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turtledove says

Clearly, the bar is set very low for people who want to run for public office.

Amen, sista!

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Ceffer says

Yikes! It's the "Eddie Haskell and the Beaver" ticket!

Reminds me of an old joke: What's the dirtiest thing said on tv in the 50's?

"Ward, don't you think you were a little hard on the beaver last night?"

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Well, Dan, you could always have a sex-change operation. Then you would have the same protections as women.

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According to the US Senate, the qualifications to "serve" as senator are:

"The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U.S. Senate: age (at least thirty years of age); U.S. citizenship (at least nine years); and residency in the state a senator represents at time of election."

They left out that they must be breathing and/or have a pulse.... or maybe that's not a requirement.

These are the idiots attempting to represent us in Washington. Yay!

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I can't get my panties in a knot over $800,000. As my ex-husband, a scientist on the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Disposal boondoggle (and many other people, I'm sure) once said, "A million here, a million there, pretty soon it adds up to real money..."

Puget Sound Boondoggle:

1. The $34 million empty building | U.S. taxpayers paid for a vast military headquarters at Camp Leatherneck (shown) in Afghanistan. But the building will never be used by troops, who are withdrawing. Americans also paid $80 million for a new consulate there that won't be used because of security concerns.

2. Paying non-farmers under 'temporary' farm subsidy program | It's costing U.S. taxpayers $5 billion a year under a temporary program started in the 1990s that was supposed to end but didn't. One Central Park millionaire has no idea why the government is paying her thousands of dollars a year under the program.

3. IRS spending nearly $50 million on conferences | The nation's chief tax collector says the three-year outlay came under a previous, profligate spending era. The money included training videos that spoofed "Star Trek" (pictured) and "Gilligan's Island.''

4. Buying 'likes' on Facebook | The State Department spent $630,000 for more Facebook friends for four of its social media sites. An inspector-general's report in July found that only 2 percent of the new 'likes' actually interacted on the sites.

5. Out-of-control camouflage | In 2002, the U.S. military had two types of camouflage uniforms. Now it has 10, and there was pressure among the military branches for more before Congress voted to stop any expansion. But government duplication is rampant. There are 209 federal programs to improve math and science skills, for example.

6. The Federal Helium Program | The Age of Zeppelins is gone — but the government's regulation and maintenance of a helium reserve floats on. Lawmakers have been trying to kill it since the age of flappers and Prohibition. No luck, not even this year. It's a program the "Walking Dead'' would admire.

7. No, take the refund | Sometimes the IRS gives back more than it should. This year, it wrongly refunded more than $11 billion under the Earned-Income Tax Credit. Oh well

8. Why, hello, Uncle Sam! | The government has paid nearly $1 billion in bank fees on non-interest-bearing accounts. Repeating: The government didn't get a dime in interest on a myriad of bank accounts, yet didn't consolidate, didn't get a no-fee waiver, just paid those monthly and per-use fees. Smart, huh?

9. Help us save. Or not. | The government asked the public for budget-cutting ideas. Nearly 86,000 suggestions poured in. Alas, the government didn't listen.

10. Arrivals? Departures? Nope. | Few planes go to one Oklahoma airport. That's okay — it gets plenty of federal money anyway

11. Funding duck genital studies | That's right: $384,949 worth of research on the personal regions of the Muscovy duck, paid by the National Science Foundation. Republicans in Congress made a stink. Researcher Patricia Brennan fought back. “Genitalia, dear readers, are where the rubber meets the road, evolutionarily,” she wrote in Slate. “I love it. I think it’s fascinating.''

12. Wasted green | Sometimes bad government loans attract private investment — and both sides lose. Wannabe plug-in electric hybrid car company Fisker Automotive got $529 million from the government, a move that encouraged $1.1 billion in private capital. The company was nearly bankrupt by May 2013. At left, a visitor inspects a Fisker electric car during the 83rd Geneva Motor Show in March.

13. More wasted green (Solyndra) | It happened before. Taxpayers were left with a $500 million liability when the solar company folded last year — without any discernible benefits. The guarantee program that rained taxpayer money on Solyndra and seven other ''green'' industries was slow-moving and bureaucracy-intensive; it took 100 to 200 federal officials and contractors to decide who would receive the loan guarantees. The program “had no meaningful impact on the economy, no meaningful impact on the energy system,” Harvard economist Joseph Aldy concluded. “The dollars spent per ton of carbon avoided are very high . . . as an economist, you actually can’t estimate infinity.”

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Quigley says

Moral of story: don't call the cops for every little thing. They have one tool (a gun) so every problem tends to look like it needs shooting...

A family member sitting in a vehicle about to end their life (and possibly that of other motorists) isn't "every little thing."

