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5644 Yolanda Ave., #2 Tarzana CA 91356

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Off again on another Saturday as I round the corner to go around the block to a traffic signal, there is an open house sign, there is parking, I park. As I enter the gated area, I realize I have seen this property before, I don't believe anyone has lived there since 2011, this is at least the second flip attempt. The agent Karim is very polite. The property has an unusual set up, entering into a small foyer is the living room and open kitchen to the left. There is room to add a breakfast bar and more cabinets. Down a small hallway I open a door on the left, it is the bathtub and toilet, the bathtub is redone. Proceeding further is a large vanity and sink leading to the master bedroom, a wall of mirrored closets is an appealing feature. There is a shared balcony with the second smaller bedroom on the other side of the wall. The unit has new carpet and tile. With less than 10 properties in this price range in Tarzana it has a good chance to sell. I politely excuse myself stating I saw the sign and thought it might be the still occupied short sale in the same building. Karim is polite and wishes me a good day.

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Why does this read like a porn story?

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David9 says

Why does this read like a porn story?

To me, it does.

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