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Adults Should Never Ever Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog ?

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Everyday Guidance for Eating America's Sacred Food. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council includes a full guide for etiquette in an online video, but here are just a few tips and tricks.


I never knew there was such a website etc. until doing some looking around a few days ago...anyway...anyone add some input to the questions below ?

Are skinless or natural casing hotdogs better ?

What is the best way to cook the hot dog ?

What is the best national or regional brand, skinless or natural casing ?

Ideal toppings ?

Best brand or type of hot dog bun ?

Back in the 70s when I lived in New York City I fell in love with hot dogs from the vendor carts even though common sense told me not too and most of my regular trips around town could be measured by the number of hot dogs consumed that it took me to get there and back.

The toppings were always the same, mustard, diced/minced white onions and sauerkraut.

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Had some friends work at Kunzlers hot dog factory. Used to party at a house down the street, between that smell and having to hear about the process and all the heavy chemicals they wash the "meat" with, I don't eat many hot dogs anymore.

As with all things, if you do like hotdogs, the place to get them is ALDI

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chicago style dog is the best, coney island chili and mustard dog also pretty good.

other than that, dont eat hotdogs. Go find yourself an old polish woman to make homemade polish sausages.

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anonymous says

Adults Should Never Ever Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog ?

That's right. It's an abomination. Even children should never put ketchup hot dog.

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Wow. Taste bud shaming has taken root!

Dan8267 says

That's right. It's an abomination. Even children should never put ketchup hot dog.

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I grew up cooking swine over open pits,basted with salt water. As it cooked,one can take a fork & pull out a chunk. It didn't get better than that. But there is always some asshole who would say: Where's the sauce?
That's as bad as chasing Tequila with salt & lemon/lime.

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I think as long as your dealing with your Oscar Myer shrink pack verity or any thing less than that.
Then they deserve no better treatment to them than boiling water and a pack of store brand hotdog buns and a jar of ketchup.
Not that I eat them but the people who don't know what a good hotdog is, sure love it.

Me Like Boarshead Natural casing beef hotdogs. On a good fresh bakery hotdog roll, or even a baguette split and each half used as hot dog bun.
I'm game for anything but ketchup. Kraut dog done up in full Kraut fashion with typical fixings, a Chicago Cole Slaw one done up right, or a Good Chili Cheese Dog.
Even just a swat of Gold deli mustard.

I even like these guys steamed and served with caramelized onions.

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