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Rin's 4th of July protest

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On July 4 1776, 13 colonies on the eastern seaboard had decided to form a pact in Philadelphia, to separate from Mother England, and form a so-called free nation, where seeing whores was illegal, due to religious federalism.

Realize, even today, it's legal to see hoes in Britain.

What's interesting to note is that Vermont, the so-called 14th colony, was never invited to sign the decree during the events of the Revolutionary War. Instead, Vermont was a nation-state, fighting on its own accord, for sovereign rights. This was known as the Ethan Allen era.

A number of years after the Treaty of Paris, Vermont decided to give up its sovereignty and join the USA as its 14th state.

There's still a group of people out there, who're vying for Vermont's 2nd republic.

I believe that if the 2nd Vermont Republic were to ever happen, I'd buy up all the resorts on the shores of Lake Champlain and invoke Rin-Wah law, where seeing hoes was legal.

And thus, the Champlain Valley would be the greatest hoe-ing destination in the northeast.

Here's that future, where a dad brings his son up to the Lord Rin Resorts at Sherbourne Vermont for his summer holidays …

Rin: How are you and your son enjoying your stay in VT.

Father: We like it very much, your resorts have so many gorgeous French-Canadian babes that I wanted my son to have an experience before getting fooled by some feminist bitches at some northeast college.

Rin: Yeah, I know the drill. So young man, how are you enjoying your stay here?

Son: I love it, Lord Rin

Rin: Have you had any fine hoes, yet?

Son: Yes, and they're awesome! I'm really enjoying my time here at Lake Champlain.

Rin: Godspeed my son. Best of luck on your future studies.
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I dunno, if I'm driving up to Vermont, and looking to Enjoy some pro's, I'd do it right and keep going until I reach Montreal.

Just like The Founding Fathers intended.

Closer for me still, was the drive up through NY, to Niagara, and there was endless fun to be had if you crossed over to the Freedom side of the border. God Love the Canadian hoes

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errc says

if I'm driving up to Vermont, and looking to Enjoy some pro's

Yeah, but would you be poking 'em with lakeside vistas like this? ...

This is what banging with style is about! The Champlain Valley way!

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I was on Champlain a couple months ago

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errc says

I was on Champlain a couple months ago

Ok, but legally speaking, you could only poke a hoe on the Richelieu River on the Quebec side and thus, miss the views while banging away.

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Much of Lake Champlain valley is on the US, not the Canadian side. Thus, if you want the great natural vistas with your hoeing activities, you need to be in Vermont or upstate NY.

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