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Satanic Rape-Murder by MS13 Members

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Illegal El Salvador migrant gang members with a Satanic shrine in their apartment 'kidnapped, drugged and raped a 14-year-old Houston girl and murdered another to appease insulted demon'

Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, charged in sick plot
MS-13 gang members kidnapped two teenage girls for weeks, cops say
The pair of illegal immigrants from El Salvador were living in the Houston area
Gang leader called himself 'Diabolical' and kept a Satanic shrine
Killed one of the teens after she insulted and destroyed demon shrine, cops say
The other girl, 14, kidnapped on her way home from school in early February
She told cops she was drugged and brutally raped repeatedly
Said pair held her down and gave her a tattoo with an image of the Grim Reaper
The Gangbangers both smiled and waved to cameras in courtroom
Hours earlier, 13 members of the same gang were arrested in New York for allegedly killing three high school students



Guess what the immigration status is?

PS: Where are the countries with the highest murder rates, and why aren't we spending good money to stop them.

PPS Make it a law that all illegals have to live in Martha's Vineyard and Pacific Palisades.

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