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Saudi Arabia's "Death of a Princess" needs its own thread

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This thread forgot that Saudi's nasty reputation was around, a generation ago.


Ppl, 'Death of a Princess' came out around the time I was born.


Seriously, the barbarism (along with the hush-hush) of Saudi Arabia was known for over a generation.


Excerpt: "...described the princess as having changed while attending college in Beirut. Exposed to radical politics, the Palestinians, women's liberation and assorted Western influences, she rebelled against her country's traditional ways, going so far as to reject the royal cousin who had been chosen as her husband-to-be. Accused of adultery with a young man from Beirut, she publicly confessed her sin, even while the king was begging her to reconsider"

An adultery charge ... when she wasn't even married.

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I remember hearing about the whole 'Death of a Princess' controversy as a kid so it kinda surprised me to find that almost no one knew anything about it, post 9/11, given the fact that most of the hijackers were Saudi.

Think about it, the House of Saud asked for the removal of the ambassador of Britain and tried economic sanctions against the UK to repress a movie about an actual event, which they didn't deny.

Instead, it was turned into another Islamic victimhood story ...


Excerpt: "Prince Sultan also said that the aim of the film was to insult Islam. Much of Saudi criticism of the film was directed towards what was called its portrayal of Islam as a harsh, insensitive religion, since the princess was depicted as having been summarily executed without a confession or a trial. The severity of punishment and the speed with which the princess was executed put doubts in the minds of viewers as to the fairness of Koranic justice. Summary execution is not the norm in Saudi Arabia."

Well, it's good to know that there was due process involved, where a person was accused of adultery, when she was actually single. How about being more candor like saying that they were pissed that she didn't marry into the low gene pool extended family and thus, was executed for treason against the House of Saud? At least that would be honest.

You see ...

Treason = High Crime and Misdemeanor

Single Woman Dating an (unrelated) Muslim guy = Normal person (who doesn't want a kid with birth defects)

And since Romeo and Juliet were planning on getting married, it wouldn't even be adultery in the future.

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