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DJTJR doesn't seem too worreid about it.

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FakeNews media to the punch and released the ENTIRE email chain of his conversation with Rob Goldstone on a meeting with a Russian lawyer.Donald Trump Jr. released this statement on Tuesday morning.Then the presidents son released the entire emeail chain with Rob Goldstone who arranged the meeting on confidential Clinton information.The email chain shows the full discussion with Rob Goldstone to set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer on June 9, 2016.Nothing came from the meeting.The lawyer does not work for the Russian government.The meeting lasted 20 minutes.The entire story is another big nothingburger.And Donald Trump Jr. beat the...

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"My son is a high quality person and I applaud his transparency", says the President through his press sec. via and un-televised briefing. It is now the 4th day without a public appearance by the president.


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I find it fascinating that Liberals are calling it illegal when all he was seeking was dirt on the political opponent. This is how dirt on opponents happen.
I would love for the Liberals to pass laws to make dirt digging and dirt slinging illegal.
They really would never win another election then!
As Liberals can only win by discrediting others through dirt. That is how such rotten people in the Democrat party stay active.

Of Course Donald J JR would have turned all incriminating information over, that's what the meeting was about!


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He's been going nonstop for 2 1/2 years. He can rest now if he want's to.
Besides he's working his best one yet, how this whole thing segues into Crooked HIllary's Uranium deal with Russia.
Since the Russians are so important.

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Tenpoundbass says


So we are now at:

didn't meet with Russians
ok Russians
It was about adoption
Ok, it was about dirt on Hillary
So what there is nothing wrong
and finally tonight: "If I did get anything I would have turned it over"

I'm sure we should trust him. drip drip drip drip ... :)

Meanwhile, Manafort, Sessions, Jared, Flynn, Page ... ROFLMAO!

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Tenpoundbass says

I would love for the Liberals to pass laws to make dirt digging and dirt slinging illegal.

They really would never win another election then!

A clean campaign sounds nice. I'm for it. Perfectly clean though? The 1st and PNet should show us the unlikeliness, and maybe even undesirableness, of such a thing though.

Is that not odd coming from a staunch Trump supporter like you? Trump is the paragon of mud slinging.

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Rew says

Trump is the paragon of mud slinging.

You need to go back and watch 2015 to now. You had your had so far up Washington Post's ass you watched the whole thing through Jeff Bezos eyes.

Trump came down the escalator the Media thought he was cute and was going to add excitement to the potlical season. EVERYBODY!

Trump ratted out Washington to the Whole world what unmitigated scumbags they are and how Washington is being ran.
The media has done nothing but Yellow journalism on Trump since that very debate.

IT's the very reason you can't get Trump supporters to hate him, and the reason he keeps picking up support.

The dying wolf is in the yard yelping for the cute bunny rabbits to come save him. That is how voters view Liberals and the Media at this point.

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