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Goran bought an AK-47

By Goran_K following x   2017 Apr 25, 10:16am 15,805 views   234 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Let's just say I've always been Pro 2A, it's part of my libertarian leanings. I think people should be able to smoke pot, buy guns, and marry whatever gender they want.

As some of you may know, I've moved to a much more rural area in Nevada (though I still do split time in California for my consulting business) and a handgun seemed inadequate for this type of community. To me the AK47 is simple, easy to clean, easy to disassemble and maintain. It's also pretty accurate for my purposes (being able to hit targets at 100 yards across open plains). Ammo is pretty cheap in Nevada, and ordering online is even cheaper. I bought 2,000 rounds, so that should be enough for me for target shooting, or self defense purposes.

Anyone else here into guns or own firearms?

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