Police: Man kills 1, injures 4 in German supermarket attack
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Police: Man kills 1, injures 4 in German supermarket attack

By P N Dr Lo R following x   2017 Jul 29, 1:58pm 209 views   1 comments   watch   quote     share  


wielding man killed one person and injured four others at a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, local police said.The man entered the grocery store, attacked five people with a knife and then left shortly thereafter, police for the northern German city said in a series of updates posted to Facebook on Friday. One victim died at the store.In a news release later Friday, police said the suspect is 26 years old and was born in the United Arab Emirates, but they could not confirm his current citizenship. Police have not yet identified him or the stabbing victims, although they...

1 P N Dr Lo R   ignore (2)   2017 Jul 29, 1:59pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote        

Other than being 26 and having been born in the United Arab Emirates, they don't know the reason behind the killing...

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