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bgamall4 says

Ultimately all Zionist globalists will meet an angry maker. It is just a matter of time.

Gary, I'm surprised you didn't think this was a hoax perpetrated by the gub'mint. I do believe that you haven't fallen off the deep end, you've jumped. I would wish you a happy landing but I truly don't give a shit about you.

SoftShell says

You didn't hit the truck.

See how simple that is?

Yup. Pretty simple.

And I do believe the guy was dozing. My friend is a trucker; he gets paid by the mile. He made $1.00 per hour during a recent snowstorm in the Midwest, due to being sidelined for over a day at a truck stop. With the kind of pressure they are under, it's a wonder more accidents aren't happening.

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So he's a full-time Uber driver and blames his law school that he failed the bar x2?

I know people who have failed the bar x3 and went on to pass it after studying their asses off. None of them blamed their law school, although one of them blamed her husband because he wasn't supportive "enough..." (what ever the fuck that means).

He graduated during the recession, when lawyer were losing their jobs and big firms were folding. He couldn't find a lawyer job? He should have tried harder... but, just for kicks & giggles, lets assume that he's correct and couldn't get a lawyer job. There are so many other jobs that would embrace his degree; everything from paralegal to criminal justices, public sector such as parole/probation officers, other office-type jobs... The public sector administration, and administration at hospitals would embrace his degree, law enforcement, the list goes on.

Hell, a telemarketing firm would hire him.. So many people took out oodles in student loans and now blame the school they went to; even if they skewed their umbers, he is an idiot and should apply himself.

Driving Uber and collecting food stamps? Does he report the uber-income? And why did such a dumb-fuck procreate?

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In some places, being over 50 is considered "senior."

Please send your money to ME!

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He's also gay? Does that mean you are and you're hoping that he finds you attractive? You would need to post a photo for us to judge whether you're worthy...

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They claim to "hate" each other - yet you have to have some pretty strong feelings about someone to hate 'em.

The opposite of love isn't hate... it's apathy.

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Look, Dan (and CIC); you hijack every thread and launch your asinine attacks at each other, including pics such as above. Why don't you just start a thread and use that to act out the arrested development you so clearly display?

Your every post is pretty much a "I know you are, but what am I?" comment We're all adults here - or most of us are - and I hope that I speak for the masses when I tell you that we don't read them nor do we take your comment seriously You appear to enjoy antagonizing each other and contribute absolutely nothing to the conversation. If this is a dick measuring contest, you both have proven you've lost.

How's 'bout you consider that sometime - many, many times - the only thing that you accomplish is to make us take you less and less seriously.

Thanks, by the way, for the photo. Is this a fantasy of what you'd like to do with each other? Please stop.

Just my two cents.

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Awesome. They want to hire someone for $6.50 an hour to advocate for a basic income - that amount is less than minimum wage.

Maybe the dude whining about his college loans on the other thread could use the extra $$$ - he has enough time to write a whiny-ass story about his poor choices, he has the time...

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Original Article:

"Having no appreciation of financial adulthood, I didn’t really understand what these loans were or what repaying them would actually entail—and in a very different student loan terrain than their college days, my parents didn’t either....In my parents’ attempt to protect me from the brunt of their financial hardship, they minimized my understanding of what it would take to pay for school."

Slate article:

"At my exit interview, the college reviewed only my federal loans with me. There was no mention of any private loans. And because student loans are deferred as long as you’re in school, I hadn’t received a bill. Everything they described to me was still an abstraction."

Slate article:

(while at Penn getting my Master's), the associate director of the program suggested I work at Penn full-time and do the degree part-time for free. Looking back, that was obviously sage advice... Save that one brief comment, no one, in five years of higher education, advised me differently or really broke down the cost of my education choices.. I already knew that I had about $70,000 in federal loans from Penn and some federal loans from Conn—but I had no idea I also owed $100,000 in Sallie Mae–serviced private loans....

