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  • On 14 Dec 2014 in Teen takes antibiotic, burns 'from inside-out' - No, it's not from the Onion, elliemae said:

    justme says

    I guess it would be too much to ask of the press to name the actual antibiotic that was used in this case.

    It wasn't the antibiotic - it was the reaction Steven's-Johnson syndrome can occur after any medication is taken:

    It's easy to say that she shouldn't have taken the antibiotic, but she could have had a reaction even if her doctor prescribed the med.

    It also bears mentioning that a sore throat is normal for a cold, and doesn't necessarily require an antibiotic.

  • On 11 Dec 2014 in 21-Year-Old Sues Parents to Pay College Tuition -- And Wins!, elliemae said:

    While it's awesome that some parents pay for their kid's college, others don't want to. I don't think that they should be forced to do so.

    Everyone has the right to live their own life and make their own choices... unless they live in New Jersey. Maybe that's why the taxes are so high - so they can pay lawmakers handsomely to pass more stupid-ass laws?

  • On 11 Dec 2014 in Don't pay your student loans, elliemae said:

    That works well for those people who graduated in professional jobs - but those who graduated and work for shit wages can't afford the payments.

    there are a lot of predatory private schools that have helped students jack up their debt while graduating them from useless programs.

  • On 10 Dec 2014 in Tunnel reaches third straw at Lake Mead reservoir after seven years of digging, elliemae said:

    There's still not enough for the growth that they want - so they're attempting to rape the natural resources on the Utah/Nevada border.

    Las Vegas has enough people living there and it's a fucking desert. They should be happy they have the water that they do

  • On 10 Dec 2014 in 21-Year-Old Sues Parents to Pay College Tuition -- And Wins!, elliemae said:

    Call it Crazy says

    It's not mandatory for a parent to pay for a college education.

    According to New Jersey law, it is mandatory under certain conditions. Altho it sucks, it's the law and she sued to have it enforced.

    Seriously - it doesn't matter whether grandpa paid for the father's tuition. It doesn't matter whether the parents are kind & caring or total assholes.

    The law says they have to pay. Laws aren't always right.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in One job, two paychecks from taxpayers, elliemae said:

    There was an article in the vegas papers about a fire captain who retired, will draw well over $100k in pension at 46 years old, and is going to work in California for another $150k.

    some of us have to work for a living. Not get cushy jobs where they work 8 days a month and get paid a shit-ton plus a huge pension.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in So how do we measure artificial intelligence, elliemae said:

    I buy my "artificial intelligence" by the quarter ounce.

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    CiC - were you infected with the one strain that was circulating that year?

    I have no doubt that you and your best friend Curmudgeon Shutup have experienced a strain of the flu. I was simply pointing out that there is more than one strain, and to say that the way to endure it is "mind over matter" is a complete and total crock of shit.

    First, there's the whole "many strains, some of which can become fatal" aspect of the flu.

    Then, there's the issue of good health staving off the flu. If you are healthy, it helps to alleviate some flu symptoms. However, even the healthiest person can develop a fatal case of the flu.

    By the way, those people who actually have the flu and don't self isolate are the ones who infect the rest of the population. If you are sick, you should stay home.

    To imply that a man is less masculine simply because he had a bad case of the flu is just plain crazy. Your name is apropos.

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Why Mark Wahlberg should not get a pardon, elliemae said:

    The article says that he needs to receive a pardon in order to serve on some boards for at-risk youth. Why doesn't he just give them a shit-ton of money?

    That would be better all the way around.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    There are many strains of the flu - some will kick your ass for days. Call it Crazy says

    Fix your general health an don't be a pansy and you won't suffer for 2 weeks from the flu, it will pass a lot faster!

    When I've gotten the flu, which is rare, It might slow me down to half-speed for a day or two max, then I suck it up and deal with it until it passes. It's mind over matter.

    The flu is a virus. It's not "mind over matter," no matter what you think. People actually die from the flu. You've been lucky and haven't been infected with one of the worse strains of the flu.

