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The Russia Narrative is officially dead

By CBOEtrader following x   2017 Jun 13, 7:27pm 13,334 views   167 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Sessions put the final nail in the coffin into the Russian collusion narrative.

Predictions: 1) The MSM and the dems who let the MSM tell them how to think (maybe 20% of the population) will continue to fixate on the dead corpse of the Russian Collusion. 2) The dems will continue fail at the voting booth. Reps will gain more power in 2018. 3) Trump will soon fight back w indictments of the leakers and the pedophiles, with at least 2 high profile cases. 4) Comey and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are the most likely candidates to be those 2 indictments. 5) Those within the 20% of brainwashed Dems will continue to fixate on the now thoroughly thrashed Russia/Trump collusion narrative.

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BlueSardine says

Ok, just in case anyone would miss it, i added some multimedia...

Good plan. You are looking steadfast and calm. Carry on trooper.

Edit: I do love the media choice used as well! :)

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innaccurately : Trump's finger prints couldn't be clearer.

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HAHAHA! The White House pulled the video immediately!


Hehehe ... We made you fix your spelling!

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Clearly, the Russia narrative is dead. Nobody is talking about it anymore. There is NO evidence of any wrongdoing after 1 yr of investigation. Zero chance of any wrongdoing. Move along.

Clearly, the debt shot up under Obama, because of Obama's new spending. So what if Obama inherited a deficit of 1.4 trillion, which is about 7 times the highest pre 2000 US deficit ever. So what if he reduced the deficit by 70% while slowly pulling us out of the biggest financial crash in 100 years. So what if we pulled out of it much better than other countries. Do you see that chart with the cropped axis that Goran posted? Clearly, it wasn't because of all of the spending and tax cuts that Bush gave us. Everyone knows that tax cuts always raise more money than they cost!!!!! Clearly, it was the tax and spend liberal who is just like Bush by the way!!!!

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Found on Twitter:

"Be especially careful to...distort the meaning".

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'Nobody' is talking about Russia.
'Everyone' is talking about that Marine who lost his hat.

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