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Now we're expected to belive protons have a serial number and can be accruately accounted for from one location to the next.

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In this photo taken with long exposure, stars and Perseid meteors streak across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower above a silhouette of a roadside billboard of a Spanish fighting bull in Reduena, Spain, Friday, Aug. 12, 2016.

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Physics has made great strides. All fundamental particles are now barcoded. Everybody knows that.

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The Chinese added QR codes to photons awhile back.

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So for this application is just a matter of a Proton, any Proton needs to be or not be somewhere to represent one of the two states "on" or "off" for binary to represent data? So arguing if it's actually the same proton or not is unproductive

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They threw this shit at us when we swallowed the clinton innocent benghazi charade, hook line and sinker...
It's a gullibility test.

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This has some spooky computing applications. Like files not residing on your hard drive or consumed by your memory. Therefore real copyright protection. Content sharing without actual file sharing or access to a physical drive. The data is Shrodengers cat, a single cat viewed in many boxes.

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