    It'll kick your ass. Even if you wear ladies panties whilst you accuse others of doing the same.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in Any many mini moe! Flu shots., elliemae said:

    Is there anything that the Captain doesn't blame on everyone else (or Obama) - and about which he is actually informed? He's increasingly pissed off every day, and sounds like my crazy uncle right before we put him in the psych ward.

    Zat you, Uncle Sol?

  • On 6 Dec 2014 in Everybody farts. But here are 9 surprising facts about flatulence, elliemae said:

    I'm a girl. We don't fart, we "fluff."

  • On 4 Dec 2014 in If buyer and seller agree, should appraisers hit the number? - OC Housing News, elliemae said:

    A house should be independently appraised and valued according to comps, etc. That's the value, which is subject to the volatility of the market.

    Taxes are assessed on the "value" of the house, as are mortgages. If the "value" is calculated using the amount paid, it opens the door to widespread fraud. (see "US Housing Bubble" and associated articles)

    If the buyer wants to overpay, that's his & the seller's business. It doesn't mean that a house is worth $500k simply because someone is willing to pay that much for it. It certainly doesn't mean that the bank should make a loan based on the buyers/seller's agreed upon pricing.

    Look at it this way; if a father sells his house to his son for $1.00, does that mean that the house is valued at $1.00? Hell, no.

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in Americans have no idea how the rich live, elliemae said:

    Ceffer says

    What about that show "Two Broke Girls"?

    More like two spoiled, connected Beverly Hills show biz rich kid brats with 50k of plastic surgery apiece and 2k of makeup/styling per show, with wardrobes and lifestyles/accessories slightly dumbed down for the laugh track.

    A while back I read a blind gossip item about Beth Behrs (the blonde chick); allegedly she was having an affair with a studio head and was given the show as a way to shut up about the affair. That makes sense, bitch can't act and that obnoxious, whiny voice is enough to make me long for someone scratching their nails against a chalkboard.

    We don't live like the rich people we like to think that we have the opportunity to do so but we're never gonna make that kind of money.

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in CIC says Iwog is a Pussy for Deleting Comments, elliemae said:

    Tell us how you really feel.

  • On 1 Dec 2014 in This is just low - Obamacares Subscriber Rolls Include Unpublicized Dental Plan, elliemae said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Listen unlike you clowns, I know black people. And they have quit singing Kubaya with evil mother fuckers months ago.

    I've never actually seen one of these elusive people you refer to as "black." According to what I gather from your posts, they all think alike and blindly follow their leader.

    Since you assert that their leader is incompetent, do you believe that they'll blindly follow YOU now? Will we be seeing black people flocking to Florida so they can benefit from the drug hazed reality you appear to believe is "wisdom?" Isn't this what Charles Manson believed - that the blacks would rise up and once they had decimated their enemy (the white man) they would realize that they lacked the expertise and intellect to rule the world and turn to the one white man they could blindly follow?

    Manson is settling down and getting married. His wedding photos might be a little offensive, what with the swastika on his forehead and the fact that he's in his late 100's while his child bride is barely out of diapers. My point is that he's busy, and apparently has called on you to take his place as leader of crazytown. You've proven that you possess the mindset, so you are on your way.

    This Congress has passed fewer bills than any other administration. They continue to cock-block each other, can't agree on anything and spend more time posturing and laying blame on those who dare to disagree with their separatist beliefs - yet you blame Obama.

    But at least you have good tooth.

  • On 1 Dec 2014 in Look who's on lullaby duty., elliemae said:

    sbh says

    You're incapable of making that judgement. But I have an offer for you: if you can come up with anything coherent that you've ever said, show it to us Meathead.

    I've been on this site for many moons, and consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on Ten Ounces of Captain. One time, about five years ago, he uttered a coherent statement. Like the majestic Jackalope, it's real and I saw it.

