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Every Good Chinese Cop Deserves a Gatling Gun!

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The LM12 – An Indigenous Chinese Minigun
A Chinese Minigun? Yes, it’s true. The Chinese are now making a Minigun. Chambered in 7.62mm NATO, the system is electrically powered, with a claimed cyclic rate of 2,500 – 6,000 rounds per minute. Links for the system were not on display. As displayed, the ammunition box was located on the left side of the receiver, with the feed chute crossing over the top to feed from the right side of the receiver.

Powered by an external electric motor, the system looked simple, yet robust. The motor engages an externally geared hub to directly engage the barrel cluster and spin the barrels during use. In addition, the barrels have a wrench flat built into the exposed portion of the barrel to allow easy barrel removal and replacement.

There was no opportunity to fire the system, but promotional videos of the system demonstrated high rates of fire in extended bursts of fire.

Its never been a better time to be a Chinese cop!

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Are brakes strong enough to stay still? Or would they need to apply some gas pedal when firing?

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Vicente says

Are brakes strong enough to stay still? Or would they need to apply some gas pedal when firing?

I'd love to find out!

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