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The best metal for blades ever

By Quigley following x   2017 Jul 10, 1:03pm 287 views   0 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

So I've been thinking about what metal would make the best blade. You'd want strength to keep it from snapping, hardness to hold an edge, malleability to at least some degree, and it would be nice if it didn't rust.
So far I've come up with 70/30 Platinum/Iridium alloy. Yes, it's just as expensive as you'd guess. The Iridium is actually more spendy than the platinum, as its more rare.
. You could also go with the cheaper 90/10 mix for less hardness and more malleability.
Nobody I can find is making or selling such a blade currently. It would probably start in the neighborhood of $20,000 for a hunting knife size.
However, this knife would be beautiful, never rust or decay, and be able to cut through sheet steel without dulling.
It would be hard to make and expensive, but it would be forever.
Any thoughts? Would anyone be interested in such a knife?

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