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Free Speech Repost For the Free People of Patnet

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The Great Replacement
By Dan8267

originally posted by Dan8267 and worth reposting in a place where the free people of Patnet can all post. Not just the ones who Dan approves of because they tolerate his conservative ideology.

But back to the post. This video gives a good explanation of how western culture is now in danger of extinction in only a generation.

The west is behaving as if it hates itself, it hates its past and therefore westerners are acting as if their culture is not worth preserving. Much of it has to do with western culture's newfound hatred for God which has dominated western philosophy and academia for about a generation as well. When the culture begins to hate its own foundations, the culture ceases to flourish.

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link fixed.

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@Dan8267 writes:

"Wrong. I banned trolls for
1. Disrupting conversations
2. Repeated posting of debunked lies.

You can post any factually correct information to support any ideology you want, but if you repeatedly post misinformation that has been shown to you to be misinformation, then you are disrupting a conversation. Similarly, people can post whatever opinions on politics and social issues they want in my threads. However, repeated ad hominems aren't tolerated. You demonstrate exactly why you were banned in your post. You are making an ad hominem attack against me in that very post, spreading lies about what I believe and what I do. That's why you are a troll, and that's why you were banned.

If you don't like being banned, then change your ways. You have only yourself to blame."

Translation: if you want to write on Dan's threads, you need to help him in his efforts to find self gratification. He won't tolerate anyone who repeatedly questions his writings and that is why he has banned more than just about anyone on Patnet. He wants to control the message, because he is a conservative at heart.

Dan, does it come as any surprise that most of the people you have banned would say this about you, "You are making an ad hominem attack against me...., spreading lies about what I believe and what I do."

Dan I really like the video you posted. I agree with it. I would love to discuss it with you, but because you have lied about who I am, what I believe, and my value as a human being, and because you have banned me from your thread. I am not able to do so. How liberal of you.

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It's doing to France what the Immigration Act of 1965, that wonderful gift from RFK, is doing to our society. He should care, he lived the majority of his life, even if he hadn't been assassinated, within the white majority he so despised and wanted to replace with a permanent dependency class for his party.

Within the same context:

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