhood we have a lot of seniors, and brings all kinds of reverse mortgage scumbags. They misrepresent the facts about it, making it look like it's there to help, while seniors end up losing their houses. It's not a simple program, there are a lot of little details and fine print.

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