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  • On 19 Apr 2014 in Bay Area Obamacare mystery: Where are the patients?, elliemae said:

    curious2 says

    Sarcasm does not refute facts, it merely shows partisans' utter contempt for the opinion of most Americans and partisans' refusal to accept that most people are right to oppose this legislation. In this particular instance, what Obamneycare's sarcasm boosters refuse to understand is that the patients are not really in charge. Instead, partisans echo each other and try to turn every day into April Fool's Day. (Read the history of that day; amazingly, with enough force and repetition, such foolishness can actually prevail.) Arrogance swaddles itself in sarcasm, while wisdom seeks ever more knowledge.

    Again, people have access to healthcare now that they didn't before. All the other rhetoric is just blah blah blah.

    We get it - you hate being required to have insurance - something that I believe you've repeatedly stated that you already had. And you're pissed that people are required to have healthcare coverage - even though we have all been paying out the ass for people to receive care in the ER and expensive hospitalizations when their conditions became emergent.

    Your endless blathering on about how horrible the ACHA is, and how SSRI's are the root of all evil and that it's all Obama's fault, have given me a headache.

    So, I'm off to the ER to see if they'll give me some Zomig, Relpax or Imitrex. I purposely waited until the urgent care was closed - because I have health insurance.

  • On 19 Apr 2014 in Bay Area Obamacare mystery: Where are the patients?, elliemae said:

    Call it Crazy says

    When is your lobotomy scheduled??

    The doctor's office said that they've got a bunch of Obamahaters who will require lobotomies before the rest of us, so we're both on a waiting list.

    And they said that there wouldn't be wait lists. Assholes!

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Bay Area Obamacare mystery: Where are the patients?, elliemae said:

    marcus says

    I've had health care for many years, but rarely go to the doctor.

    Really? I go to the doctor every day - sometimes 3 or 4 times per day, simply because I have insurance.

    I don't worry about co-payments, deductibles, etc because I have insurance.

    I fill many expensive prescriptions every day without worrying about them being Tier 1, 2, or 3 - simply because I have insurance.

    I embrace all risky behaviors and invite all of you to do so too, simply because I have insurance and now so do you.

    Just yesterday I was juggling 4 cellphones and texting while jaywalking across a busy intersection in a high-crime area, because I can! I did it because I have insurance.

    Like Curious2 has stated (and I'm paraphrasing), people no longer have to worry about being discharged from the ER without treatment and now have the opportunity to be misdiagnosed in a primary care setting and to receive SSRIs as part of some vast conspiracy - simply because they have insurance.

    Please - do share all of the behaviors you embrace now that you have insurance. Mountain Climbing without gear? Np. Mudwrestling with overweight women? Np Demolition Derby? Np. Teasing cats? Np.

  • On 17 Apr 2014 in 12 million Americans misdiagnosed each year, elliemae said:

    curious2 says

    They are required to prepay for the visit whether they go or not, and if they actually do need or want something (e.g. a vaccine) that requires an Rx then they are required to go for permission.

    They don't prepay for the visit - many people have low or no cost insurance. And if they require something that needs an RX they do have to go for permission. But they've always had to do this. You do realize that, before "obamacare," medical practices required stuff like prescriptions and MD visits?

    curious2 says

    Now, nobody has a choice anymore.

    People do have a choice as to whether they wish to seek treatment or not. They don't have to go, but they now have access.

    curious2 says

    And, having Obamneycare insurance doesn't mean having access to the right doctors, or the right drugs, though it probably does enable access to teratogenic SSRIs.

    And, we're back to SSRI's? Before affordable healthcare many people had no access to healthcare. Now they have access - not sure how the reasonable person can gauge which is the "right" doctor...

    Am I to deduce from your last statement that under the Affordable Healthcare Act they should have mandated that all doctors should be forced to see all patients and that all patients should have access to all drugs? That you believe that the ACA didn't go far enough?

    Oh, the horror!

  • On 17 Apr 2014 in 12 million Americans misdiagnosed each year, elliemae said:

    curious2 says

    In America, our system of mandatory subsidized insurance enforces dependence on official expertise.

    Flawed supposition. People might be required to have insurance, but they aren't required to go to the doctor. Therefore, they aren't dependent on official expertise - they merely have access to official expertise.

    People won't seek out professional opinions simply because they have access to insurance. They will, however, have access to healthcare should they choose to seek such a professional opinion.

    Many people had no choice before the Affordable Healthcare Act was enacted; they had no access to treatment other than to go to the ER. They were treated & streeted asap so that the hospital didn't lose money - so they weren't part of the study.

    I wonder how many of the uninsured who weren't admitted nor were tests run were misdiagnosed? Told that their needs weren't emergent and that they should follow up with their primary MD (even though they didn't have one, nor did they have access to one)?

