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Pennsylvania State AG says state should go to war against USFedGov

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Recommends the State move to taxing and regulating Recreational Marijuana

When asked "but what about the Trump admin, and more specifically The Sharia pushing Sessions claims to destroy Freedom and Liberty?", he said "Bring it on!"


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HARRISBURG The state's fiscal watchdog has proposed legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania with heavy taxation. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Monday during a press conference in Harrisburg that state legislators should strongly consider regulating and taxing marijuana to benefit from a booming industry expected to be worth $20 billion and employ more than 280,000 in the next decade. The revenue that could be generated would help address Pennsylvania's revenue and spending issue. But there is more to this than simply tax dollars and jobs, DePasquale said. There is also social impact, specifically related to arrests, and the personal, emotional and...

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Philadelphia, DePasquale said, marijuana arrests went from 2,843 in 2014 to 969 in 2016. Based on a recent study, the RAND Corporation estimated the cost for each marijuana arrest and prosecution is approximately $2,200. Using those figures, that's a savings of more than $4.1 million in one city

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Are you all being a usefull idiot too?
Trump isn't even thinking about Mary J Juana laws right now. That's a Liberal distration, Liberals tossing filth in to otherwise sensible debate.
We're trying to bring back jobs, and repeal Obama care mandate you guys can do what you want with Obamacare but you're on your own.
This is why Trump needs, Milo, Kelly Anne, and Roger Stone, it keeps stupid retarded Liberal injection like this away from the sensible fight.
If Milo was around he would have all of the "Woe is Pot!" crowd calling him a Homophobe Nazi biggot. Miles away from the debate.

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