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Bad web design: mobile edition (google)

By justme following x   2017 Jul 7, 3:08pm 1,375 views   1 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

I thought I might give an example of how NOT to redesign a web site for "mobile". Google just redesigned their News page to be "mobile friendly" within the last week, and it is horrible for the desktop. Compare the before and after images to see what I mean.


The main design principle appears to be "every news item must be accompanied by a dominantly-sized image that conveys no information and takes up so much space that you cannot fit a useful amount of headlines nor article text on one page". Notice also how they have fucked up the categories and selection in the left columns to make them all but useless. Way to go, Google!

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Can you imagine what would happen if the Amazon website went "mobile friendly". That would be the end of Amazon, if the Whole Foods purchase has not killed them already.

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