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  • On 17 Jul 2014 in Good news for remodelers: Most homeowners plan improvements soon, FortWayne said:

    I know a few guys who can do real good remodels if you are in the San Fernando Valley area.

  • On 17 Jul 2014 in When the Government projects a 7 year workforce participation decline, FortWayne said:

    Everyone replaced by disposable Chinese and illegals bused in by Obama across the border.

    Soon even liberals in the education system will feel the pinch when Jill the teacher will be replaced by Consuela the maid in the classroom. And out of 40 kids in the classroom only 1 will actually speak English.

    That's Obamanomics for ya all!

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in You probably don't want to hear this either..., FortWayne said:

    The Original Bankster says

    meanwhile were paying to build RESORTS for ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    does it get any more insane?

    illegals are future Democrat voters in states that have no ID requirements to vote. Homeless Americans, he can't really monazite, so they are not important to him.

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in Is this that Single payer system?, FortWayne said:

    Obama is the president of the moocher class.

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in What If we Reinstated the Draft?, FortWayne said:

    jvolstad says

    I say yes! Except for Realtor's. We have higher standards in the military.

    There is an old joke about that...

    General Joe Whigham is ordered by the Secretary of Defense to gather together a Navy Lieutenant and Captains from the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force to discover why the services have trouble communicating with each other. He begins by saying that their first project task is to "secure" a certain building, and asks each of them to go home and prepare a list of steps for the project management plan and bring them to the meeting the next morning.

    The Navy Lieutenant calls his Master Chief and says:

    Tell those swabs to:
    -- Unplug the coffeepots
    -- Turn off the computers
    -- Turn out the lights
    -- Lock the doors and leave the building unoccupied

    The Army Captain has his list in his notepad:
    -- Assemble the company
    -- Appoint guard mount and Sergeant of the Guard
    -- Take control of all exits
    -- Make sure no one gets into the building without a pass

    The Marine Corps Captain writes down her steps on palm of her hand:
    -- Assemble the platoon and supplies
    -- Approach the building along three axes
    -- Bring the building under mortar and SAW fire
    -- Assault the building under covering fire
    -- Sequester surviving prisoners
    -- Establish lanes of fire
    -- Prepare artillery calls
    -- Repel counterattacks

    The Air Force Captain (ex Realtor) types his list into his laptop:
    -- Contact real estate broker
    -- Negotiate 1-year lease
    -- Be sure to get option to buy

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