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Good deal. I couldn't figure out how to replace the 40+ mpg mine got, as I'm scheduled to sell it back to VW as part of the scandal settlement. Now I just need them to dream up a "loyalty" program with sweet incentives to win back my business, and I can return to the good life of 600+ miles per tank.

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Did you buy one after the scandal was announced and still get a settlement deal? If so good gamble. My neighbor got a ridiculously good deal.

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I made an attempt at one but it didn't work out. Some guy bought 1400+ Infected vw diesels prior to the settlement, that's a nice payday there. VW is buying them back at pre scandal value plus 20% restitution. I've owned mine since 2013. I really let it go to shit since the scandal broke, so I'm making out like a bandit. VW is paying me 26k+ for a car that needs about 4k worth of work, to ready it for sale,,,and in a world where the scandal never happened I'd guess it'd only be worth 13-15k tops.

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errc says

VW is paying me 26k+

Yeah. That's a pretty good deal. I figured that they'd look at the date on the title and minimize the payout for people who bought the car after the scandal broke.

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errc says

EPA approves fix for VW diesel

So they'll run like American cars of 1974.

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