Daily Mail on Europe's Open Borders
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"Adam979, London, about 16 hours ago

Wow this is a mean spirited cartoon even by DM standards.

WHat was that about the Atheist Muslim's opinion yesterday?

Bombs going off in Paris is just how this idiot expects Muslims to say Hello.

I breifly caught some of Charlie Rose on last night. They had one of those Liberal Islam extremist "Experts" yesterday.
Debating with some French "Let's kick their ass" guy(which is strange for France) The Expert idiot kept debunking any retalition ideas, citing why you can't do that, because of the various motivation factors. LIke the carrot and stick that ISIS deploys when they take over a town. Not only do they pay everyone a comfy socialist life, from the OIL profits that they enjoy, and they chop off heads of any resistance and have a network of stool pigeons that outs any disidents.
The French dude said... "Well what do you expect us to do, just admire them while do as they like?"