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  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    CiC - were you infected with the one strain that was circulating that year?

    I have no doubt that you and your best friend Curmudgeon Shutup have experienced a strain of the flu. I was simply pointing out that there is more than one strain, and to say that the way to endure it is "mind over matter" is a complete and total crock of shit.

    First, there's the whole "many strains, some of which can become fatal" aspect of the flu.

    Then, there's the issue of good health staving off the flu. If you are healthy, it helps to alleviate some flu symptoms. However, even the healthiest person can develop a fatal case of the flu.

    By the way, those people who actually have the flu and don't self isolate are the ones who infect the rest of the population. If you are sick, you should stay home.

    To imply that a man is less masculine simply because he had a bad case of the flu is just plain crazy. Your name is apropos.

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Why Mark Wahlberg should not get a pardon, elliemae said:

    The article says that he needs to receive a pardon in order to serve on some boards for at-risk youth. Why doesn't he just give them a shit-ton of money?

    That would be better all the way around.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    There are many strains of the flu - some will kick your ass for days. Call it Crazy says

    Fix your general health an don't be a pansy and you won't suffer for 2 weeks from the flu, it will pass a lot faster!

    When I've gotten the flu, which is rare, It might slow me down to half-speed for a day or two max, then I suck it up and deal with it until it passes. It's mind over matter.

    The flu is a virus. It's not "mind over matter," no matter what you think. People actually die from the flu. You've been lucky and haven't been infected with one of the worse strains of the flu.

    It'll kick your ass. Even if you wear ladies panties whilst you accuse others of doing the same.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    Is there anything that the Captain doesn't blame on everyone else (or Obama) - and about which he is actually informed? He's increasingly pissed off every day, and sounds like my crazy uncle right before we put him in the psych ward.

    Zat you, Uncle Sol?

  • On 6 Dec 2014 in Everybody farts. But here are 9 surprising facts about flatulence, elliemae said:

    I'm a girl. We don't fart, we "fluff."

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