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  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, FortWayne said:

    lostand confused, most women are well aware of it, just like most people. It's the crazy feminist propaganda out there, the new creative media campaign, that is pretending otherwise. It's the small fringe group of feminists who are out to divide families, at least just long enough for them to divide, conquer, and get into power.

    This bullshit happens every 4 years at least. And if Hillary doesn't put a stop to that in her campaign, I tell you, I would end up voting Republican.

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, FortWayne said:

    The Original Bankster says

    t's exactly right. Women complain and complain and complain, but they never even live up to their own standards. They demand world peace and 'end of the patriarchy' but also seem to favor the patriarchs ie. Dominant Men. Women created the patriarchy, and naturally the women who are less desireable- small boobs, skinny butt, etc. are the ones constantly complaining about this system that was set up by the dominant Barbies.

    You can divide womynkind into two groups: The Barbies and the Thelmas.

    Don't mistake crazy feminists that television shoves down our throat with normal women. Most women don't care about any of that.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Good man, FortWayne said:

    It's why Ron never gets elected, reason and common sense are never on a ballot.

    I keep writing his name in on the ballot, but what's the point. In the "land of the free" we have just as many choices for candidates as soviets did in the "evil empire".

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Schlong-Gobbling Gay GOP Senator Hired to Manage Idaho GOP Party Books, FortWayne said:

    There's plenty of bullshit on both aisles in Congress.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, FortWayne said:

    Patrick says

    Children, thank god, are impervious to political correctness. Too bad about their parents.

    One of the amazing things (to me as a parent) is that our children are not born with our biases, and are coming into the world with a fresh start.

    But an interesting thing I notice is that many children learn very quickly to be cautious of anything different than they are. It's not racism, they don't hate others, it seem like some sort of survival trait. They are just cautious near anyone who looks different or is a stranger. white - black, child - adult, tall - short. It's been a pretty interesting observation, not sure if that is learned or an innate instinct.

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