Slate article

Some relief came in 2011 when I started a new job as a contractor bioethicist in NIH’s Division of AIDS. This was very fortunate, given the economy and the limited career options for someone with a master’s in my field....My situation has finally stabilized, and I should be able to avoid default, though things haven’t improved otherwise. My payments are still crushing, they will be around for decades, and they severely limit my life choices.

So, for those of you keeping score, it's the fault of the college, the system, the gub'mint, the parents, the lenders, and everyone with whom he spoke, except that one guy that one time (in Band Camp?) that told him he was a fucking idiot and should get a fucking job that provided free tuition.

Sure - college is expensive. I know many people who have graduated with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. But none of them were forced to go to college, they chose to attend. Many people choose not to attend college. Education is important - and wayyyyy too expensive. They spend shitloads on football programs (and reap millions in ticket sales supporting the oppressive and retaliatory NCAA; another story for another day...); they tenure professors who have no business teaching and like the government, aren't effectively managed as they would be in the private sector. But do they force people to attend? Are they disingenuous when encouraging people to borrow money to buy an expensive degree?

IMHO, there's no difference between the process of buying a car or getting a school loan (except school usually costs more). People purchase cars all the time... the salesman does his best to get the customer to buy the most expensive car possible. They rarely discuss real costs such as insurance, registration, upkeep, etc. Are car salesmen responsible if the idiot with whom they are dealing falls for their spiel?

This guy bought the hype, chose to attend an expensive college and willingly signed responsibility for $200k in student loans on top of the grant monies he received. As an ethicist, surely somewhere along the way in his EIGHT years (or more) of college they covered the concept of personal responsibility - but he drank the Kool-Aid and agreed to pay for it later.

It would be, like, so super way awesome if he were to learn from his choices. Instead, he whines about his life choices being limited as a result of the choices he has made in his life.

What an ass.

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Tenpoundbass says

Yeah the people who get very rich harvesting hoodrat body parts, while cheeky laughing about how it's pure profit because the Tax payers are footing the bill for their whole elaborate enterprise.

They didn't get "very rich" harvesting body parts. They sold some of them in order to recoup some of their costs - nearly every hospital does the same. Read the fine print next time you are admitted. So much is learned from the research, although if you want a good read about someone whose cells were so valuable they were reproduced ad nauseum, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." This woman's cellular matter has been used for years without the patient (now deceased), her family or anyone except the hospital that harvested them and the researchers, drug companies, etc. Drug companies who obtain patents on human genes make hundreds of millions of dollars for them every year - do you think that's okay simply because Planned Parenthood isn't always the origin of their research subjects?

They were deceptive in their approach, heavily edited their videos to perpetuate the myth that planned parenthood is making $ off selling fetuses. They should be paid for harvesting the fetuses in the same way that kidney donors must pay out of pocket to donate their organs; altho the recipient's insurance often covers the cost, according to the UNOS website.

Estimated U.S. Average 2011 Billed Charges Per Kidney Transplant

Pre-surgery: $17,000
Procurement: $67,500
Hospital Transplant Admission: $91,200
Operating MD: $18,500
Post Transplant Hospital Admit: $50, 800

Notice the "Procurement" cost; this to harvest the organ (and also covers the hospital stay for the donor). If we were to follow the logic of the Center for Medical Progress, the hospital shouldn't be paid to harvest the organ. I guess the donor should cut themselves open and hand it to the surgeon themselves? And, talk about profiting from organ donation, the for-profit hospitals who perform transplants make tons of money from these procedures.

They aren't whistle blowers, they are people with an agenda who manipulated the American public with their heavily edited videos. If someone were to record a conversation with you over the course of a few hours, they could get enough content to allege you are functionally retarded in your mental/emotional development. .

While you probably aren't, once the video is out the damage is done.

BTW, I'm shocked you didn't blame it on Obama.

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The whitey mentioned above should be a realtor.