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Well, if that's true, I should be a billionaire 'cuz I haven't earned much my whole life.

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P N Dr Lo R says

Yes, it was a woman driver.

As if it were even a question?

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It's a proven fact if you eat subway sandwiches and molest children, you will lose weight. Why bother with grapes?

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iwog says

Possession of child porn should be illegal however it's not something we really want to kill someone over. In Jared's case, I think it's pretty clear he used child pornography to avoid acting on his urges to molest children.

"Pretty clear?" WTF? If a person is interested in kiddie porn, chances are very good he would act on it if he had the opportunity.

iwog says

I'd also like to remind everyone that Mary Kay Letourneau fucked a 13-year old boy repeatedly and wasn't even given jail time until she broke her parole and made another baby in the back of her car. Insane amounts of female privilege and hatred against men persist and make a mockery of Western feminism.

Mary Kay was a mentally ill woman who should have gotten as much jail time (in the beginning) as would a man. Then, when she proved her inability to practice impulse control, she should have gotten more jail time. She used her position of power and authority to seduce a child; I don't care if the perpetrator is a teacher or a coach or anyone in a position of authority, it's just plain sick to use your position to seduce a child.

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But he's so pretty. I mean, except the teardrop tattoo that will be removed, the fact that he's in a gang, has a violent past. This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

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Ironman says

7. The Only Safe Space Is Your Home

Unless there's toxic gas, you have poison in your pipes, you live over a sinkhole, your home was constructed with Chinese drywall, your floors are the formaldehyde model fom Lumber Liquidators....

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iwog says

Even I, the paragon of virtue

And I thought Donald Trump was the biggest liar in the US.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver detailed Trumps business acumen. Don't get why people think he's so awesome.

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Perverts are the only people who look at porn? The world is filled with perverts, then.

place a photo of a naked person, or people having sex, in front of the normal person, and they will look If they don't, they're unnatural. WTF?

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Ironman says

Republicans support Americans killing Americans with guns.

Well, it's a lot easier than using a broom stick.

Every time I use a stick, some asshole comes along yelling "Tankety-tankety tank!" and runs me over.

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FortWayne says

Woman cuts off child head, Obama supports her.... Yet liberals living in their fantasy land want more of those people in our country as refugees. This is a living proof of why liberals are fucking stupid.

Words cannot express how insegrevious your attitude is.

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Each nursing home is required to have a bed-hold policy, often 24-72 hours. However, if the patient is admitted to a hospital the home is under no obligation to take him back once that hold time has expired. Even if the state demands the facility take the patient back, the facility can fight it.

The problem for the facility is hospital referrals - if the nursing home refuses a patient, they might not receive any more referrals from that hospital. Of course the patient has the right to choose a facility but hospital case managers and social workers can easily manipulate patients into choosing another facility. So many nursing homes accept patients back because they are afraid of the hospital not referring - and that could extend to each hospital in the chain.

The person who makes the decision to admit (or not) a patient to a nursing home isn't a floor charge nurse or social worker - it's the Director of Nursing and the Administrator (along with a minimally trained admission person who pushes the paper). The social workers rarely get to make these decisions, because if we did we would admit every patient regardless of payment source or issue.

I work for a hospice - we turned away a patient whose social work needs were so vast that it would be a real challenge. My boss chose not to accept the patient for no good reason other than she was having a bad day. I fyou put a patient in front of a healthcare professional - regardless of payment source or social issues - we treat them. Administrators and bean counters are the ones who make the decisions.

Nearly every hospital has long term patients because they can't find a discharge plan. These patients are often sent to a nursing home that is considerably less than desirable. I worked for a hospital in Nevada where we sent our difficult patients to a small town 200 miles away - the facility was nicknamed "the dumping grounds" by professionals. They accepted pretty much anyone, regardless of payment source or family preference. Every state has at least one of these nursing homes.

There are toothless agencies, such as ombudsmen, who visit facilities and advocate for patients. However, when referred to agencies that can enforce the rules and make the nursing home take a patient back, these agencies usually don't follow up. Unless there is financial or personal exploitation, they have better things to do.

Sure it's a problem. Worthy of that article? Nah. There are many patients with this issue and that one patient isn't the best poster child. DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

social workers like our hero from Utah...

My cape is tarnished. But I'm trying. Thanks for the shout-out.

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He had to practice kissing his wife before his announcement. I can certainly see why - they acted like they had never touched each other before.

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Dude posted a photo of someone on social media and made a stupid comment. If this were illegal, there would be no social media. The entire internet exists because of stupid people videos, cat videos, people of Walmart, candid photos...

I can see where she might be upset - although she wanted to draw attention to herself by displaying a campaign sticker across her laptop. What I can't understand is why she assaulted him with her hot water.

She hit him first! His was self-defense.

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