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The origins of chiropractic quackery

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billion chiropractic industry owes its existence to a ghost.Daniel David Palmer, the father of chiropractic who performed the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895, was an avid spiritualist. He maintained that the notion and basic principles of chiropractic treatment were passed along to him during a seance by a

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This is such bullshit and is part of the long and brutal propaganda attack the AMA has on ANY natural medicine, but especially chiropractors -- not to mention osteopath's (D.O.) and chiropractor's do many of the same techniques. Palmer studied with the Dr. Sill, who "discovered" osteopathy.

And almost no one realizes that before Christopher Columbus was a twinkle in his mother's eye, joint manipulation had a long history from other cultures. Americans really think we "discovered" how to crack a joint to get relief from pain? It's ridiculous. Traditional medicines from around the world did joint manipulation as part of their treatments, including traditional Asian medicines. The reason why you don't hear about it is because of "scope of practice" issues that plague the American medical establishment and causes infighting between different practitioners.

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A historical account of medicine around the time the AMA was founded.


After the Flexner Report (from Carnagie and Rockefeller) came out around 1910, the AMA then went and closed down all 166 homeopathic schools in the country. Homeopathy was in direct competition with allopathic medicine at the time because more people improved with homeopathic treatment than allopathic.

The AMA has a long history of bullying ALL other forms for medicine. They shut down osteopathic schools, and then started to imprison chiropractors. At least 672 chiropractors were jailed.


Sychophantic wikipedia reguritates the AMA viewpoints like textbook.

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"They shut down osteopathic schools...."

There are presently 34 osteopathic medical schools that graduate almost one third of the licensed practicing physicians in the U. S.

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Yes, but the osteopathic schools that survived had to change their curriculum until they fit AMA guidelines in order to not have to shut their doors. After 1910, 38% to 42% of the 168 medical schools of the time closed because of a bad grade from the Flexner report.

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