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Why the media's Trump dossier coverage is suicidal

By Blurtman following x   2017 Jan 12, 2:06pm 922 views   4 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

The media is sinking to Donald Trump's level.

Reeling from their inability to stop his election, envious of his power to make people believe his most ridiculous statements, and rinsed by a needy mood for self-soothing, the media and other American institutions are greeting the era of Trump by lowering their ethical and professional standards and indulging in attention-seeking hysteria.

However cathartic it may be, the effect is suicidal for the media and dangerous for the nation.
Of course it is tempting to play dirty pool with Trump. A journalist who thinks he is halting the rise of fascism in America will of course find plenty of excuses for sinking to Trump's level.
But our institutions can't temporarily suspend the very standards that grant them credibility and expect to survive.



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Blurtman says

The media is sinking to Donald Trump's level.

Who would have thought people would model their behavior off of their would be leader. That's unheard of!

Please Mr. Trump, you and your administration must continue to react to every leak and unsubstantiated rumor that splashes on you ... because it's hilarious.

Blurtman says

But our institutions can't temporarily suspend the very standards that grant them credibility and expect to survive.

It's a little late for that America. We just elected the Trump administration.

I have no pity for Trump. He wanted an adversarial relationship with both the intelligence community and the press. Well guess what? He has it!

Game on.

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You know the Media keeps talking about everything Donald Trump has done, but then the truth keeps coming out that they lied.
So it's the Media that sinks to a new low everyday leave Donald Trump out of it. You clueless Dinosaurs.

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CNN needs to run a continuing scroll across the screen:
Follow this with an investigative report on the damage that will be unleashed on
Wing Nutz wallets.

FUCK YOU!,There's nothing you can do.

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