Now it's the FBI's fault
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Now it's the FBI's fault

By Tenpoundbass following x   2017 Jan 12, 11:49am 265 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share

The Justice Department inspector general will review broad allegations of misconduct involving the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices and the bureau’s controversial decision shortly before the election to announce the probe had resumed, the inspector general announced Thursday.

The probe will be wide ranging — encompassing the FBI’s various public statements on the matter, whether its deputy director should have been recused and whether FBI or other Justice Department employees leaked nonpublic information, according to a news release from Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.

Lawmakers and others had called previously for the inspector general to probe the FBI’s pre-election actions when it came to the Clinton probe, alleging that FBI Director James B. Comey bucked long-standing policies with his communications about the case and that information seemed to have leaked inappropriately — perhaps to former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

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Loretta Lunch lady will be the ultimate person how swings from the tree for Obama's administration's sins.
They will sell her up the river and never look back. Holder wont even step foot in Washington to testify when they call him. I imagine that Obama will pardon and give amnesty to his whole administration on January 19th.

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