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Ironman says

I think at this point I owe about $40,000. I really, truly, honestly don't want to pay it back. Sure, I realize the responsibility I took on when I signed the papers and agreed to take out the loans, but I should have never had to do it in the first place. I feel some sort of civic duty not to pay them back, as if my small protest will make any kind of difference. "

Hopefully, his experience will provide some insight to borrowers. I own a house - or at least, a very small part of the first floor - and my partner, the bank, refuses to discuss my desire to remain in the residence, while never paying back a dime. I feel that it's my civic duty to take such a stand.

On a related note, does anyone have a place where I can live? And can I bring the menagerie?

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It seems as though we've come so far - with our life expectancies, health, technology, pretty much everything. And yet the lack of sexual education & the ability to access birth control for young'uns is still severely lacking. I believe that this should be discussed at home, at school, at church, at pretty much everywhere.

Surprise! I'm a secret Liberal, just been hiding it...

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I'm appalled at the current election circus. No words.

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Rin says

Except that a non-hoe may complain about the *guy's* music and want to listen to some Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Lady Gaga.

The elevator to Hell has an exclusive production deal with these ladies, so you should try to be a good person or you'll be listening this shit on your elevator ride to the basement.

YesYNot says

I'm curious of the practical aspects of boinking hoes.

Good point(s). I think the whole cleanliness and residue issue grosses me the fuck out too much to make light of this angle. The best thing to do is to become outrageously wealthy and pay for a mistress to be available at your beck & call. I'm sure there are agencies out there that provide 24-hour "care," much like in-home caregiving agencies. That way, you would have a woman who wasn't swimming in germs and STD's. And if you pay enough, she will dress up or role play whatever you want. It would be perfect - you could fulfill the need of being her "protector" by paying the bill. And you would never have to listen to her whiny-ass stories.

The other possibility would be for you to buy a real life-sized sex doll. That's cheaper and you can bleach her all you want.

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they need to wait until all the bundys leave the ranch (it's a piece of shit in the middle of the desert) and then block it off. Ammon Bundy thinks his shit doesn't stink because he hasn't had any ramifications. He's a useless piece of shit.

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bgamall4 says

I mean, come on Iwog no rational person could assume that this man lost a child a few hours before

So you are an expert on people? Everyone is different, every grieves differently - and yes, people do smile or laugh even after tragedies. In my 30 year career I have been present at hundreds of deaths, and have seen everything from crying, screaming, physical violence, and even laughter.

bgamall4 says

I would even show the court all the writings I have done showing I am expression my opinion.

Not necessary - your am expression in your opinion doesn't matter to anyone but you. We like to fuck with you, but don't take you seriously. I doubt that anyone actually does.

bgamall4 says

There are lots of other things that truthers could show the courts

How about a statement from your psychiatrist? One that says you take your meds as prescribed would be nice. One that says you possess any sense of reality would be very nice. You are the guy at the party who everyone tries to avoid.

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I would have walked out. Don't have a problem with the muslim thing, just don't like surprise sermons of any type.

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Same to you! I've been much more of a lurker than a poster over the past couple of years, mostly due to a few people who hijack nearly every thread with their whiny-ass high school drama. But I still lurk, meaning that the draw is still there.

Here's a toast to my friend Patrick, who IMHO hasn't wasted the past four years. But I have.... and am proud to say it.

...and here's a toast to those who have stuck around a long time - who remember bearmarket (a kid who lived with his parents in Florida and dreamed of moving to Pennsatucky. Those who were so freakin' hilarious I would laugh out loud and snort diet pop out my nose....

...and here's a toast to being able to type after a joint and a couple of glasses of wine. To all of you out there, Happy New Year & I wish you the best.

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Strategist says

Notice......the more liberal you are, the more likely you are to whine, cry and ignore.

I am so fucking liberal, I had no choice but to be a Social Worker. But not whiny - my ex was whiny and I told him he sounded like a woman with PMS. Didn't go over well...

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Blurtman says

Go Mac.

I agree

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