    The other day on Facebook some idiot posted the following: "Every drug that was recalled by the FDA was first proven to be safe and effective by the FDA."


  • On 15 Apr 2014 in Heroes for Freedom Eager to Use Women as Human Shields in Bundypalooza Shootouts, elliemae said:

    Aw, something near & dear to me. You see, I know the Bundys. That's a huge family in my neck of the woods.

    Mr Bundy's "supporters" showed up with guns, ready to shoot. They're continuing to provide "security" for the Bundys, even though the govt has no snipers in the hills. But hey, if it keeps them in the news, so be it. They've bought into the drama, but they also got the BLM to release Mr. Bundy's cattle.

    The BLM has been telling Mr. Bundy to remove his cattle from the range for 20 years in order to preserve the hallowed hunting grounds of the desert tortoise.

    Mr. Bundy hasn't paid his grazing fees for 20 years, so says the BLM. However, the BLM probably isn't willing to accept the payments if he had attempted to make them. The BLM is also attempting to cut the grazing rights of many ranchers in the west:

    It's not all cut & dried out here on the range, where there are few structures and ranchers have grazed their cattle for over 100 years.

    An example of the definition of "few structures:" A few years ago, it seemed like the whole state of Utah was on fire. The fire blazed through 363,052 acres and burned two structures. Yep - two.

    My point is that this seems like such a simple issue for both sides - but the truth is different. The west is being declared off limits by the federal government (they say because of the drought) in an attempt to "manage" the range. The small cattlemen, none of whom are wealthy, are being pushed out of an area that is so rugged there are no homes for miles in any direction. Ranchers help the wildlife - they provide watering stations for their cattle that are also used by local wildlife.

    Please remember that the herd of which we are speaking is spread over many miles, so much so that the BLM hired helicopters & planes to help round up the animals.

    By the way, Cap'n. You love to claim that libs hate guns. I've made no secret that I'm "liberal," but I also own 3 guns and intend to buy more. I like to go shooting, am pretty good at it. Come over to my house unannounced in the middle of the night and see how my aim is. :)

  • On 15 Apr 2014 in Electronic bracelets for gun owners???, elliemae said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    The DOJ already has bracelets for gun owners, the one's on parole. And it doesn't stop them from blowing people away with Guns they got because Holder put them on the black market.

    Holder put them on the black market? A "Saturday night special" has always been available for a few bucks. Sure, it might blow up in your hands, but that's a small price to pay for freedom.

    Why do you hate freedom, Cap'n?

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in Just ask a melinial they'll know..., elliemae said:

    I want what you're smoking.

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in Just ask a melinial they'll know..., elliemae said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    No they aren't part time jobs isn't yielding the kind of Cheddar I'll need.

    Besides most all part timers will get all of their tax contributions back plus some.

    Well, at least they can spell and formulate a sentence.

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in Just ask a melinial they'll know..., elliemae said:

    Ya know, Cap'n - there's no such thing as a "melinial." Did you mean Millennial?

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in I hope some law suits will come out of this, elliemae said:

    You're absolutely right, AF. Vaccines are completely useless.

    Smallpox, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Neonatal Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Polio, Malaria... all of these diseases miraculously cured themselves and those countries that haven't offered the vaccines have been limping along just fine.

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in I hope some law suits will come out of this, elliemae said:

    Iosef V HydroCabron says

    Give up. That's waay too subtle a distinction for minds that howl bitterly with Fox on BenghaziCare, but never ask why Fox cheered us into Iraq.

    Before the Cap'n got senile he was able to hold conversations and think for himself. I guess that I miss the old days, when he had more to say that "I hate Obama."

  • On 11 Apr 2014 in Honolulu Ambulances Have a Growing Bedbug Problem, elliemae said:

    They're everywhere.

  • On 11 Apr 2014 in I hope some law suits will come out of this, elliemae said:

    I did read the link, and as with many drugs, it appears that both the USA and British governments drank the Kool-Aid without adequately researching the effectiveness of the meds.

    However, I'm unsure where the Cap'n gets the following info:

    CaptainShuddup says

    ...agencies that chastised people for not getting shots, suing the doctors that gave those worthless shots, and suing the drug companies, as well as suing the FDA for recommending that everyone get a shot, so much so people have become publicly chastised over it.

    Tamiflu is not the H1N1 vaccine. There is no mention of people being chastised for refusing to take Tamiflu or that doctors gave "worthless shots of Tamiflu." The FDA hasn't recommended that everyone get a Tamiflu shot - in fact, Tamiflu is normally administered by capsule or oral suspension. It is not a shot.

    Your outrage over the government seems to permeate your every post, effectively diluting whatever message you are attempting to share.

  • On 11 Apr 2014 in Horror at Work Today, elliemae said:

    I worked for a nursing home that failed its annual survey. Then, it failed the re-survey. After that, it failed the 3rd go-round, causing admissions and federal/state payments to be held while a plan of corrections was developed, accepted and then implemented.

