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Sounds like some top people at NYT heads will roll over this dishonest story.

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Press The Russian lawyer who has been thrust into the spotlight following reports of her meeting with President Donald Trump's eldest son was a largely unknown figure until she began to represent the son of a Russian official in a major

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person teams of editors breaking the news to those who are staying and to those who are going, are being referred to in the newsroom as death panels, insiders said. As part of a streamlining process unveiled by Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Managing Editor Joe Kahn, the title of copy editor and backfield editor is being eliminated.The Times has not disclosed how many jobs that involves but the News Guild of New York puts that number at around 110 people. Roughly 65 new editors who will supervise video and copy will be hired up from an earlier estimate of...

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Tenpoundbass : Are you calling Jr. and Trump a liar?

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I always have to admire how TPB can put 2 and 2 together and come up with the square root of pi. It's a rare talent indeed.

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Interesting angle.
They both lie so much who's to say they aren't lying now for some unknown reason?
Maybe the current lie and consequences are masking something bigger...

Rew says

Tenpoundbass : Are you calling Jr. and Trump a liar?

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