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Human Overpopulation Primary Cause of Sixth Plantary Extinction Event

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moving on from the late "Possible Natural Disasters" thread . . . .

This phenomenon may be the first of the so-called "Extinction Events" caused by a biologically-based event, the others having been probably or possibly caused by asteroid / comet /large meteroid hits or other non-biological natural catastrophies


The human population has grown so large that roughly 40% of the Earth’s land surface is now farmed to feed people – and none too well at that. Largely due to persistent problems with distribution, almost 800 million people go to bed hungry, and between one and two billion suffer from malnutrition. As a consequence of its booming population, Homo sapiens has taken much of the most fertile land to grow plants for its own consumption. But guess what? That cropland is generally not rich in food plants suitable for the caterpillars of the 15,000 butterfly species with which we share the planet. Few butterflies require the wheat, corn or rice on which humans largely depend. From the viewpoint of most of the Earth’s wildlife, farming can be viewed as “habitat destruction”. And, unsurprisingly, few species of wildlife have evolved to live on highways, or in strip malls, office buildings, kitchens or sewers – unless you count Norway rats, house mice, European starlings and German roaches. Virtually everything humanity constructs provides an example of habitat destruction.

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Who came up wioth this horsefuck?
The same bastards that called 5 11,000 year old skeletons found in China "Giants" because they were 5 inches taller?
Or the Fuckstick that is saying they found Bacteria on Mars today?

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Face! It's what's for dinner!

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Nothing dry bulb 35 deg C can't solve.

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Sorry, BAO, I'm a working class commercial driver and live in my truck. Don't have a TV or watch one. There are good things on TV to a limited degree, but I sold my TV after the first Gulf War and never looked back.

re your interest in magnetism and its influence on animal behavior, did you see this on wikipedia?


apparently many animals are skilled with this. Humans who spend a lot of time in natural envionments have good direction abilities, too, although this is denied by the aricle


I may offer you a tempory email you could contact me personally at, and we could each have a dedicated gmail or other ISP address to communicate, aside of our current personal emails, if that interests you

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right on, thanks

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anonymous says

I can see you email address

Yes, that's because you are a friend of his on patrick.net: https://patrick.net/users.php?friendsof=14882

Hmmm, friend counts are wrong. Will have to fix that.

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Just making a mountain out of a growing mountain.


Sorry "Fuckers" created this problem.

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Liberals found on Mars?

Tenpoundbass says

Who came up wioth this horsefuck?

The same bastards that called 5 11,000 year old skeletons found in China "Giants" because they were 5 inches taller?

Or the Fuckstick that is saying they found Bacteria on Mars today?

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quoting from comment 11

we’ve been studying what is arguably the world’s hardiest species, the tardigrade, also known as the “water bear” for its appearance

we may need to study our own species, the world's "dumberest" species, the retard-igrade

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