  • On 30 Nov 2014 in This is just low - Obamacares Subscriber Rolls Include Unpublicized Dental Plan, elliemae said:

    Dental insurance is not actual insurance - it's a plan that helps to mitigate costs. There are annual limits and all procedures aren't covered.

    CaptainShuddup says

    I didn't need no employer insurance or anything else. You know like it used to be when seeing your own family doctor. It was just a simple fee, onetime and that was it .

    If you remember what things were like before insurance, you are really fucking old:

    " 1958, 75% of Americans had some form of health coverage."

    You don't need no employer insurance? I'll bet you believe that you don't need no grammar & spell check, too.

  • On 30 Nov 2014 in Look who's on lullaby duty., elliemae said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Well if there's anything you people have taught me, and that is, people will believe whatever you tell them History said to tell ya.

    You are correct, sir. If you substitute "Karl Rove" for "History," and if your head is up your ass.

  • On 27 Nov 2014 in How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving?, elliemae said:

    Robber Baron Elite Scum says

    Should I go to a strip club tonight so I can orgasm from a lap dance given by some worthless slut to celebrate Black Friday like a true oligarch?

    You go to strip clubs? I would think that you would order up sluts, have your way with them for your pleasure only, and then have them killed. Bury them in the vineyard and the grapes will be well fertilized.


  • On 26 Nov 2014 in How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving?, elliemae said:

    SoftShell says

    "Height restrained ribs" would be the 2014 PC way to express this...

    CaptainShuddup says

    If you're not into Turkey you could do some short ribs in a crock pot.

    You could drink Tequila and diet Dr. Pepper for a proper accompaniment drink.

    I've always known that I'm not overweight. I'm under tall.

  • On 26 Nov 2014 in Obamacare - Medicaid - Starting business - Risk free?, elliemae said:

    Worth a try! Let us know what the pro's say.

  • On 26 Nov 2014 in Report: Caring for family member with Alzheimer's can top $20,000 a year, elliemae said:

    Look at it this way: Someone has to be at home 24/7 to care for the patient. It's cheaper to pay a family member to do what they would do anyway, and to provide supportive care, supplies & medications, than it is to pay for the care in a nursing home.

    There will always be those patients who need care in a facility, but since nursing home care tops $60k per year just for the room & board it would be cheaper to pay someone $30-35k per year to provide pt care. They would need respite sometimes - probably $10k per year or so. So we're up to maybe $50k.

    Facilities don't pay for medications out of the base rate. They can often bill at a higher rate if the patients need specialty care. Also, the cost of nursing homes doesn't take into account the multiple agencies that are paid to provide oversight, annual inspections, process billings, etc. State & Federal funds also pay nursing homes to upgrade call light systems, emergency preparedness systems, etc.

    Even if you take into account that some agency would need to provide support to families, it would be cheaper than the multiple layers of oversight provided to nursing homes to provide sterile care by people who often don't speak the same language as the patient.

    People care for a patient in the home because they can take the time off to do so. Otherwise, they're placed in nursing homes or group homes. The care is often better at home.

  • On 25 Nov 2014 in Report: Caring for family member with Alzheimer's can top $20,000 a year, elliemae said:

    zzyzzx says

    Only 20K? Most of these people belong in a nursing home.

    Nursing homes cost $60k (plus) per year. Most nursing home patients are paid for out of Medicaid dollars. Just curious - wouldn't you agree that it's best to subsidize care in the home (hard to qualify for these programs) at $20 to $40k per year than to pay $upwards of $60k for nh placement? care in the home is better, cheaper and more personal.

    nursing homes check on patients every couple of hours. families check on them more often. food is better at home, etc.

    zzyzzx says

    Only 20K? Most of these people belong in a nursing home.


  • On 25 Nov 2014 in How Can I Celebrate Thanksgiving?, elliemae said:

    Ceffer says

    I'm grateful nobody will be eating a bucket of rancid clams and taking a dump on me.

    Well, there goes my plan for the day.

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