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40 Proposals

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The common theme is ending the entrapment and exploitation of US citizens.


Crime and Prisons



Foreign Policy

  • End all visas for Saudis and freeze their US assets until they establish freedom to change religion and freedom of speech, stop murdering gays, and stop sponsoring terrorism.
  • Ban oil imports from countries without democracy, freedom to change religion, or freedom of speech.
  • Put compensating tariffs on foreign goods from countries with lower wages or lower environmental standards.

Freedom of Speech

  • Prohibit job termination based on political activities outside of work.


Medical Care

Men's Rights


  • Define the dollar as one ounce of pure silver minted by the US government.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve and make all their books and operations completely open to the public.

Real Estate



  • Require every employer and financial company to use the exact same printed and online format for every W-2, 1099, etc, and to make all financial data available to customers via standardized REST APIs. All fields must always have exactly the same names and be in the same positions. HR Block etc lobby to make sure this does not happen.
  • Increase taxes on non-productive rent-seeking and decrease taxes on income from productive work or sales. Swap the current maximum tax rates on income from work vs capital gains.
  • End Prop 13 in California.
  • Prohibit sales tax on used property that was already taxed per the full retail price when first sold.
  • Prohibit all public sector unions, especially teacher's unions and prison guard unions.


  • Give official federal priority to fast safe cheap rail transit in place of subsidies and favoritism for cars, oil, and highways.


  • Require proof of US citizenship to vote.
  • Establish the inalienability of the right to vote for all US citizens, whether in prison or not.
  • Publicly fund all congressional and presidential campaigns
  • Publicly post all bills two weeks in advance of Congressional vote. Require that Congressmen personally read entire bill before voting on it.
  • People should have a right to petition Congress regarding a specific proposal, and if they get enough signatures require a roll call vote in both houses of Congress on the verbatim topic of the petition, without amendments.

How you can help: If you agree with any or all of these proposals, please add your own feedback on the proposals and post links to the proposals on other websites.


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