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Women and men have opposite "Worth a Shit" curves. Women have their greatest chance to be super rich and successful by any means available to them between the ages 18 to 30.
Men are stepping stones from the ages 18 to 30, unless they were born with money. Things don't start to get easy for them until after 30. Everything is a struggle until then.
Unless you have money or are someones relative, men in that age group have to pay a lot of dues to get to the big office, the experience to dominate a field or the resources to be successful in business.
18 year old girl wants to start a boutique shop in Times Square, all she has to do is fuck the right guy over 30.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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