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My Close Call With Lung Cancer

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Everyone I have had a medical crisis going on for over a year. At one point it appeared that I had lung cancer.In 2015 I went to the emergency room for severe pain in my lower abdomen. I thought that I had appendicitis. The excellent emergency room physician suspect kidney stones. He sent me for a CT scan.
No kidney stones were found. But a small spot was seen on one of my lungs. I was told to come back in one year for another CT scan.
I followed up and had another CT scan in 2016. The spot detected on my lung had gone away. But a node was detected higher up on the lung. It had the potential to be malignant. There was a serious possibility that I had lung cancer. You can imagine how I felt. I was faced with my own mortality and the possibility that I would die prematurely. (Two dear friends who never smoked had died on lung cancer in their 50's.)
Elena spent a lot of her career as a cancer doctor. She looked at the growth on my lung and saw no speckles around it. This told her that it was not malignant.But she needed more opinions. A top-notch lung doctor came in. He was not sure that it was malignant. He asked me to have a follow-up CT scan in 6 months.
I did this yesterday and just got the test results. The growth has stayed stable. It is not growing as a cancer would. I will have a follow-up in a year

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My close call with Open Heart Surgery.

Back in 2013 I was having shortness of breath at times. At first I thought it was stress. I work in IT and it can get very stressful at times. After having a CT scan, my doctor announced to me that I had a generic heart defect and that he would have to replace my aortic heart valve. What!!!!!!?????!

Long story short, the surgery went fine. As I am retired military, Tricare Prime picked up the tab.

After recovering, I reworked my Will to leave most of my estate to charity. My brothers are getting part of my estate, but they don't really need it. Going through a life changing experience like OHS makes you rethink life.

Fisher House Foundation: https://flic.kr/s/aHskRgwmM3

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Good to hear Ohomen you must be feeling pretty good after getting that news and dealing with that in the back of your mind. Cancer has taken 3 of my grandparents and my dad, they all smoked. I don't but they did smoke a lot around me when I was a kid its one thing I hope I never have to deal with. My only issue is a kidney stone every 4 years since I was teen and they get worse as I age.

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Wow, just like my Dad. He went to the DR for some unrelated pain one day, and they scanned him and found a spot in his lung by accident just like you. He went back for another scan in 6 (or maybe it was 12) months, but there was no change. They did another scan some months later, and saw a tiny bit of growth this time so they autopsied it. He had small cell cancer, which is the real deadly one. They operated, removing part of his lung, and hes been fine for a couple years now. It was all thanks to accidentally finding that small spot via the unrelated scan which allowed them to treat it in the very early stages where the 10 year survival rates are decent. You're very fortunate to have had the same luck finding it early.

Personally, based on my Dad's experience, if I was in a similar situation I would try to rescan in 6 months and push for an autopsy. With small cell, time is oh so damn critical. They don't know why his seemed to not grow for a while, but it behaved oddly.

I'm really sorry if this post brings you worry, but I would rather you have the info to consider in your actions. I've personally had a bout with skin cancer and know what it feels like. I wish you the best, and hope it continues turning out to be nothing.

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