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Today: reporters being told they cannot film or do interviews in the Capitol without previous permission

By Rew following x   2017 Jun 13, 10:01am 221 views   1 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

I believe this is because someone doesn't like all the optics of those senators making comments to the press and getting on TV. The conditions for any interview are now that the outlet must have previously granted permission from the senator AND Rules Committee of Senate. (Remember, your statements should all start with: "It's such and honor and privilege to serve this President ..." ... just like the Cabinet.(wink))

Quick tally of state of play today:

-- Ongoing for potential collusion, influence, and corruption of Trump administration with regards to financial interest/dealings with a foreign power
-- Very opaque here as we don't have financial disclosures form the President and there have been multiple staffers recusing themselves or being let go due to closeness with Russia

The Healthcare Bill v2
-- Has been behind closed doors, no copy has been seen, and is about to go get a CBO score.
-- Not a single Democrat to date has been able to read it. Not many know what it says at all. Soon, they will vote on it.

-- Restrictions on press being pushed at the Capitol.
-- The current press briefings have been cut in half. Many are no longer televised.

That is what a corrupt administration under siege looks like.

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Right, it's a FREE! press.

In any normal country that keeps terrorists under control, journalists would be shot in the face on sight.

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