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Thunderdome Is?

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Yves Smith is a damned Capitalmunist!

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Any Republican that buys COMMUNIST CHINA imports is a COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER!
Why do they HATE America?
Trump will stop this filth from buying outsourced imports when he places a 35% tariff on Republicans'
beloved anti-American products.

Fuck Republicans! TRUMP IS MAGA!
He's got this after a weekend of golf.

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Why are Republicans fake Americans?

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PCGyver says

And they like to ban people for policies they make up on the fly as well as going against their narative

I haven't experienced my posts being banned although posts are claimed to be moderated, and there was a past appeal to all to please adhere to the posting policies. Ad hominem attacks are weeded out usually. Not sure what else.

But the story which identified fake news sources, which included Naked Capitalism, was itself a fake news story that Wapo ran, which caused them to again be humiliated for terrible journalism. The story had no basis in fact. It is another fake news story that got a lot of play on the internet, and in the MSM.

Naked Capitalism certainly wasn't Hillary friendly, and actually did not portray Trump negatively. They loved Sanders.

Yves Smith is anti-bank fraud, and poked Calpers in the eye for being in bed with their hedge fund investors.

What's not too love?

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PCGyver says

Now I do question who is paying Yves rent?

Nobody knows, but if I claimed it was the Martians, but could provide no proof, I might be viewed as a tinfoil hat type.

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PCGyver says

Anyway guess I must let it go, glad I have here to vent.

That's the bitch when its someone else's blog. I have been banned several times from Raw Story for posting info with links that contradicted their narrative. IMHO, its counter-productive to turn viewers away and cultivate a reputation of censorship.

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