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10 World Leaders Depicted as Refugees

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For US President Donald Trump projecting personal power seems especially important.

So it’s hard to know what he would make of a series of paintings by Syrian artist Abdalla Omari showing him and other world leaders as the absolute opposite of how he would like to be seen.

Mr Omari’s painting of Mr Trump shows the US leader as a vulnerable refugee, carrying a child in his arms and holding up a family picture showing loved-ones he is presumably searching for.

Titled The Vulnerability Series, Mr Omari’s paintings also depict Syrian despot Bashir al-Assad and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin as a homeless man begging for money. Other leaders painted by Mr Omari include Mr Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, who is shown in the guise of a child.

More pictures etc. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/donald-trump-and-other-world-leaders-depicted-as-refugees-and-beggars-by-syrian-artist/news-story/c029f07433dbce115b4d01ce6c9cf04f

Check any news site, most everyone is covering this at the moment, if you don't like the Aussie site.

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