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Hunker in the Bunker

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mell says

This has forum has taken on a debate culture of hostility and personal attacks
on a massive scale.

Regardless of the breakdown analysis, I can't believe a grown man told me to 'suck on an exhaust pipe..'

Ever notice, the ratio of men to women here is far leaning towards the male species? It's a total cock /sword/dick fight sometimes. I'm certainly no expert, but I think this is a turn off to women who would view it as immature and childish.

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The Professor says

What persona told you to do that?

I don't really want to tattle or provoke a smear thread.

I will say, this site still has many things going for it, but for me, such behaviour as I quoted is a turn off. I simply don't like it.

True, it may very well not be a man, still, what type of person would get off saying such things? repeatedly and not just to me?