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Run that Republican mouth!

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word level intelligence to visiting Russian dignitaries, but the first signs of damage are already becoming apparent. The intelligence he shared was apparently obtained from a source so secret that we haven't even told our allies about it; the effects of burning such a sensitive source are, obviously, that nations are going to have to step back and reevaluate whether they turn over such information at all.A senior European intelligence official tells The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.The official said...

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The Alzheimeroid Precedent Strikes Again!

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

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