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Less-educated older white men rate Trump's performance highest

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Two-thirds of white men without college degrees approve •  Whites' approval twice as high as other major racial, ethnic groups Among major U.S. demographic groups, older white men without a college degree are most likely to approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president, according to data compiled by Gallup Inc.

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tvgnus says

Less-educated older white men rate Trump's performance highest

Patrick says

Donald Trump might be more popular than you think

Ergo, there are more less-educated old white men then you think.

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Yeah I know I know old dumb white people suck. Welcome to hell buddy.

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Dumb people do suck, regardless of their ethnic background. And dumb people tend to be more tribal.

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Who's a stupid dumb bitch now?


President Trump's budget director claims the Obama administration was "manipulating" jobs data.

Mick Mulvaney told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday that he has long thought the previous administration framed data to make the unemployment rate "look smaller than it actually was."

"What you should really look at is the number of jobs created," Mulvaney said on "State of the Union." "We've thought for a long time, I did, that the Obama administration was manipulating the numbers, in terms of the number of people in the workforce, to make the unemployment rate -- that percentage rate -- look smaller than it actually was."

Trump repeatedly railed on the unemployment rate during Obama's time in office as a "hoax."

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"At the other extreme, the demographic subgroups with the lowest approval ratings are all nonwhite. Also, education appears to make little or no difference in nonwhites' opinions of Mr. Trump."

So colored people are racists?

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The article itself, the fact that it was written and selected for publication, is the essence of the press attitude that got Trump elected.

"We're better than you racist sexist homophobic morons" is the extremely clear subtext.

No one is going to make any friends or any political progress with articles like that. It's pure regressive leftist hate.

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rando says

It's pure regressive leftist hate.

The left is as tribal as the right. That's the nature of conservatism. Tribalism creates identity politics.

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