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Music: What are you listening to this evening?

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@ Feux Follets your Korean song made me think of Paul Simon's hit "American Tune" in the way that it builds, except he is using a guitar and playing more full than the piano in the Korean recording, to his concept by comparison, it's dynamics.

Paul Simon's "American Tune" builds up to a dream vision of his own dying and then his soul flying over the Statue Of Liberty as he longs for returning to his home town (evidently New York) which he misses since he is on the road.

So, in other words, the Korean song gives me ideas.
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This is a super well done rendition by a complete unknown soloist guitarist using an approach that no other previous musicians ever thought of using WITH a custom guitar that beats the hell out of playing on a Gibson box. --he makes it look easy and, I mean, just listen to that tone!!!

Listen to that cool technique with the harmonics at 0:23.

With rehearsal and a coach, or maybe just mirror, he could lose that suicidal expression he gets on his face. LOL

Anyway he is really something special. I see the movie fails to show his name, but his name is

Mark Kleinhaut,

and there is more of him on YouTube if you are interested.
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Not sure how many ever heard of this group let alone remember them.

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