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Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices

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How much trouble?

Under the terms of the settlement with the Justice Department, IBM agreed to:

Pay $44,400 in civil penalties to the United States
Revise its hiring and recruiting procedures
Train its human resources personnel to ensure compliance with the Immigration and Nationality Act
Undergo reporting requirements for compliance for two years

Wow, a whole $44k! I wonder how that compares to how much they "saved".

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Let's see $44,400 fine and 13K layoffs ... so if they shave some $3.42 from each severance package, then they can break even.

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Yet the STEM worker shortage continues on.

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anonymous says

“The whole process is broken,” said Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Newark, Calif.-based Systems In Motion, a three-year-old IT services provider that trains and places American college graduates in tech-support jobs. “What the visa was intended to do was to allow us to get great engineers from India, the Philippines, the Ukraine, or wherever, for our innovation economy. Instead these large outsourcing firms are bringing in lower paid testers and programmers are taking up so many of the visas.”

Gee, ya think?

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anonymous says

Instead these large outsourcing firms are bringing in lower paid testers and programmers are taking up so many of the visas

Aside from the investor visa program, designed to bring in already rich people, the only other true merit is sports.

The visas given to NBA players, like Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming, Hakeem Olajuwon, and so forth, assuming that they didn't start out on a student visa, are for unusual *special* talents. And yes, these players could beat much of the NCAA out there.

And yes, I have no problems bringing in rich ppl because my firm will trade their money for them. Since they'll never need a real job, rich folks don't compete against US citizens or PRs except for slots at the country clubs.

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The only surprise here is that IBM still has any American employees other than managers and executives. IBM used to be such a good company. Now it's shit worthless. What a shame.

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New Renter says

Wow, a whole $44k! I wonder how that compares to how much they "saved".

I know. The Justice Department should have placed a maximum income cap on all IBM executives to what the median H1B Visa worker makes retroactive to 10 years ago.

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anonymous says

When the Republicans take control of Congress in January, they may act, with bipartisan support, to raise the H-1B cap.

Yes, but only the Democrats are doing this because they represent elites.

The Republicans raising the H1-B cap are doing it by accident or something something, not because they go down on Richy Rich. Something something something wow the Democrats sure do coddle elites.

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