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Panera to dumb down their menu

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Now that nutrition information has to be posted, Panera pronounced today that will cut out items that have ingredients that are hard to pronounce.

"We are not scientists," said Panera founder and CEO Ron Shaich. "We are people who know and love food, and who believe that the journey to better food starts with simpler ingredients."
Panera is not the only restaurant company to hop on the healthy food bandwagon.

but, but, but! You DID start with shitty ingredients! And you grew in leaps in bounds, while your patrons the neighbors next door in the gated community next to the "Good School" district, destroyed McDonald's for using lab food. Now this fucknut is acting all like... "Well, harmph huff pfffth! How did that git in there!?"

Erik Olson, a health expert at the Natural Resources Defense Council, applauded Panera's decision to "eliminate a wide array of chemical additives from its foods."
"This is part of the company's quest to address consumer demands and potential health concerns," Olson said in a statement released by Panera.

Yay! Meanwhile the suppliers that supply the Grocery stores will use even more of the stuff as demand wont be so high. The only way to avoid it will be to eat a $20.00 Panera sandwich.

In other news this week. McDonald's said after another dismal sales report, has vowed to improve profits by making their food more healthy. The new costly menu will be offset by off loading their Corporate owned stores and passing the high costs on to more Franchisee suckers.

Beef was trading higher on the news.

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anonymous says

Cap'n - why didn't you provide a link to the Faux News Article you plagiarized most of your post from? I

I posted the link it was from CNN and they said they were taking it out because you were too goddamned stupid to even know what it was.
Youve only been shoveling that poisonous GMO over chemfed crap down your Socialist spouting piehole, since the great RE bubble of 2000's started.

Nothing big companies does is for your health or a charity. They are out to make money. And if they can make smug condescending local over educated shit heads feel good about them selves while charging them more for the higher waste turnover, saying it's for your health. It's not like it will cost the investors. The customers and franchisees have DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP pockets.

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Another ‘Socialism’ Fail: Panera Bread Closing its Last Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant in Boston

Panera restaurants launched a non-profit called “Panera Cares” in 2010, which ran certain locations on a pay-what-you-can basis. This month, the last such location in Boston is closing its doors.

The move comes after the business’s “nonprofit” restaurant concept became unviable. On Tuesday, Eater reported that none of the restaurant’s five locations was self-sustaining.

The outlet also reported that through the project’s nine-year run, many of the locations were “mobbed” by homeless people and students who ate without donating. Because of the “mob,” one location was forced to limit its homeless patrons’ meals to a few per week.

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