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producers mine small claims court cases for semi-interesting ones an People go onto "judge judy" to resolve their issues and split the $5,000 fee they receive for appearing. If a person is awarded $2,500, the remaining $2,500 is split between the two "litigants." If they have little self respect and want to be ridiculed by those people who stay home all day to watch court shows (as well as by a judge who is mean as shit), they make a little money and get a trip to NYC or wherever it's filmed.

She's a mean-ass woman who calls people liars and makes fun of them. She's the Sarah Palin of her profession.

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FortWayne says

It brings people like that guy who was arrested for male prostitution, just like Roman empire that collapsed when someone could rent small boys. Liberals can be very disgusting people.

Yes, Liberals are disgusting people. I, for one, am glad that Republicans are preservationists of the 'merican heterosexual way of life. Like these guys:

Randy Boehning anti-gay ND Lawmaker/gay man who sent explicit photos on gay website
Steve Wiles - anti-gay/NC Lawmaker/gay man who in a previous life was a drag queen/emcee at gay drag club. He forgot to mention that to his consituents.
George Rekers - anti-gay lobbiest/author/rentboy patron
Pastor Eddie Long - Georgia anti-gay televangelist, settled lawsuit by 4 young men
Troy King - Alabama Atty General/vocal anti-gay rights activist who was caught in bed with another man by his wife
Richard Curtis - cross-dressing anti-gay Washington State Lawmaker who hired a male prostitute and stiffed him (pun intended) on payment
Ted Haggard - televangelist caught with male prostitute smoking meth in 3 year relationship. "I'm not homosexual, I'm hetero wth issues."
Glen Murphy Jr - "head" of Young Republicans caught blowing another man without his consent while he slept
David Dreier - anti-gay lawmaker/George Bush supporter who paid a staff member to be his boyfriend
Bruce Barclay - lawmaker who believed homosexuality to be a sin of nature/star of hundreds of self-made amateur porn videos
Roy Ashburn - conservative California State Senator who was arrested for DUI after leaving gay bar with another man.
Larry Craig - Staunch anti-gay Idaho lawmaker caught picking up men in airport bathroom.
Ed Schrock - 100% anti-gay lawmaker outed for soliciting sex on gay phone line
Robert "Tex" Allen - Florida lawmaker arrested for offering to blow an undecocer cop in a park for $20
Mark Foley - Anti-gay lawmaker who once called allegations of his being gay "revolting and unforgiveable." Oh- admitted gay man
Philip Hinkle - Anti-gay Indiana lawmaker who paid an 18yo male he met on Craigslist to keep quite about their affair by buying him gifts.

I don't give a shit what gay or straight people do in their private lives but when people attempt to infringe upon other people's rights while participating in the very behavior they claim to be abhorrent and "disgusting" I am deeply offended. Just as am I offended by people who start asinine threads like this one.

Fort Wayne, you do appear to focus quite a bit of your energy on liberals and gays. Like these lawmakers who were fixated on the subject, I wonder what an investigation into your history might bring. Did you play contact sports? Did you shower with the other boys? Did you like it?

Please, do tell.

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Strategist says

It's entirely possible for a married couple, both signing up on Ashley Madison for affairs, and ending up with each other in a hotel room. :)

Only if they like Pina Coladas...

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bgamall4 says

I have never done that, but I do have a keyless car. I have forgotten to turn the car off when I go out of sequence in the process. And you can't hear that it is on. You don't know that it isn't off. It does require paying attention to the situation and not being distracted to get out of your sequence. You have to make sure you push the button hard enough to turn the car off, as well.

I have a chevy POS model, it doesn't have keyless ignition. Sometimes it's difficult to hear if the car is on when I'm inside, but I have the ability to reason and follow up to ensure that it is either on or off, depending upon what I want it to do. People who can't figure out that their car is on are the same people who can't figure out that they left the baby in the car. No attention to detail.

