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Rubio grills Tillerson on USA: Is Barack Obama a war criminal?

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Thirty-three civilians were killed and 27 wounded as US troops fired on Afghan homes during a shootout with the Taliban in the northern Kunduz province in November, the US military in Afghanistan has confirmed following an investigation.

“The investigation determined, regretfully, that 33 civilians were killed and 27 wounded. To defend themselves and Afghan forces, US forces returned fire in self-defense at Taliban who were using civilian houses as firing positions,” the statement said. Since the actions were defined as self-defense, no further action will be taken.

The probe followed allegations that multiple civilian deaths resulted from airstrikes called in to support Afghan and US troops under fire in the village of Buz.



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"Iraq has WMD" Republicans are murderers of americans.
9/11 ,WMD.


Democrats being in charge would not be this easy or fun.

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