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"Dont be fooled by the idiotic exertions of the Red team and the Blue team"

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"Neither faction understands what is happening, though they each have an elaborate delusional narrative to spin in the absence of any credible plan for adapting the life of our nation to the precipitating realities. The Blues and Reds are mirrors of each other’s illusions, and rage follows when illusions die, so watch out. Both factions are ready to blow up the country before they come to terms with what is coming down."

Show me the fuse I've got a match & my fellow Americans have 300,000,000? guns.

"Why can't we just all get along?"
It's hard to get along with FOOLS!


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"It runs on the sheer faith that parties can trust each other to meet obligations."

We are Americans! We don't have to repay debt. And what's makes it's even better,
no one ever takes a loss.

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Comment from Cavepainter:

"Ah yes, bring up that “victim” group, as though unenforced borders and immigration laws are a negligible part of the over-all picture of loss of national sovereignty.

Which brings up another PC disallowed observation: The neurosis (grandiose paranoia, really) of the so called Women’s March on Washington was highlighted by inclusion of Muslim women wearing traditional Muslim garb; the hijab and other aspects of ancient pre-sewing machine desert trappings from the 8th Century. Though the most prominently visible symptom of the hysteria that has become the “women’s movement” of this generation, it was only the icing on a Neapolitan layer cake of zaniness, from the “no national borders or immigration laws” crowd, down to “white people should be bred out of existence” faction, on down to “non-binary sex” proponents."

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