    Each time the inspectors came into the building, the administrator suspected that they knew exactly which charts to review. Of course, the more plausible explanation was that pretty much every chart included errors, fraudulent behaviors and/or blatant ignorance of even the minimal standards of care.

    So, I'm sitting in a meeting with the entire administrative team in yet another endless, useless meeting between the 2nd & 3rd inspections, and the administrator says that she feels like someone is sabotaging her... and one of the nurses declared her love and respect for the administrator in a most nauseating display of support.

    After the nurse was done sucking up, the woman next to her agreed and added a few superlatives of her own. And then the next person, etc ad nauseum.

    When it came to me, I simply looked at the person sitting on my right and said, "your turn." I was suspended later that day.

    It's probably worth mentioning that the administrator was walked out of the building a few weeks later, although she is still employed in the field.

  • On 7 Apr 2014 in Honolulu Ambulances Have a Growing Bedbug Problem, elliemae said:

    That sucks.

  • On 2 Apr 2014 in Sellers are ditching realtors, pocketing the 6% themselves, elliemae said:

    HeadSet says

    A buyer's agent works with people wanting to purchase homes, by presenting listings and driving clients to properties.

    Sure, they look at the mls and in the paper and fsbo sites and drive-bys - but they only show those homes where they'll get a commission. And they don't leave their seat to do it. They also favor listings with higher commissions or those that are "in-shop.' In other words, they don't do much for you.

    FSBO is the way to go.

  • On 1 Apr 2014 in Sellers are ditching realtors, pocketing the 6% themselves, elliemae said:

    HeadSet says


    Not really. All a realtor does is sign a contract, then wait for buyers to come along. All a buyer's agent does is hope someone comes along that wants to buy a house.

    Realtors are obsolete. Just like those people who go to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, etc. for their taxes to be done. Sheeple obviously don't realize that the person who is doing their taxes is a seasonal worker with little or no tax experience who plugs information into a computer program and tells you the same info that the tax programs provide for free.

    There's a sucker born every minute.

  • On 1 Apr 2014 in psst... Hey check it out..., elliemae said:

    clambo says

    Nobody is signing up for it.

    Really? Do you mean, nobody (other than the millions of people who signed up for it) are signing up for it? Just curious.

    Healthcare should never be an option

  • On 30 Mar 2014 in Funny picture thread, elliemae said:

    Ceffer says

    Bubbabear says

    She's burping after swallowing a sumo wrestler.

    How did you get a copy of my picture? That's for me and my sweetie - and a wide lens camera - to enjoy.

  • On 30 Mar 2014 in Doctor population rate grows faster than state's growth, elliemae said:

    John Bailo says

    With Obamacare heading us down the road of making independent practice impossible,

    I know many independent practitioners. "Obamacare" is a method of paying for healthcare, not a type of care in itself. There have been changes in billing and cutbacks for years that have nothing to do with President Obama.

    John Bailo says

    I was just reading that they want to "un-tenure" some professors because their law schools aren't bringing in the dollars or guaranteeing jobs like they used to.

    There is no other profession that I know of that guarantees a job for life. In exchange for a mediocre salary, a professor has a job forever. As I recall, a few of my professors were good teachers. The rest were biding their time until retirement.

  • On 29 Mar 2014 in Some Thoughts On The Best Way To Die, elliemae said:

    Steven Wright:

    My girlfriend asked me, "If you could know when - and how - you were going to die would you want to know?"

    I thought about it for a moment, then said, "No."

    "Okay," she said. "Nevermind..."

  • On 29 Mar 2014 in More warnings about 401Ks, elliemae said:

    I'm not a fan of the 401(k). I worked for a company where the CFO had just absconded with the 401(k) and people lost their entire retirement.

    Also - Enron froze their stock in the retirement funds so that employees couldn't cash out (stock was at $36+) while Lay & Schilling cashed out millions. The 401(k) was mainly company stock - which went to $0.00 in less than 90 days.

    I simply don't trust my company.

  • On 29 Mar 2014 in On 'Late'-In-Life Virginity Loss, elliemae said:

    Slow news day.

  • On 29 Mar 2014 in Doctor population rate grows faster than state's growth, elliemae said:

    errc says


    No shit. If you had any idea how many people have tried ozone treatments, acupuncture, acupressure, vitamins, gluten-free diets, magnets, raw food diets, etc as their only method of treating a disease, it would disgust you.

    There are iridologists, holistic practitioners, etc who prescribe the vitamins that they sell and claim to heal people from cancer, etc. People believe them and buy into it... and die. I've seen family members sign patients out of hospitals so that they could seek such treatment - we see them when they're in the ER screaming in pain.

    Nothing wrong with eating right, cutting back on sugar & exercising, etc But just like the great coral calcium scam, some people will believe anything.

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