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In this era of personal responsibility, they are attempting to hold someone personally responsible for their actions. They will settle, the users will receive pennies and the lawyers will get rich.

Gotta love 'merica!

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Subway spokesman hast 6" for your children.

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Not assless chaps - but a woman's ass nonetheless

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I work for a company that monitors emails and texts - and ensures that everything is secure and no patient info is compromised. I find it surprising that the IT team allowed this to happen, and that this wasn't addressed sooner.

It really doesn't matter what Hillary wanted to do - the IT dept should have either made it happen or ensured that it didn't.

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The writer says that there are certain things that should be done when there's an allegation of rape, one of which is that the alleged perpetrator's identity should be withheld until a judge decides whether or not the case has merit.

I agree with this, as long as the judge is qualified to do so. There is such a stigma attached to allegations of sexual abuse of any type, and the accused is almost always assumed to be guilty. Many people would never allege that they were the victim of a sexual crime unless it was true - but there are some crazy people out there who would do so for attention.

With a world of information at our fingertips, even being accused of misconduct can ruin a life. Hopefully this guy gets his life back on track.

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bgamall4 says

Yeah, Strategist, we will see in the end. I keep telling you you will have to wait. Be afraid though. Be very afraid. God will grind you like sausage for your statements in support of Zionism.

Is this your way of saying that the loving and benevolent god of whom you are so fond is vindictive and cruel to those who don't believe in him/her? He/she certainly created you in his image, as long as you add batshit crazy to the description.

HydroCabron says

What an awful compulsion that must be to have.

What I don't understand is that the molesters I've met (professionally) don't seem to think it's a problem. They act like it's their "normal" and they appear to lack any remorse or recognition that they are sexual deviants. I don't believe that they can be rehabilitated, they simply need to go to jail to keep them away from current and future victims.

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A friend worked for a dealership in Vegas - they asked for your license before they let you take a test drive. Then they refused to give your license back, he used to joke about how before everyone had a cell phone customers would walk to a 7-11 nearby to call the cops to get their license back. He recommended having a photocopy of your license to give them if they ask.

Also- once they have your car to "evaluate" as a trade-in, you might not get it back for hours until you either buy a car, or are so pissed they know you never will. The game is to keep you as long as possible until they wear you down.

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She is an attorney who makes $60,000. this is by choice - and she will quit the public job and start making well over $100k within a few years. Sure, she will work hard... but she should have to pay for the loans. She will be able to afford it.

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Obviously, it's the owner of the private university who prospers. An unaccredited art school isn't exactly the place that people can expect to get a real job. Even the accredited schools/university have trouble placing grads.

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Paradise says

dissolved into ANOTHER pissing match (you know, the thing he accuses others of)?

And the majority of the ones doing the pissing, moaning and arguing are the Libbies/Dems here on the forum...

Are you posters ready to face REALITY yet and understand where the REAL problem lies and which group CAUSES the issues?

I'm facing the reality that people feel that they can say ANYTHING and blame EVERYTHING on someone else. If a scientific study were conducted, they would come to the conclusion that it's 50/50 (libs vs conservatives). And that the militant fringe of those groups tend to become increasingly obnoxious when someone disagrees with them.

Your post is an excellent example.

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Paradise says

The neighborhood she was found in is known for it's illegal drug traffic. I wonder what medication she was on?

Mentally ill people tend to self medicate with drugs. Takes the edge off. I recommend that many of you try them... except for the captain, who might want to lay off for awhile. They're not working for you anymore.

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I'm kind of amused at the suggestion that the OP can delete every reply that puts his panties in a knot - that's shaping the message so that it's simply a short story.

There are people who bogart the board. If you don't respond to them, they might go away. if not, at the very least, you're not dealing with them..

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So, a teenage points a gun at the cops and lights one of their cars on fire. Or, as is referred to in NYC, Monday.

Was Obama there? SOB should have donned his superhero cape and stopped the crimes.

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

Untoward it is. Why can't we enjoy more wholesome discussions about skull fucking?

....go on....

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